Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A birthday giveaway!!!

No, it's not my birthday. But it is Nicholl's birthday :-) And for HER birthday she is doing a giveaway. And not your average one winner giveaway....there are going to be 20 winners! Yup 20....for her birthday!

*isn't she gorg?!*

Why am I posting about this giveaway you ask? Well she contacted me asking if I wanted to be a part of it and I jumped at the chance! I am giving away 2...count them cards. The first is a $20 gift card to Target and the other is a $20 VISA or Mastercard gift card. I will also be throwing in an extra little surprise as well ;-)

Here's a list of all the other prizes to be won:

neon pink infinity scarf from Gap
$25 to Target
bracelet from Park Lane Jewelry
large ad space for 45 days
fuzzy socks/ $10 to Target
$25 to Starbucks
$10 to Target
$25 to Ulta
3 fancy nailpolishes
custom embroidery hoop/ 2 months ad space
two months ad space
gorgeous bow ring from HelloFab
custom post signature for your blog
grandma's guac recipe straight from Mexico
set of 3 hair bows
tribal necklace
hobo inspired tote (all proceeds to cancer from her cancer survivor baby)
$25 to Target or Sephora, winner's choice

WOW! Amazing right?! Head on over to The Chiffon Diary and tell Nicholl happy birthday and enter this great giveaway!

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