Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Fit Club - Spring Fitness Challenge (with MTL)

April already?!! It's like I closed my eyes on March 1st and when I opened them up the next morning, its March 31st! I blame spring break :-)
To kick off my birthday month (27th is the know...if you wanna send me some love lol) I'm participating in a fitness challenge with none other than my FAVE, Savannah aka Muffin Topless (MTL). I wanna have a pool or lake party for my birthday so I need a little kick in the okole (that's hawaiian for your booty) to get me into "prime" shape :-) And by prime, I don't mean lose weight. More like tighten up a bit...mostly my arms and obliques. 
I love Savannah's monthly challenges, and while I do some of the workouts week to week, I don't actually follow the whole month long challenge (checking in, nutrition, etc)...that is until now. I am committing fully to April. 

Here's the calendar that I will be following:

All the deets on the challenge can be found HERE. From there you can get the workout plan and nutrition guide as well. 
So how bout some of you join me? We can motivate each other! It can be your birthday present to me :-) You getting fit along with me, pushing me along, motivating me, and in return I'll definitely do the same for you, would be the BEST birthday gift ever! You know you want to.