Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Not to do...

...when touring the prospective place where you want to live:

1. Do NOT bring your 2 small children.
2. Do NOT bring your 2 small children after being on the road for one hour.
3. Do NOT bring your 2 small children after being on the road for one hour and they were asleep the entire time.
4. Do NOT bring your 2 small children who slept the entire time on the hour long drive AND THEN attempt to put the realtor on speaker phone so he can tell you about the property while you are actually walking around chasing kids around.
5. Do NOT tell your 2 small children to go play in the other room, "while mommy talks to the man." Because when you have "the man" on speaker phone, he may get offended and say, "ma'am my name is Mr. *** not the man."
6. Do NOT let your 2 small children play outside in the yard before asking "the man" if the previous owner had any outside pets.--->y'all already know what happened...GAW!!!
7. Do NOT call your LOVING, CARING husband when your 2 small OVERLY ENGERGIZED children are "exploring." Well don't tell your husband they're "exploring" because obviously he can hear them over the phone running around and screaming. Because if you call your husband while they are doing just that, he just ends up hanging up the phone because he can't hear you over the running and screaming.

And the last thing...

8. Do NOT let these 2 small children run free in a house that has absolutely NO FURNITURE and ALL WOOD FLOORS! It is extra super loud.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too-tay Boo-tay!

JUJU: (face all scrunched up) Oooh I smell somethin.
ME: What do you smell?
JUJU: Oooh mommy I smell my butt.
ME: Did you poop in your pants or something?
JUJU: No I too-tee boo-tee.
ME: Well thats why you smell your butt then.
(Stanky gets up from where he's playing)
STANKY: Eeewww bubba! You mate too-tay boo-tay bubba. Mommy, mommy, bubba have tinty (stinky) boo-yo.
JUJU: Sut up stanky! Das not nice.
(Stanky starts crying..well fake crying)
STANKY: But mommy, bubba sed him mate too-tay boo-tay. Him not nice.
ME: Ok, ok. Stanky go play. Juju, don't tell him to shut up.
JUJU: (under his breath) Stanky got too-tee boo-tee. Fat head.

Oh the brotherly love in my house.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Just a quick shout out....

(because I'm supposed to be working sssshhhhh...) all my new followers! I'm in and out a lot...mostly because of NO INTERNET AT HOME (sorry for shouting). But when I'm here, I promise to entertain. or at least try to. I look forward to our back and forth-ness in the future (did that make ANY sense? It did in my head).

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random thoughts during my commute...

I have grown to like my hour and 20 minute commute to and from work everyday. It gives me A LOT of time to "THINK."

~ Why is it that on a straight-way country road I am not allowed to "pass" the car in front of me because the line is solid on our side of the road?
~ How do people get away with doing only 40mph on a road that clearly reads 60mph?
~ Where do the cows go during the summer time in the dry desert heat? I don't see any "trees" or bushes.
~ If I put my leg up here, will I have enough time, without getting stuck, to bring my leg back down if I end up having to get out of cruise control?
~ I think ima tell VonTrapp that I NEED the internet for "work." Yes even at 10pm.
~ This is gonna be a coffee day.
~ This toll tag is awesome! Will leave 5 minutes later tomorrow.
~ Everybody tweets whenever they post a blog...I think I'll start too.
~ Wow I haven't blogged in FOREVER! Stupid VonTrapp.
~ I think I missed 2 Friday follows.
~ What's up with the fog Austin?
~ Man...I still have to find a place to live.
~ He IS stupid, but he IS super sweet. Need to make sure we can keep him. Duplex, yes.
~ Well hello there muffin top...when did you come back? More importantly, how come no one told me you came back?
~ Ima start wearing makeup again. Yup starting tomorrow.
~ No more farmer tan for me. Its tank tops this weekend.
~ Boys need new play shoes. Wait, I think I got some before we left Louisiana.
~ I wonder how humid it is in Shreveport right now.
~ Rickey's probably still asleep. Lucky guy.
~ Ooh need more vitamins.
~ I hope Rickey got that Insanity for me.
~ Need to find a gym. Need to start working out like before I moved.
~ If you feel like driving only 65mph, please stay out of the left lane so I can pass you. You know since the speed limit IS 70mph.
~ Blinker next time jack ass.
~ etc etc etc

As you can see I have a very "productive" commute. LMAO! You know, planning my day, night, or week. Running through bills that need to be paid...and all the rest of that stuff. I am sooo not a very good person who uses their time wisely. Oh well. I promise to TRY and do better.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I have no internet ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

So how am I posting you ask. Well from my cel phone of course! ;)
So staying with VonTrapp is saving us some moolah but this no internet is killing me. She actually does have internet...& even a router. But both are located in her room....AND....she doesn't keep the router plugged in. WTF right? Well her excuse is that the lights on the router wake her up at night. Um ok. I mean seriously? How do 3 little ass lights, no bigger than the size of a tic tac, keep a person up all night? And she works nights! Weird.
So here I am "forced" to be on my storm...perusing the web. Thank goodness for smartphones.
On a side note-this weekend is my first weekend living in Austin. Oh what to do, what to do. Well besides looking for a place to live. ;)
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yes folks thats right...

Its yours truly! Finally a post! Yes I have neglected y'all, but I promise it was not on purpose. So lets cut to the chase shall we...
I am a TEXAN! LOL! Not by birth obviously. So now I am a Hawaii transplant calling TEXAS home. Started my job last week Monday and I think I like it. I now work for a wifi company based out of Austin. The company is great, and the people I work with are great too. Best thing about this job is I will only be working Monday through Friday with the weekends off! WOOHOO!! We all know my last job did have me working Saturdays like all the time. Only not so great thing is that big daddy won't be moving until April, the center he currently works for is closing down March 13. (Until then we will have skype) Well I guess the only other not so great thing is the fact that I will be driving and hour + to and from work. As I posted previously I am living with VonTrapp, who lives about an hour north of Austin. So far...lets just say...I only see her at night when I get home from work. And thats about to change when she goes back to work--she works in a women's prison from 3am to about 11am or 12pm--and then I won't see her at all. She'll pick up the monsters from daycare about 1pm and by the time I come home from work, she'll be in bed. I will start the hunt for an apartment/duplex/townhouse this weekend. As always, I will keep y'all updated. Speaking of updates...if y'all use twitter, FOLLOW ME. (How's that for self promotion lol?!) But seriously, I'm a twitter addict, so y'all can "experience" my search as it happens.
I'm actually in Louisiana right now for the "custody thing." Crappy situation but at least the monsters and I got to come see big daddy for a couple of days. More on the "custody thing" another day.  While here, I had to go into my old job to sign my resignation papers and turn in my badge. It was kinda sad considering I really liked working for that company. Too bad they were jerks and didn't let me transfer. Oh well. I'm on to bigger and better things. :) As they say everything is bigger in Texas.
As much as I will miss Louisiana, I have to say that the one week I've actually lived in Texas, I absolutely LOVED it. And will continue to love it. Already, even though I haven't had a chance to really do anything but work, I have seen my mood get better and better. I feel happier. I feel more comfortable. I feel at home. Thats all that matters. And I know that once big daddy moves too, it will be all uphill for him too.

P.S. (***arms waving above my head***) Hey to all my new followers from Friday Follow!!! Y'all are great! I type the way I talk so if I'm confusing and seem to go in circles--my bad lol.