Wednesday, March 9, 2011

End of Ze World

*there is some swearing so do not watch in front of kiddies...but this ish is mad funny yo lol*

Monday, March 7, 2011 you play?

Ok so I, like the thousands and thousands with an iPhone or iPod, plays words with friends. It is an obvious fact that it is a VERY addicting game..go ahead and ask those people, they'll tell you. I know I for one am always looking at my phone when I hear that "noise" saying, well alerting cuz my phone doesn't talk, that one of my 20 (yes 20) opponents has played against me. 
It really is super fun to play. I mean I learn a new 'word' EVERY SINGLE GAME I play. Like for example, UT. Really, UT. What the hezzy right?! Ok so I looked it up and low and says it's internet slang for unreal tournament. Really? Ok so I can't use JUNE because its a proper noun, but I can use internet slang?! Well in that case let me use DOH. But noooooooo. I get that stupid ass message "Sorry, that is not an acceptable word." I mean come on.
There are some people that I play against...ahem...Big Daddy...that swears that they just tried letters together and just magically come up with words totaling like 40+ points. (I actually don't have the game saved anymore, but I will steal his phone and post that damn word) I mean, hey, I do it too: OE, DE, HOD, EM, NA, VIDE, (and just so you know, I got that red squiggle line under that word lol), JURA...I mean the list goes on. It makes me look smart. HA! You know, y'all think that too when you pull some random word out your ass. LOL. What in the heck is JURA or HABUS anyways?!
Now don't get it twisted, all the ranting in the world will not make me stop playing the game. I'm ADDICTED! Like I need a meeting type of addicted. Well not really, but y'all know I like the dramatics :)

So I wanna hear it. What's the word you wanna challenge? Tell me that one made up I can play it in my next game.