Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Too-tay Boo-tay!

JUJU: (face all scrunched up) Oooh I smell somethin.
ME: What do you smell?
JUJU: Oooh mommy I smell my butt.
ME: Did you poop in your pants or something?
JUJU: No I too-tee boo-tee.
ME: Well thats why you smell your butt then.
(Stanky gets up from where he's playing)
STANKY: Eeewww bubba! You mate too-tay boo-tay bubba. Mommy, mommy, bubba have tinty (stinky) boo-yo.
JUJU: Sut up stanky! Das not nice.
(Stanky starts crying..well fake crying)
STANKY: But mommy, bubba sed him mate too-tay boo-tay. Him not nice.
ME: Ok, ok. Stanky go play. Juju, don't tell him to shut up.
JUJU: (under his breath) Stanky got too-tee boo-tee. Fat head.

Oh the brotherly love in my house.


  1. Dissing each other over poo. They are boys alright ;-)

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  9. You do have to enjoy how long they can discuss this sort of thing!

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  13. LMAO!! Boys WILL be boys...I love it! Easily could have been a convo between my own sons.