Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Complete randomness

Aloha Kakahiaka! It is a COLD 31 degrees right now in Austin (it's 8:05am) and I am miserable. Why can't it be 80 degrees again? I say that on here but NEVER out loud...everyone here might stone me LOL. I understand wanting "Christmas weather" during Christmas but BAH HUMBUG! *just kidding...sorta* 

Big Daddy is back and THANK GOODNESS...he is without a doubt my personal coffee maker. I tried to make coffee when he was gone and bleh! As part of his morning routine, he makes himself breakfast and a big pot of coffee. Mmmmm. When I get home from walking the boys to school, I immediately grab a bowl cup and get to drinking. Mmmmmm.

Talk about complete randomness from me this morning huh? It's one of those days.

Let's talk about blog hops...do you participate? How do you go through the long lit of blogs to decide who you want to follow? And do you really, truly follow all the hosts and co hosts? I personally like blog hops. I only do 1 maybe 2 a week. It's a lot of work if you ask me, but I don't mind. At least not for now. I met a couple of my blog besties through blog hops (Nini, Faith, Jess, Keena, Steph, Boobies, another Steph, Nicole...there are a couple more and I promise dedicate a whole post to all of them) It is truly the easiest way to "meet" new people. I honestly sometimes find that having to follow this long list of host/co host a bit crazy. But I do, do it. But I know there are TONS of people that don't do that. Do the hosts ever check? When choosing which blogs to follow, I normally first look at the 5 blogs before mine in the list. I almost always follow those 5 blogs and really do try to comment on their posts not just for the blog hop but down the road too. My #1 fave blogs to find are of course mommy blogs. Mommy to boy blogs. Then beauty blogs, then fitness and of course craft/DIY blogs. Whew! See it is a lot of work, but I think well worth it.

Speaking of work...I have now been a SAHM/W for 2 1/2 months and everyone is still thriving LOL. Every now and then, I get this crazy want to go back to work idea, but then BamBam comes home from school and smiles at me, and I know that I love love love being home all the time for my mini barbarians. I have looked into doing one of those at home party things but meh...I don't want to do those parties. I rather host them lol. I still sell Jamberry Nails but I'm not one of those crazed ones that have to book parties to HAVE to be super uber successful. I mainly got started for the discount and even now, I think it's a road that I probably will not travel anymore. There is this one opportunity that I kinda wanna learn more about. We shall see.

Did I mention that it was cold? UGH! Yes...I am such an island snob when winter hits. What I wouldn't give to be lying on a beach in my bikini...

I can't wait for Saturday. We're going Christmas shopping for the dudes. Yes they will be with us and yes we have become the masters of hiding things in the trunk of our Jeep. I still have no idea what to get Big Daddy. He is insisting that we not get him anything but that's not fun. He's one of those guys where "it's the thought that counts" doesn't apply. He likes something or he doesn't. Hmmmm what to get a man's man, a big rugby guy who doesn't want anything...thoughts?  No tools, he owns all of them. Maybe a game for his PS3...I don't know. What are you getting your person? Heehee...I love referring to him as my person...like I'm a freaking dog or something LOL. Though y'all know I am kinda helpless when he's not around ;-)

You know what puts me in the Christmas spirit...jammies. If I could find CUTE, footed, one-piece jammies for all of us OMG Christmas card! But they HAVE to be cute. Like a hello kitty one for me, and whatever boy kind for the dudes (transformers, sonic, mario, longhorns, miami dolphins...).

Have y'all had enough yet? LOL. I told you...it's one of those days.

P.S. Do you believe in Santa? Yes you, grown up I'm talking to you? Do your kids? *I have a post in mind and wanted to know y'alls thoughts*


  1. hehe, i seriously love posts like these!!

    wow, it's actually colder where you are then where i am right now ... that's strange! but seriously, you want 80 degree weather in December? what's wrong with you?! oh right, you were born with warm blood!

    hahaha, i LOVE that you call hubs Big Daddy :)

    blog hops ... i think i've done 2 blog hops since i started blogging. they overwhelm me. seriously, i can't do it. but i love linkups and that is how i found a lot of blogs that i follow now. and you my hot rugby wife friend is one of my blog besties too! adore your guts!

    i love Christmas shopping so much! i kinda wish we had more gifts to buy, haha.

    i'm getting Sean a workout belt, a crystal container to put his beloved whiskeys (he's been wanting one forever but didn't want to spend the money) a winter vest, some clothes and stocking gifts.

    i love the fact that people do the Christmas pajama thing. i've never done it. i'm thinking when we have kids, i'll adopt the tradition :)

    and yes, no Santa here. not even when i was younger. i missed out on life ;)

    1. Oh a workout belt! That's a great idea! I know he used to have one but not anymore...though I don;t know why either LOL. Yes link ups!! Those are the most fun!
      I adore you too!! You MAKE me, yes MAKE ME, dress up which in turn works out in my favor because Rickey LOVES it! Go figure.
      No santa in our house either...but more on that next time ;-)

  2. omg, why is my comment so long? i got carried away.

  3. Dang girl I can tell u missed his coffee ;)!!!

    I dont think i have ever done a blog hop or even know how exactly to do one?! lol u better show me the ropes!!

    I bought my person (lol) a mountain bike hes been wanting for a while. The hard part is... it was super on sale when we seen it and the very last one.. so of course I bought it on the spot while he was there! But the suspense is killing him everyday he brings up it would be a nice day for a ride, but I wont let him have it till christmas lol

    I always buy special pjs for me and the bf to wear the night of Christmas eve and basically all day Christmas. Its a cute and comfy lil tradition. :)

  4. woman, don't even talk to me about cold unless you live in canada!!!!! it was -4 when i dropped my daughter off at school brrrr! one of the few reasons that i don't like living in canada is the weather.

    i love blog hops too! that's how i found you. i'm ashamed to admit it but i click on links based on how their icons look :( if it jumps out at me, i click on them. i'll browse through their content and if i like what i read, i'll add them to my greader and they'll suddenly get faithful comments from me on practically every post! however, i do have some rules: if, after 3 attempts to connect/interact with the author of said newly added blog and they don't respond, i unsubscribe. interaction and building a connection is what makes the blogosphere fun, don't you think? so i don't get how some blogs will put so much time and energy into writing a post yet don't even bother acknowledging their readers.

  5. Found/following you via a little blog hopping this morning. And, I can't even tell you the rhyme or reason to my hopping around. However, that how I came across your blog. I do love when I come across SAHM with boys!
    I'm a HUGE Santa believer, and I also know those Elf on a Shelfs are true too. I can't wait till my little one is old enough to share in the Holiday magic!
    Would love for you to swing by
    and follow back.
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. You survived!! Chris is my 'real meal' maker so when he's gone we eat like toddlers because it's easier to feed me the same thing as Nate haha

  7. Oh my goodness you had me at "it's snowing in smurf village" and then you went and listed me as a bestie and now I'm moving in, yep, I'm telling ya by this time next year we're gonna have side by side lockers and will start passing notes in class and having sleep overs in footed pajamas and... do you think the misters will find that odd? do you think we'll actually care? =)

    Happy 32degrees to You and Yours,

  8. Hi there. I'm hanna and I found you on the blog hop!!!! Your blog is fantastic! I love making new friends!!! I'm your newest follower, please come by anytime www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! xoxoxo Hanna

  9. Omg I'd trade the weather here for yours right now! It was 105 degrees yesterday!