Saturday, December 29, 2012

A very classic, no frills wedding

2 of our really good friends were married the day after Christmas. She wore a classic lace dress, and he wore a black suit with bow tie. No frills...just perfectly classic. I wanted to keep that no frills classic too...

A Classic Styled Wedding

Friday, December 28, 2012

And it goes a little something like this...

Dec. 14 - Sandy Hook

Dec. 15 - Came home to find that dog ate Christmas tree and homemade ornaments

Dec. 20 - Big Daddy got laid off from work (yup right before Christmas)

Dec. 24 - went to open our family Christmas gift that Juju made for us in school...there was nothing in probably fell out in his class...he cried so hard that it hurt my heart. I never want to see him that sad ever again.

 Dec. 25 - the dudes rode their bikes we got them for Christmas for the first time and loved every minute of it! Even when BamBam fell off the bike, he was scratched up pretty bad but still had the biggest smile on his face.

Dec. 26 - 2 friends of ours got married. Spent the evening at their house celebrating with great friends, homemade tamales, pecan pie, ice cream cake, beer, wine, and shots. Also found out that Big Daddy is being sponsored to play in the Las Vegas 7s rugby tournament (no out of pocket for this trip at all)

Dec. 27 - I packed the dudes' bag because VonTrapp picked them up in the afternoon to spend the last week of vacation with her. Later made my way to the post office and demanded they tell me where in Carmen San Diego is the package that I mailed last week to N.C. (It's my carabox that I sent)

Dec. 28 - went suit shopping with Big Daddy (needs a dark suit for a job conference in January).  Babysat a friend's kids, ate chicken Alfredo pizza and drank Bud Light platinum (it's gross, but its beer).

Now I am sitting here watching an old Samuel L Jackson movie with Big Daddy, brainstorming.

Tough end of the year for us, but we managed to keep it together. Come on 2013...I'm ready!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


That my friends is our Christmas tree. Well WAS our Christmas tree. After a nice early Saturday afternoon Christmas shopping, we came home to this. Our artificial tree was not only knocked over, but  our sweet dog decided to rip it into 3 pieces, eat the lights that were strung through out, and followed up with eating ornaments. No not just a couple glass ornaments....but ornaments that Juju made since he was born! So...ya...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A birthday giveaway!!!

No, it's not my birthday. But it is Nicholl's birthday :-) And for HER birthday she is doing a giveaway. And not your average one winner giveaway....there are going to be 20 winners! Yup 20....for her birthday!

*isn't she gorg?!*

Why am I posting about this giveaway you ask? Well she contacted me asking if I wanted to be a part of it and I jumped at the chance! I am giving away 2...count them cards. The first is a $20 gift card to Target and the other is a $20 VISA or Mastercard gift card. I will also be throwing in an extra little surprise as well ;-)

Here's a list of all the other prizes to be won:

neon pink infinity scarf from Gap
$25 to Target
bracelet from Park Lane Jewelry
large ad space for 45 days
fuzzy socks/ $10 to Target
$25 to Starbucks
$10 to Target
$25 to Ulta
3 fancy nailpolishes
custom embroidery hoop/ 2 months ad space
two months ad space
gorgeous bow ring from HelloFab
custom post signature for your blog
grandma's guac recipe straight from Mexico
set of 3 hair bows
tribal necklace
hobo inspired tote (all proceeds to cancer from her cancer survivor baby)
$25 to Target or Sephora, winner's choice

WOW! Amazing right?! Head on over to The Chiffon Diary and tell Nicholl happy birthday and enter this great giveaway!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dates to remember...

Daniel Barden, Sept. 25, 2005

This sweet boy was born the day that Big Daddy and I became husband and wife.

Madeleine F. Hsu, July 10, 2006

This sweet girl...shares my Juju's birthday. 

*There's an extra special place in my heart for you both. You will live on there.*

No words...just names

Monday, December 17, 2012

I go on...

WE, as parents, were affected. WE, as just plain human beings, were affected. Me? I, like so many others I have met through blogging, am a mother of a 6 year old. My heart still feels broken. Here in the U.S. and in China 6 year olds (and 7 yr olds) were taken from this world for no reason other than the completely selfishness of 2 men. My heart still feels broken. I look at my sweet Juju and my eyes instantly fill with tears. I cannot imagine what these families are going through and feeling right now. I can kiss my Juju anytime I feel like it. I can watch him sleep late at night. I can shop for presents and random things just because. I can feel irritation with him not listening. I can punish him when he does something he's not supposed to. I can look into his eyes. I can touch his skin. He is front of me. I can piece together my heart faster than they will be able to. And so I do. I go on and I pray that these families find their strength as well.

Please also, let us not forget about the brave that tried to shield these little ones from the selfish men. They gave their lives so these little lives that were just beginning could go on. I hugged Juju's teacher this morning, silent gratitude exchanged between the both of us. Thank you Ms. Persyn for everything that you do for my sweet guy while he is at school. He is learning to be a better person with your help.

I am surprised at how all these things affected and still affects me. I am still in a kind of haze. Life is so random. It comes, it goes. It's happy and it's sad. Everything that has happened has awakened something inside of me. I'm not exactly sure what it was but I want peace. True peace. Happiness is what matters. In happiness, I will find peace. I go on.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fitness Friday - Workout Buddy

Let's face's the holidays...we're all busy trying to get ready: presents, decorating, food planning, even preparing for family visits. It's hard to squeeze in time to get it all done. I know. I'm hosting Christmas eve this year and I feel like I am in over my head and its only December 14! Whew I am exhausted...I don't want to work out..."I don't have time." WRONG! You know what I have that helps me to make sure that I do make time? My "buddy" Maria. Yup. I have a workout buddy.

Maria is a stay at home mom just like me. Our sons are in the same class at school and we live in the same complex. She's trying to get ready for her 1st holiday away from her family (she just moved here from Chicago over the summer). She's into fitness like I am. We both get those days where all we want to do after we walk the kids to school is just go back to our homes and sit/lay on the couch until our little ones come home at 11am. She has kept me motivated to keep going, and I do the same for her. Periods (sorry, overshare) don't even stop us. She is petite just like I am, so any weight that we gain is very obvious. We've been baking up a storm, and with all those treats, we make sure that we carve out at least 10 minutes of the day to "prep." LOL. Short is one thing...short and chunky is another. 

I cherish those 10 minutes of "sanity." We gossip,we laugh, we work out our frustrations of "not enough time in a day." We get it done together. It helps. 

I also have workout buddies online as well. These are men and women who I've met through blogging and twitter and even instagram. I like progress motivation. I love seeing when people go to the gym and post sweaty pictures of themselves, or pictures of what workout they are going to do or just completed. I like before and after pictures. I look to these people as motivation as well to keep me going. From them, I find new workouts to keep my body challenged. I even share these workouts with Maria.

I'm lucky that Big Daddy shares a love of fitness with me. He's actually the driving force behind my working out and wanting to be in the best shape I can be. Before Maria, he and I used to work out together at least once a week (our schedules clashed so much that there was only one day we could work out together). He would do his work out and then come and walk me through mine, helping me with form and just pushing out that last rep. Trust me, nothing makes you feel sexier than when you catch your man smiling at you as your doing your reps. It feels just as good as when you're pissed off because he makes you do another rep after you're obviously exhausted and after you crank out that rep he smiles so big and gives you a high forget that you were pissed off just .2 seconds ago LOL.

Working out is tough...and yes...sometimes it is hard to make time for it. But do it. Find someone who shares an interest or love of fitness with you and attach yourself LOL. Seriously. It's so much easier to have someone who is there right next to you physically and even online supporting you. Share your goals with that person...this will help you to remain accountable and not fall of the wagon. In turn, that person will share with you and you can help them as well. 

Oh ya...I almost forgot...

Now you KNOW I won't let you off the hook and have an "off" day. :-)
Today's workout is brought to you by Kandee Johnson and Natalie Jill. Perfect and simple to get you through the next couple of weeks...hopefully with your workout buddy.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Boot shopping....

HELP! I have a new obsession for boots but was told I can only get 2 MAYBE 3 pairs...

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Let's go shopping!

I don't work anymore, so any reason to get dressed up...I take full advantage!

Cold weather shopping trip

Long t shirt

Miss selfridge


Skinny fit jeans

Dorothy Perkins black jeans
$48 -

Tote bag


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

4W - Austin Rugby Club

I've totally mentioned (a lot) that Big Daddy plays rugby. He started playing when we moved here in 2010, and he loves everything about it. He's actually quite good for never having played EVER. What helped him to adapt to the game was that he played football for a long time. At one point he even played semi pro football. He's ridiculously athletic, which everyone seems to love about him. Perfect sport for a man's man if you ask me. Hard hitting, no thinking, just smash = Big Daddy. 
The whole rugby community is super excited for rugby's come back in the 2016 Olympics. Rugby continues to grow here in the states which is awesome! Granted, it may not be such a big deal like it is overseas but we'll get there ;-)

The Austin Blacks are a United States rugby union team in Austin, Texas. They compete in the Texas Rugby Union and the West Rugby Union of USA Rugby. The Blacks are the competitive men's team of the Austin Rugby Club. We compete at 2 different levels: Men's division 1 and division 3.

"Austin is only the second club in USA rugby history to have two teams compete at the National Championship Play-Offs in the same season with our Division 3 team also winning the Texas Championships." *source* 
(that was the first year that Big Daddy played with the club...he scored the winning try in that D3 championship game)

Season officially begins for the Blacks on Saturday, January 5th, 2013 in Houston against the Houston Athletic Rugby Club (HARC). Our DIII team will play at 2:00pm followed by our DI team at 3:30pm.

Home matches are played at the ARC field here in Austin:

6013 Loyola Lane, Austin, TX 78724
We play all over Texas and are playing in both Las Vegas and Chicago next year as well.

We, the women behind the men of the Austin Rugby Club (which really was myself and another chic), also started a support group last year...we are called the Belles. Open to all the women supporters of the Austin Blacks.

I know, I know...such a formal sounding post LOL. So unlike me huh? But hey, this is's serious business ;-) And I'm just so excited!

If y'all are in the area, you should come watch our team play. See for yourselves how awesome we are. I promised this year that I would video tape the games, so expect a lot of behind the scenes goodness here and of course on my YouTube channel. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Complete randomness

Aloha Kakahiaka! It is a COLD 31 degrees right now in Austin (it's 8:05am) and I am miserable. Why can't it be 80 degrees again? I say that on here but NEVER out loud...everyone here might stone me LOL. I understand wanting "Christmas weather" during Christmas but BAH HUMBUG! *just kidding...sorta* 

Big Daddy is back and THANK GOODNESS...he is without a doubt my personal coffee maker. I tried to make coffee when he was gone and bleh! As part of his morning routine, he makes himself breakfast and a big pot of coffee. Mmmmm. When I get home from walking the boys to school, I immediately grab a bowl cup and get to drinking. Mmmmmm.

Talk about complete randomness from me this morning huh? It's one of those days.

Let's talk about blog you participate? How do you go through the long lit of blogs to decide who you want to follow? And do you really, truly follow all the hosts and co hosts? I personally like blog hops. I only do 1 maybe 2 a week. It's a lot of work if you ask me, but I don't mind. At least not for now. I met a couple of my blog besties through blog hops (Nini, Faith, Jess, Keena, Steph, Boobies, another Steph, Nicole...there are a couple more and I promise dedicate a whole post to all of them) It is truly the easiest way to "meet" new people. I honestly sometimes find that having to follow this long list of host/co host a bit crazy. But I do, do it. But I know there are TONS of people that don't do that. Do the hosts ever check? When choosing which blogs to follow, I normally first look at the 5 blogs before mine in the list. I almost always follow those 5 blogs and really do try to comment on their posts not just for the blog hop but down the road too. My #1 fave blogs to find are of course mommy blogs. Mommy to boy blogs. Then beauty blogs, then fitness and of course craft/DIY blogs. Whew! See it is a lot of work, but I think well worth it.

Speaking of work...I have now been a SAHM/W for 2 1/2 months and everyone is still thriving LOL. Every now and then, I get this crazy want to go back to work idea, but then BamBam comes home from school and smiles at me, and I know that I love love love being home all the time for my mini barbarians. I have looked into doing one of those at home party things but meh...I don't want to do those parties. I rather host them lol. I still sell Jamberry Nails but I'm not one of those crazed ones that have to book parties to HAVE to be super uber successful. I mainly got started for the discount and even now, I think it's a road that I probably will not travel anymore. There is this one opportunity that I kinda wanna learn more about. We shall see.

Did I mention that it was cold? UGH! Yes...I am such an island snob when winter hits. What I wouldn't give to be lying on a beach in my bikini...

I can't wait for Saturday. We're going Christmas shopping for the dudes. Yes they will be with us and yes we have become the masters of hiding things in the trunk of our Jeep. I still have no idea what to get Big Daddy. He is insisting that we not get him anything but that's not fun. He's one of those guys where "it's the thought that counts" doesn't apply. He likes something or he doesn't. Hmmmm what to get a man's man, a big rugby guy who doesn't want anything...thoughts?  No tools, he owns all of them. Maybe a game for his PS3...I don't know. What are you getting your person? Heehee...I love referring to him as my I'm a freaking dog or something LOL. Though y'all know I am kinda helpless when he's not around ;-)

You know what puts me in the Christmas spirit...jammies. If I could find CUTE, footed, one-piece jammies for all of us OMG Christmas card! But they HAVE to be cute. Like a hello kitty one for me, and whatever boy kind for the dudes (transformers, sonic, mario, longhorns, miami dolphins...).

Have y'all had enough yet? LOL. I told's one of those days.

P.S. Do you believe in Santa? Yes you, grown up I'm talking to you? Do your kids? *I have a post in mind and wanted to know y'alls thoughts*

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Locker Room Talk 2 & 3

It's Saturday morning and I am sitting in my bed...this NEVER happens...EVER. The mini barbarians are in the living room watching Saturday morning cartoons. Me?! I am congested and I just don't really feel like getting out of bed yet. Though I will have to soon since I am getting pretty hungry. The bacon in the bottom drawer of my fridge is calling my name ever so sweetly right now but if I wait to long it WILL start yelling. ;-)

What have y'all got going on today? We're going to a winter fair thingy at Juju's school to see santa and then after they'll continue to play and have fun while I do laundry and vacuum.

While you're sitting there drinking your coffee or tea or juice or water or bloody mary even, let me entertain you...

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Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fitness Friday - Hey Sexy Lady

Yup I'm talking to YOU! ;-) Heard this song this morning, and I was in such a grove, I swear they were singing it to me! LOL

No matter, what size or shape you are, tall or short, fair skinned, tan or dark YOU are sexy!!!

It's that time of year for all the sweets, cakes, pies and oh the cookies!! Mmmmmm....I want some now. LOL. This is also the time of the year that we (women) "forget" about eating healthy and slack on working out. The weather is cooler and all ya wanna do is cuddle on the couch. MmHmmm. Yup, me too. NO! I will not go down this holiday season. I made some great progress and made great habits that I do NOT want to just go away. YOU...YOU shouldn't want that either. Get a jump start on your new year's resolution to be healthy and fit. I challenge each of you to do the below video at least twice in the next week. Twice...that's it. All you need is a pair of dumbbells or water bottles or soup excuses. The whole workout once time through is about 15 minutes.

Yup it's Casey again. I LOVE her!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

But I don't wanna!

Big Daddy is on his way to Houston today for work and won't be back until Monday night. This is the longest he's ever been away from the dudes. Hell this is the longest he's ever been away from me! And knowing he won't be coming home tonight makes me sad :-( Waaahhhhhh and it's THAT time of the month too...ok I'm done whining...sorta...

The dishes from breakfast this morning...bowls, cups, forks, spoons, pans, coffee pot...all need to be washed, but I don't wanna.

My bed needs to be made, the dudes beds need to be made, but I don't wanna.

The dog wants to go out and play, but I don't wanna.

The bathroom and kitchen counters need to be wiped down, but I don't wanna.

I need to reattach frosty's nose on Juju's hat for his class play tonight, but I don't wanna.

I really should get up and turn off the light in my bedroom because I am in fact sitting in my living room, but I don't wanna.

I should be meal planning, but I don't wanna.

I REALLY, REALLY need to vacuum, but I don't wanna.

I need to bring in the clothes that I hung out to dry just in case it rains, but I don't wanna...

I just wanna sit on this couch, watch YouTube videos and eat chocolate chip cookies all day. I hate days like this. It's yucky looking outside right now so that doesn't help. BOO! I want my husband!
*stomps feet and gets up to turn off the light in the bedroom*

One thing done ;-)

What's something that needs to get done today that you just don't wanna do? I won't tell if you don't do it either :-)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Family traditions, doing it big!

Can you believe it's already December?! I'm excited. What's in store for me? Well besides the obvious, nothing much really ;-). I do seem to miss my family back in Hawaii much more too. Normal...holidays...want all my family know the usual thing you hear (which of course is totally true). And who am I kidding...I totally miss the warm weather too :-)

When I was a kid, every Christmas eve morning we got to open 1 Christmas card that we received. Later that night my sister and I would perform in our church's Christmas program (I always had a solo which I performed for 10 years strong). After church we would go to my aunt's house for some food and family time. We would play games and sing karaoke. Then of course around 11pm we would make our way back home and at midnight, I would go to Christmas service with my grandpa. Everyone else would be asleep when we got back, and he and I would sit on our couch and look at our tree until I fell asleep. I always wanted to stay up, but every Christmas morning I woke up in my bed. Of course after everyone woke up (and if you were not up by 7:30am you would get woken up by my sweet little toes pinching you) we opened presents. 90% of my family lived in Hawaii so every Christmas day for as long as I can remember (and even now that I've been gone) my family gathered and my house for a potluck. Eat, watch the Aloha Bowl, eat some more, play outside, play nintendo, and then around 3:30pm my sister and I would head out to the beach. The beach on Christmas day...I totally miss that. I learned to body surf, then boogie board and then surf all on Christmas days (different years LOL, not all on one day).

Of course, I no longer live in Hawaii and there is no real beach here, but my barbarian family and I have created our very own Christmas traditions. On December 6, we have the boys set out a boot for Kris Kringle before they go to sleep. If you were naughty all year, then in the morning you would find a lump of coal inside the boot. If you were good through out the year, he would leave goodies inside of your boot. Of course, for the past 5 and 3 years, Juju and BamBam have always gotten some chocolate and a small toy. (This is a tradition that Big Daddy did as a kid in Germany). In the middle of the month, around the 15th or so, we make our very own ornaments to add to our Christmas tree. We use anything we already have. Last year we made salt dough ornaments. Not sure what we're going to do this year. On Christmas eve, we do a big dinner. After dinner it's bath time. This is the one time of the year that the dudes love to take a bath because they know that after bath time its "PRESENT TIME! OH YEAH!!!" Yes it has always been shouted just like that LOL. We try to get the boys some cute jammies to wear for the first time on Christmas eve too. Last year I think they had Transformer and Cars jammies. After all the presents are open, we have dessert and sing a couple Christmas songs. It's always Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Jingle Bells. They have the rest of the night to play with all their cool stuff until they fall asleep in the middle of it all on their bedroom floor. Yup true story...EVERY YEAR it happens...I walk in to snoring children toys in hand, laying on toys and boxes, tv on. It makes me smile. (And because y'all know I'm a wuss, I even tear up) On Christmas morning, we get dressed (always in something new we got) and head out to IHOP for breakfast. Yup you heard right. The rest of the day is spent hanging out.

We haven't skipped a beat since Big Daddy and I were married in 2005. Same thing every year. Over the years things may change, and we might do things differently or even add some things now and then...but one fact remains the same...even since I was a family, OUR family is important. No matter how big or how small, our family will always do it big. Big memories will always be made.

What are your family traditions? I would totally love to hear them...TELL ME. I may have to adopt some of them too ;-)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Nail Polish Swap + video

lala Lists

Earlier this month I participated in Spread the Polish Swap hosted by Carly at Lipgloss and Crayons and Rachel at Lala Lists. This was my first beauty swap to participate in and I really love it. I was paired up with another person and we were to send 2 polishes to each other. Before being paired up, we stated what kind of polishes we liked. I said I liked fun colors. I was paired up with Kristina who said she loved bright colors. I wish I took a picture of what I sent to her...1) bright purple 2) bright pink, but not hot pink and 3) a coraly orange. Kristina I hope you loved them!!!
I got my package from her this week and I am too happy :-)

How cute are those Disney stamps?!!

I decided to do an "unboxing" video cuz y'all know I'm kinda addicted to vlogging right now...

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"Frenzy" by Sinful Colors and "Gunmetal" by Sally Hansen

Thanks again Kristina!! I am going to do my nails right now :-)