Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I hate it when... (11/18/09)

So every morning, I leave my house at the same time, drive the same route, and make it to work at the same time. This morning however, a cow decided that it not only wanted to venture out onto the main road but decided to stand right smack in the middle of the 2 laned road. That hefer had cars blocked going in each direction!
I hate when you're patiently waiting to go around said hefer by slowly driving on the tiny shoulder almost in a ditch, and some big dumb a$$ in a truck decides to speed on the ditch..damn near hitting you..only to scare the cow into MY lane exactly right in front of my truck.
To add to the already hectic morning, I get to work, get out of my truck and realized by the god awful smell that I drove all through cow poop!

I hate it when I'm troubleshooting a computer problem with a person who says he's the company's I.T. person and when I ask him to verify what version of Windows he's running, he tells me, "oh I think a company called Pelligrino." Dude SERIOUSLY?!
ME: Excuse me sir?
DUDE: The company that did our windows is called Pelligrino, you know like the wine.
ME: Sir? No, like windows xp, vista?
DUDE: Oh you mean what version of Windows am I running?
(DUUUUHHHHHH!--> That IS EXACTLY what I said)

I hate it when you get all the way to the break room, heat up your food, and just get comfortable at a table, then realize you don't have a fork, or spoon to eat with. And your desk, where you left your fork, is at the front of the building upstairs on the second floor. So you ask someone to watch your food while you make the 3 min trip to your desk and back only to find out that the person watching your food had an extra fork with them, and didn't even realize it until you just walked out of the room.

Happy hump day everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Monday night planning

Are you ready for some....PLANNING?! LOL (thought I was gonna say football huh?)

As a wife, mother, and full-time, work outside the home employee, the CHAOS of life is really starting to just be, well, just too chaotic. The past few weeks have really been a blur of spur of the moment, moments. So in my ongoing quest to become the most fab house wife, I have officially decided to make Mondays, my week planning day. Why today? Well big daddy's work schedule has changed giving him Sundays and Mondays off and working the rest of the week from 1:30pm to 10:30pm. I of course have Sundays and Saturdays off. I originally had Sundays in mind for planning, but that is the only day we have off together to do stuff as a family. So Mondays it is.
So what do I have in store this week...
Today was my first day mentoring the new training class we have at work. This will actually go on for the next 3 weeks for me. Finally some time OFF the phone! LOL.
I've decided to pre-make some meals for a couple days and will tackle, well attempt to tackle at least one dinner every night this week when the boys are asleep and before big daddy comes home. So any ideas on different casseroles will be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow I know I'll prepare stuffed shells. Beyond tomorrow...well I guess I'll be going through some of my recipes and looking online for inspiration.
I will also start planning "classroom" gifts for juju and stanky's preschool and daycare classes. I'm thinking about stockings with the child's name on it. We'll really have to see about the names because some of the girls' names are like sentences. I''ll definitely keep y'all updated on what I actually decide and even post some before, during and after pictures.
I will also make it my goal this week to take more pictures and FINALLY participate in weekly winners with Sarcastic Mom.
So I am off to finish my weekly planning. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"I hate it when..." Wednesday

Its hump day...the day that I have designated to let out all my frustrations (issues). So here we go...


-I'm in traffic, not rushing or anything, and the lane next to me is MOVING. So I switch into that lane only to be stuck in the same spot for 5 minutes while the lane I just switched from is now the lane thats moving.
-I'm in my truck listening to the radio and Lil Wayne comes on. I switch to another station and that same exact song is playing all most at the same exact spot.
-A co-worker keeps talking about another co-worker who "is just so dumb that I can't believe the questions she asks" but then turns around and asks the same dumb questions.
-You're on a one lane road, the speed limit sign says 35 MPH, and the person in front of you is too busy digging into her purse thats sitting on her passenger seat to realize she's let her foot of the gas and is going only about 20 MPH.
-That same woman finally looks up and realizes how slow she's moving and then slams her foot on the gas making it look like you're the one holdin' everyone up.

Well I don't know about you but I do feel a lot better. LOL.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Have you heard...


We can all breathe just a little easier tonight. HE is awesome.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cross your fingers, toes, eyes, arms, and legs

There's no better way to spend a Saturday night than watching Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl with the faint sound of snoring coming from the baby monitor.
I did receive some pretty good news today that has got me super anxious this evening. Earlier this week I applied for a position in San Antonio with the same company that I currently work for. And this morning, the recruiter emailed me back saying he would like for me to go out there and test for the position. Now with this company...more than likely if you are testing, you will almost always get hired. Since I already work for the company, I do have an edge over anyone else applying..mainly seniority and definitely the experience. I will find out Monday exactly when I will be making the trip. He also emailed all the information that I need to take the drug test and everything. Again, a step in the hiring process that almost always means you got the job. Cross your fingers, toes, eyes, arms and legs. I already am.
I have come with a lot of different things that I would like to do with my blog and will surely be unveiling some of these things this coming week.
My movie is calling, so I'm afraid I must be going lol.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Updates and other randomness

-Yesterday was milkshake's 11th birthday. I called him this morning about 6am their time and was the first person to wish him a happy birthday.

-I am still trying to "teach" myself how to do create my own blog layout. I am currently "practicing" doing headers. Hopefully I will be able to show y'all what I've been doing.

-My mother in law came to visit on friday. That in itself was very exhausting.

-Halloween was ok. The monsters stayed home with my MIL, while big daddy and I went out for a long awaited "adult's only" night. We ended up at our outdoor outlet mall. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and drinks as we watched the longhorns stampede all over oklahoma 48-14 (sorry cowboys' fans).

-Stanky (aka tank) has been talking and talking and TALKING! LOL. Too bad we can only understand about 40% of what he's trying to say. And unfortunately he is also getting louder and louder.

-We got juju a twin size bed this weekend and he LOVES it! Now he's asking for the Thomas the Train comforter set that we've told him that we would get as soon as he got his new bed. Its amazing that he remembers that.

-Big daddy and I bit the bullet and finally changed cel phone providers. Got our new phones in the mail-->the blackberry storm 2...YES!! Super excited!
-I haven't been to the gym in forever and decided to start a new workout. Wish me luck! Hopefully my energy levels will start to increase again.
-Work has been work...I'm still working on getting my business plan together and hopefully I can become a work at home mom.
-I have also been trying to up my mommy/wifey homemaker skills by putting together my very own home binder.
-Pictures to come!!!! LOL

Monday, October 26, 2009

"No mommy I not lying"

So yesterday before lunch, I was balancing our finance book while juju and stanky were playing with the rabbit. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw stanky take a toy shovel out of juju's hands...well more like yanked it out of juju's hands. Anyways juju snatches the shovel back and hits stanky with it.

ME: Juju, what did I tell you about hitting your brother?
JUJU: I no hit him mommy.
ME: Juju, I just saw you hit him. Thats called lying and thats bad.
JUJU: No mommy I not lying, I not hit Xa. The shovel hit him.

I had to smile at myself...that smart ass punk lol!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Memes, And Endorsements, And Zombies- Oh My!

Haven't played in such a long time! Here we go.....(I sure picked a GREAT time to jump right back in lol)

Memes, And Endorsements, And Zombies- Oh My!

1. If you were to start a meme (or a second or third), what would you call it and what day would you pick?
I'm just very good at participating in memes. Ok you twisted my arm lol...let's see...hmmm....I like working out, so I would do: The Friday Five or Five Minute Fridays-->I would like people to post a quick 5 minute workout...something they love doing. Hmmmm....Don't steal my idea! LOL!

2. When a celebrity endorses a product, do you really believe they like it/use it?
Well obviously they LOVE the product...adds to the money vault they have in their homes, that they swim in everyday like Mr. McDuck! Now pron stars...I think they use the products they endorse. I mean damn their made in their likeness and all.

3. Why don't zombies ever just eat each other?
I think they like the thrill of the chase, even though they themselves can't run, or even creep faster than a snail for that matter.

4. If you were an elephant, would you rather roam free or be in a zoo?
I would love to say roam free but then I'd probably be captured by a some poacher or something. So I'd say zoo-->A place to live without fear of being killed, fed on a daily basis, cleaned on a daily basis, and of course these tiny little humans picking up my poop...AWESOME!

5. The doorbell rings on October 31st, do you answer it?
NO! And it better not ring either because my lights are all off and I won't be home.

6. If you see a piece of paper on the ground while out & about, do you pick it up? If so, do you look to see what it is?
I'll pick it up if I see Benjamin's face on it..hell George's for that matter. If it was just a random piece of paper i'd probably still pick it up. It could be someone's dear John letter saying I cheated on u with your best friend's dog or something. It could be someone's worthless invention, that with MY brains could make me tons of money. But yes, I would pick up a piece of paper off the ground if I seen one.

7. If Jon Gosselin and Octomom got married and then their own reality show, do you think she would try to get pregnant again for better ratings?
Octomom again? We're just starting to hear less and less of Jon Gosselin, and now putting them together?! LOL-->She probably would.

8. If Thursday Thunks was to be put on hold or quit completely, would you be sad?
You know what, now that i'm playing again I would be pretty bummed.

Now YOU-->Visit Thursday Thunks and play along too. Its good to be silly at least one day out of the week.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Allow me to re-introduce myself

So for a few months now, my posting has been very sparatic. So I thought that since I am wanting to revamp my blog, I would do an about me post...introducing myself and my world (again) to the blog world (my current blog family & hopefully some new bloggy friends).
*Just a warning--its kind of a lengthy post but well worth it I promise*
I am lil mama here in the locker room. I was born & raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. I attended a private catholic school for both elementary & middle school and a private all girls high school. But of course I was THE rebel lol. I was a teenage mom at 16 to a little boy, skinny. He was the light of my life. He taught me how to be a mom, how to love and care for someone else. I grew up.
After I graduated high school as the most boy crazy, I moved to Las Vegas for college. My first year there, I had my second son, milkshake. *As a side note, skinny and milkshake do have the same dad.* I was in college with 2 kids and no man. long as I had my 2 little guys I was perfect. My 3rd year of college I sent my boys back to Hawaii just the year and a half until I graduated. I think I flew home that year like 15 times. I hated being away from them. That was also the year that milkshake was admitted into the hospital for severe dehydration and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. My world felt like it had come to a stand still. I blamed myself, saying that it was because I sent them to Hawaii. (It took me a very long time to believe that it was not punishment for me sending them back home).
The year I graduated from college, the job I was currently at, offered me an opportunity to train and become a manager at another store in Louisiana. At the time, I had been dating a guy (a little over a year) in the air force that was stationed in Louisiana...the exact same city where this job would be. So I packed up and moved.
To make a long story short, it so didn't work out with the dude, and I decided I didn't want to work for that company anymore. I missed my kids and just wanted to go back home. I was managing a hiphop store when in walked my husband, big daddy. Obviously at the time we both had no idea. When I first saw him, there was just something about him--I mean he basically just blew me off lol. I practically fell all over myself talking to him, basically throwing myself at him. His "I'm the shit" attitude was a real turn on lol. At first it was kinda weird, like I was robbing the cradle because he is 4 years younger than me. But since that day we met, we were and still are inseparable (tear lol). After a couple months of "dating" and sleeping over each others' apartments, we decided to move in together. Shortly after moving in together I got pregnant. What were we gonna do? We knew that we would be great parents together, and said we wouldn't just run off and get married because of it either. Unfortunately, I had miscarried about 3 1/2 months along. It was a devastating experience for the both of us. We helped each other grieve, as he took care of me while I was bed-ridden.
Big daddy decided he wanted to buy a house, and thats what he did. He wanted somewhere big enough for my boys to have somewhere to play and hang out. Shortly after moving in to "our" house, big daddy asked me to marry him. That story itself was hilarious, but I'll post about it another time.
We were married in 2005 and knew right away that we wanted to have a family. A month later I got pregnant and that following summer juju was born. Our first child together. Excema covered, he was still big daddy's pride and joy. He was the light of our lives. Skinny and milkshake moved to Louisiana that same summer. They were more than thrilled with their new baby brother, and step-dad. Life was good. We grew together as a family, enjoying every minute. Life was good. There of course were some things to get used to and we did encounter some issues, but we learned and grew stronger. All the men in my life all under one roof...perfect.
The year, well actually the month juju turned one, I got pregnant again. Didn't realize I was pregnant until I was 3 months along. Since I was on birth control, like I was when I miscarried, we were very hesitant to say anything, for fear of another loss. At about 4 1/2 months we figured we were safe, and let the world know that I was with child (I've always wanted to say that lol). I was so sure our little girl was finally here. Pregnancy was so different this time. I was super excited to see, what people said was like a cheeseburger or 3 "dots" in a triangle, on the ultrasound monitor. When the time came big daddy kinda had it in his head we were having a girl too. Saw the heartbeat, and then there it was. I know it was the hormones but I actually did start crying. A penis. I seen it 3 times before. Big daddy even knew as soon as he seen it. My stanky (also referred to as tank). I knew then that my family was finally complete.
Well there you have it. The locker room doesn't always smell good, and its NEVER quiet. We're definitely not your typical family and we definitely are not perfect. We've got lots of wrinkles and kinks, but hey whatever right? It's not always easy being the only girl, but thats my life and as you can tell...its a shitload of fun!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Meme Stealing....Dear Twitter,

So Jenni over at Jiggety Jig stole this meme from someone and now I'm stealing it from her!

Dear twitter,

I don't really know how to tell you this, but I dislike your eyelashes. I realized it when I tripped on peanut butter in a clown suit and I saw you sit on my salt beef bucket. I'm sure you're senile enough to understand that there is no solution to you being a dumbkid. I'm returning your toe ring to you, but i'll keep your glass eye as a memory.

You should also know that I mocked you behind your back constantly and your cucumber fetishism is weird.

Kiss my butt,

LMAO!!! Thanks Jenni, that was super fun. So people get on this and do your own. Then come back and tell me you did so I can read your crazy letter too.

Fill in the Blanks with the choices below....
Dear (friend),
I don't really know how to tell you this, but (1). I think I realized it (2) (3) and I saw you (4) (5). I'm sure you're (6) enough to understand (7). I'm returning (8) to you, but I'll keep (9) as a memory.You should also know that I (10) and (11)
Your Name
1.What's the color of your shirt?
Blue - I'm in love with your cat
Red - Our affair is over
White - I’m joining the Convent
Black -Our romance is over
Green- Our socks don't match
Grey - You're a leprechaun
Yellow - I'm selling myself for candy
Pink - Your nostrils are insulting
Brown - The mafia wants you
No shirt - You're mean
Other -I dislike your eyelashes
2.Which is your birth month?
January - That night you picked your nose
February -When I quoted Forest Gump
March - When your dwarf bit me
April - When I tripped on peanut butter
May - When I threw up in your sock drawer
June - When you put cuffs on me
July – When you smacked my ass
August - When I saw the purple monkey
September - Last year when you peed your pants
October - When we skinny dipped in the bathtub
November - When your dog humped my leg
December - When I finally changed my underwear
3.Which food do you prefer?
Tacos - In your apartment
Lasagna- In your car
Pasta - Outside of your office
Hamburgers - Under the bus
Salad – As you were eating Kraft Dinner
Chicken - In your closet
Kebabs - With Jean Chr├ętien
Fish - In my pajamas
Sandwiches - cAt the Elton John oncert
Pizza - In a clown suit
Hot dog - Under a street light
Annat- With George Bush and Stephen Harper
4.What's the color of your socks?
Yellow - Ignore
Red - Put whipped cream on
Black - Hit on
Blue - Knock out
Purple - Pour syrup on
White - Carve your initials into
Grey - Pull the clothes off
Brown - bit of
Orange - Castrate
Pink - Pull the pants off of
Barefoot - Sit on
Other - Drive over
5.What's the color of your underwear?
Black - My boyfriend
White - My father
Grey – The Catholic Priest
Brown – The Montreal Canadian’s goalie
Purple - My corned beef hash
Red – My knee caps
Blue - Your ‘My Little Pony’ collection
Yellow - My illegitimate child in Ghana
Orange - My Blink 182 cd
Pink – My salt beef bucket
None – My prized statue of Michael Jackson in the nude
Other - The elephant in the corner
6.What do you prefer to watch on TV?
Scrubs- ManO.C.- Emotional
One Tree Hill - Senile
Heroes- Frostbitten
Lost - High
Simpsons- Cowardly
The news - Scarred
American Idol - Masochistic
Family Guy - Open
Top Model - Middle-class
Annat -shamed
7.What mood are you in?
Happy - How awful you are
Sad - How boring you are
Bored - That I get turned on only by garbage men
Angry - That your smell makes me vomit
Depressed – That we’re related
Excited - That I may pee my pants
Nervous - The middle-east is planning their revenge on you
Worried - That your Ford sucks
Apathetic - That you need a sex-change
Ashamed - That I'm allergic to your earlobes
Cuddly - That Santa doesn't exsist
Silly - That there is no solution to you being a dumbkid
Other - That your driving sucks
8.What's the color of your walls in your bedroom?
White - Your toe ring
Yellow - Your love letters to me
Red - The pictures from Vegas
Black - Your pet rock
Blue - The couch cushions
Green - Your car
Orange - Your false teeth
Brown - Your nose hair clippers
Grey - Our matching snoopy underwear
Purple - Your old New Kids on the Block blanket
Pink - The cut toenails
Other - Your Hannah Montanna underwear
9.The first letter of your first name?
A/B - My virginity
C/D - Your photo with the moustache drawn on it
E/F - Your neighbour’s dog
G/H - The oil tank from your car
I/J - Your left ear
K/L - The results of that blood-sample
M/N - Your glass eye
O/P - My common sense
Q/R - Your mom
S/T - Your collection of butterflies
U/V - Your criminal record
W/X – Your sucide note
Y/Z - Your credit cardsYour collection of butterflies
10.The last letter in your last name?
A/B - Told my psychiatrist about the bruises
C/D - Always will remember the pep talks
E/F -Never will forget that night
G/H – Hate your cooking
I/J – Mocked you behind your back constantly
K/L - Will tell the authorities that you did not steal that whale in the back yard
M/N - Told in my confession today about the moose poaching
O/P - Was interviewed about the car you stole
Q/R - Always wanted to break your legs
S/T - Get sick when I think of your feet
U/V - Will try to forget that you broke my heart
W/X - Haven’t showered in a month
Y/Z - Will try to forget that you broke my heart
11.What do you prefer to drink?
Wine- Our friendship is ruined
Soft drink – I’m off to lead a new life as a lemon
mineral water – I will haunt you when I’m reincarnated as an Eskimo
Milk - The apartment building is on fire
Water – I'm scratching my ass as you read this
Cider– I have a passionate interest for mice
Juice – You ruined my attempts at another world war
sweet tea – You should get that embarrassing rash checked
Hot chocolate – Your Cucumber-fetishism is weird
Whiskey - I love Oprah Winfrey
Beer – Thanks for the Cocaine
Other – you should stop picking your nose
12. To which country would you prefer to go on a vacation?
Thailand – Warm tingly sensations
Australia - Best of luck on the sex change
France - Love always
Spain - With tears of sadness
China – You make me sick
Germany – Please don’t hurt me
Japan - Go milk a cow
Greece - Your everlasting enemy
USA - Greetings to your frog Leonard
Egypt – Kiss my butt
England - Go drown yourself

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Car talk...

On the way to daycare this morning, Juju and I had a very interesting conversation:

JUJU: Mommy, what dat mommy?

ME: (Luckily we were at a stop light so I could turn to see what he was referring to)
Thats a cemetary.

JUJU: What dat "cemterrry"?

ME: (Seriously?! Totally at a loss for words...)
When you die, thats where they put you. (I had no idea what to say can you tell?)

JUJU: Oh die.

ME: Do you know what that means? Die?

JUJU: The car and then hit my face, and then hit my leg, and then my face.

ME: Like if you get into a car accident...

(then I'm interrpted)

JUJU: And you DIE (said really loud and low) mommy.

ME: Its like this...when you get old, you eventually will die because (pause-then interrupted again)

JUJU: Cuz you no wake up. Cuz you hit yours face.

ME: Ok.

JUJU: the movie they crash and he hit his face and he DIE (said loud and low again) Daddy movie the man hit his face then he DIE (again said loud and low lol) more movie time with daddy. Well at least there's some kind of a basic concept there, right? I've asked big daddy what movie Juju was referring to, and all he could come up with is Transformers. Who knows.

Friday, September 4, 2009

"You have WHAT in your gym bag?!"

Is what big daddy said after I told him the contents of my gym bag. We had gotten our next cycle of supplements in the mail the other day and with it came a free drawstring gym bag. His exact question was, "so what all do you have in your gym bag?" Let's extra pair of socks, my workout notebook, rubber bands for my hair, towel, mp3 player, a granola or cereal bar, and my Pond's cleansing towelettes. LOL.

A few weeks back I became involved with Pond's. They sent me a 30-day sample of their wet cleaning towelettes. According to Pond's, these towelettes are more effective at removing dirt and makeup than other leading brands--up to 40% more. I don't wear makeup, but figured it would totally benefit me because of how "dirty" and "oily" and just plain gross my face gets after I work out. Splashing water on my face and then wiping it off with my "gym" towel just wasn't doing anything for my face, besides drying it completely out.
This is definitely nothing like the Pond's products my grandmother used when I was growing up. The towelettes are wet but not sopping. Best thing is that they have vitamin E and chamomile in it, making them super gentle on my face. It was like using a baby wipe but way better. ;) They are super easy and fast to use. The cloths themselves are not scratchy like most other brands I've tried--they are really soft and gentle. One of the things I noticed right away was how after I wiped my face, I didn't get that soapy after-feeling. Just a fresh clean face.

It kinda made me wish I did wear know so I could wipe it off. :) So thats what I did. I put on some waterproof mascara and headed to the gym. Oh my word! Throughout my workout I sweated up a storm, as usual, mascara never even ran (great stuff). Headed to the bathroom to clean up and whipped out my cleansing cloths. Take the dirty sweat off my face, it did. Along with my mascara that didn't even run during my workout. No raccoon eyes for me (I know a lot of you out there know what I'm talking about). AWESOME!

Not totally convinced and want to know more? Check out where you can read all about it and get information on Pond's Superior Clean money back guarantee. You can even download coupons.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why do you (insert social media prefernce here)?

So I was asked this question yesterday. (Well I was actually asked why do I blog and why do I follow "celebities" on twitter). To date, I have: blogger, twitter, facebook, myspace, linked in, and this moment accounts. WOW!

Why do I blog? Simply put-->I love it! Great stress release. And my blog peeps are the best. I know that I am never "the only one" going through something. I love being a part of a "family" that misses hearing about my life when ever I'm away for a day, a week, or even a month. I love how we just all seem to get along and really are there for each other...happy, sad, surprising, and sometimes through devastating circumstances.

Why do I follow celebrities on twitter? Well, to those in the know (lol), twitter makes them seem a lot more human...real. They really do have regular lives. Except they get their picture taken almost all of their waking moments.

Facebook and myspace have actually linked me to my past. Friends from way back in the day...i'm talking like babysitter/preschool times here. Highschool...and even college. As you already know, I was born and raised in Hawaii. I attended private school my entire life! 12 years to be exact. Uniform and all, church and all. After I graduated from highschool I packed up and moved to Las Vegas for college (UNLV). How I ended up here in Louisiana really doesn't need to be relived but I'm here. I have found so many people along my life's journey that I have completely lost touch with. Now we are re-connected, re-forming bonds. Don't you love that?! I know I do.

My linked in account--> well I haven't really, really done anything with that just yet. I know I want to be able to network with other entrepreneurs and I believe that linked in would be great. I still need to learn more about it.

I was lucky to be a beta tester for this moment. I love the concept of breaking down a key moment in your life, to fill the world in on exactly how you were feeling at that time.

Simply put--why do I social media? Because its fun an addicting! I love how you can connect and relate with so many different people in all aspects of life...young and old, through tragedy and joy, personally or on a business level.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Goodnight Juju...

Me: Goodnight juju, I love you.

Juju: (silence-eyes directed @ The Lion King on tv)

(Yes I let my son fall asleep while watching tv-not like its an everyday thing-besides, its on a sleep timer for 20 min--shoot me)

Moving on...

Me: Bubba-goodnight.

Juju: I still watch Lion King mama.

Me: I know, just want to say goodnight & I love you.

Juju: Mama-get out the way. I can't see. Ugghh mama no love. Move please.

Me: Ok (and I give him a kiss on his forward)

I get up to walk out of the room, & turn around to look at him just in time to see him wipe my kiss of his forehead. LOL. Jerk. LOL. I think he's been hanging around big daddy too much.

2 minutes later...

Juju: (yellin) Mama I love you!

Then, silence...

I walk to his room and peek in the door. He's turned the dvd player & tv off & is layin facing the wall. My sweet boy. I turn to leave &...

Juju: Goodnight juju.

Me: Goodnight juju.

Juju: (in his excited voice) Ya that's right. Love you.

Um ok. LOL. Strange I know.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello everyone, my name is Nicole and I...

...have adult acne! AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Now its not an everyday thing. It just happens once a month...and we all know what I'm talking about. Ususally I get a zit on my chin or right under my nose. You know, whatever, hormones I completely understand. But what did I do to deserve this sucker right on my upper lip line?! This has got to be the most painful pimple i've ever had in my life! and what takes the cake is->I don't get my "friend" for a whole nother week! WTF?! I never get em this early. what do I do? My normal regimine does not seem to be decreasing the inflammation or redness. I am soooooooo tempted to try and pop this sucker but omg it already hurts too much as it is. Anyone know any home remedy tricks? Any grandmother tried and tested tricks? My face (and husband cuz I know he's grossed out too) thank you in advance!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me...

So I've never participated in this meme but always wanted to:

I DID NOT dump out 2 laundry baskets full of clean clothes on the floor of the playroom in complete frustration at the never ending laundry in my house. I DID NOT fib (lie) when big daddy came in the room askin what we were doing & I said the little ones were helping sort the "dirty" laundy into piles of colors. (They were sooo helpful too)

Every monday is Not Me monday (thanks 2 MckMama). If you've ever wanted 2 join in the fun, JUST DO IT! Super fun!
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Monday, July 27, 2009


Tonight I laid with tank in my arms as he slept, staring at him, watching his chest move up & down with every breath he takes. Running my fingers across his cheeks, tears rolling down my very own cheeks. All the while thinking I am blessed. Here I am healthy, my son healthy. I am blessed. Everyone, I know has been following MckMama (Jennifer) & her son Stellan. The courage her family has is amazing & inspiring. I grew up in a religious household & since I've moved & grown I have not been so religious. One thing that has followed me is my belief in the power of prayer & all that it can do for your soul. Please keep Stellan, MckMama, & the rest of the Mck family in your thoughts this evening & say an extra prayer for little Stellan.
Dear Stellan,
You have touched so many. Me included. My family prays for you swift change towards the better. Your little fighting spirit has lifted me as you've grown each day. I thank you for re-teaching me the meaning of courage & hope & patience...things that seem to get lost admidst everyday life. We love you little man!
Always praying & smiling for you blue eyes,
the Johnson Ohana

Friday, July 24, 2009

So for the past couple months, on Thursdays, I've been taking this class called turbo kick at my gym. Its the best cardio ever! It combines punch combos with kick combos and the last 15 min of the class is totally dedicated to abs. (more on the abs part below) Anyways...its a super fun class! My arms, legs, and butt get a kick ass workout and i'm dripping sweat after every class. And every friday my muscles ache, the good way.

Now back to the 15 minutes dedicated to abs. Lauren, who I've fondly nicknamed the ab nazi, is CRAZY! 15 minutes people and my abs are screaming! Now if she were to read this she would love the fact that I call her the ab nazi. She knows she is. After a workout with her, muscles I never knew I had, hurt. LOL! She's like a machine. But here it is Saturday...2 days after my turbo kick class...and I can barely move. I can barely laugh. Everything is tight and throbbing. The elevator wasn't working when I came into work this afternoon. So that means I had 2 walk up 2 flights of stairs. Granted its not a long 2 flights or anything...the point is I still hurt. Lifting each foot, bending each knee, brought back visions of turbo kick and the ab nazi. We're always cracking jokes and I can barely laugh.

But here's to you ab the end of the day, your kicking, punching, over-zealous ways, will put me in prime shape! (well you and P90x) Goodbye baby belly hello hot mama belly...wait no belly...just a ripped up waistline!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quiet, alone time...finally

Alone time in my house is very hard to come by. Especially since tank is EVERYWHERE! The only semi alone time I ever get is when I'm in the shower or doing dishes. And even then, its never quiet....NEVER. Someone is always yelling, or crying, or running in and out of the kitchen or bathroom. Normally big daddy keeps an eye on the little ones for me, but 1 will always find a way to escape and come find me.
That was not the case saturday night. Whenever I'm doing dishes, I can normally hear the tv in the living room, or the kids in the playroom playing with big daddy. This time it was completely silent. The only noise was the sloshing of the water. For the first time ever I had peace and quiet. I could actually hear myself think! LOL! I could actually think about what things I needed to take care of and make plans for the week. But NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Instead, all I could think about was, I wonder if Dawn was telling the truth in their commercials...could I really wash this sink full of lasagna dirtied dishes and then wash my glasses after and not get that oily film on them? I proceeded to wash all the plates, silverware, pans, etc. all the while thinking, man if this does not work, i'm going to be so pissed that I have to re-wash these damn glasses.
The time finally came...everything else was washed and there was a wine glass, 2 glass cups, and 3 sippy cups that needed to be washed. Here we go. I looked into the sink and almost just drained the was gross. The water and bubbles were tinged red with marinara sauce. Small food particles were floating around. EEWWWWW!!!!! In goes the wine glass...I couldn't believe I was washing this glass with red water and red bubbles. Now here was the test. I moved the glass to the other side of the sink, turned on the water, and rinsed the glass. OMG!!!! I could not believe my eyes or what I was feeling! The glass looked amazing! Like it was the first thing I washed! WOW! I just held the glass up staring at it. I held it up to the light in every direction possible. It felt like I was inspecting a diamond for flaws (not that I know how to inspect one or anything).
Dawn, you are amazing! You are very true to your word.
I totally recommend Dawn dish soap! And besides its amazing cleaning power, you don't have to use a lot of it. Just when all the bubbles are going away, and you think you have to add more soap...just add a little bit of water, and all the bubbles come right back!

I've even read somewhere that someone used it to clean the chain on an old bicycle. Made at least the chain part look brand new. I have friends who even use it to clean the rims of their tires. Crazy. Its like coke, but obviously better.

(LOL-->so not where you thought I was going with this post huh? Shocked me too.)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Having fun with Juju...I can't believe he's 3!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Locker room talk (LOL)

So this incident actually happened yesterday...
JUJU: WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH (not exactly sure how to put his cry into words...just thing irritating buzzer sound at that irking pitch that doesn't seem to stop) My knee!
ME: What happened?
JUJU: Daddy trip me.
ME: Why did you trip him?
BIG DADDY: Well I didn't think he was gonna fall like that.
ME: Ugghhh. Juju are you ok?
JUJU: I don't know. (still sobbing) It hurt.
ME: You'll be alright its not broken.
JUJU: Uh-huh. Its broke.
ME: How do you know that? Let me see.
JUJU: No don't touch it. It hurt. It broken.
ME: Well if I can't look at it, I can't see whats wrong with it.
JUJU: Mama just stop talking and kiss to not broken it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The first time I became a mom, I was fairly young..really young..16 yrs old to be exact. Without the love & support of my family, I would never have learned how to balance life as a highschool varsity cheerleader and my growing role from teenage mom statistic to just "mom."
College wasn't any easier especially when boy #2 came along. WOW. I had to live life as a single parent to now 2 boys...2. Full class load, preschool, daycare, night job. Where did all the time go?
But I would never have changed any of that for anything in the world. My days of single parenthood to 2 has morphed into happily married life to 4 of the most beautiful boys ever! I never thought that I would ever be able to balance my roles as mom, wife, and co-bread winner. But day after day it just gets easier and easier.
Balance is what its all about. But what happens when there's never enough "me time?" Is it selfish to want time to yourself? HELL NO! My balancing act still tilts to one side more than the other. But I'm lucky to have a loving husband that helps me pick up the side thats weighing me down (when he takes notice that is).
So here's the low down....
You are never too busy. I know it sounds ridiculous, but its the truth. Life is a gift. Motherhood is a gift. Remember, your spouse chose YOU. We all get lost in day to day stuff. I always do. Remember the key to "balancing" it all, is this: take 2 minutes...close your eyes and breathe deep...because here comes your one year old trying to run around the corner to see why you're so quiet! LOL!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fitness Tip - CORE

So its been about a month since my last fitness post. If anyone tried doing any of the suggestions I made, let me know your story so I can feature you in my next friday fitness post!
Still can't find the time to do any sort of workout? Well I have some suggestions that you can do ANY time!
Stand in front of a mirror, and lift up your shirt so you can see your belly. Yes, just lift it up. Now tighten up your stomach and flex your abs. Hold it for 5 seconds and then release. If you're tightening it and holiding it in you should feel it tighten not in just your stomach area but around your waist and in your lower back. That my friends is your core. Your core is the center of every movement you make day in and day out. Stand in front of the mirror at least once a day and work from holding it in 5 seconds to 10 seconds and then to 15 seconds. Do about 3 "sets" of these. Don't have the time to just look in the mirror, don't worry, I got more. LOL!
Have to vaccum today? Tighten your core every other room you have to vaccum. Cooking dinner? Tighten your core for 5 seconds every 5 minutes. Washing dishes? Do the same thing as if you were cooking. Grocery shopping? Tighten your core as you push your cart. And here's a good one: sitting at the computer? Yes! Sit up straight and tighten your core for 10 seconds every 10 minutes. You can work your core do ANYTHING! Now if you are able to get to a gym or workout at your home, keep your core engaged during your entire workout. The benefits are endless. Building a stronger core will even help you carry that sleeping child from the car to the bed!
Another thing to try...get on the floor in a push up position. Make sure your body is straight as a board, no booty in the air. LOL. Now engage your core and lower yourself onto your forearms, slowly. You may have to slide your feet back the first time to get the perfect position. Breathing deep and slowly, hold for 10 seconds. This is the infamous plank position. Then raise yourself back up to the push up position slowly. Do 3 sets. As you get stronger you can cross your legs and put one foot on top of the other. Remeber do to both sides. Now another thing you can add...when you are down on your forearms, after 10 seconds take your booty up to the sky. Remember to keep your core engaged and your forearms on the ground. Just hold for 3 seconds and come back to plank.
Remember your core controls all your movements. The stronger it is, the better your body will feel. Not to mention you will see those abs again.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have been inspired!

So every morning this entire week, I have seen the same infomercial: Your baby can read. And when I say I've seen it every morning, I really do mean that...every morning. Babies...yes babies...are learning to read. They even showed a 3 year old girl reading out of Charlotte's web. I mean wow. So I decided to venture onto their website. So here's how it works...the child sees the word>child sees the word and hears the word>the child sees the word, hears the word, and sees the action at the same time>the child says the word. The program is designed for children from 3 months old to 5 years old. The all around message is that you do not have to wait for your child to be in kindergarten before beginning to learn how to read. Sounds simple enough. The program consists of interactive DVDs that your child watches. It also comes with flash cards. They even make it sweeter by giving you a 30 day risk free trial for 30 days and includes free gifts!

Ok so of course I want this system. But no fancy DVDs and flash cards for us. I've actually been working on a picture ABC book for him that includes real pictures of things that he takes himself. Now i'm also making my own flash cards.
I'll keep y'all updated on our progress and even post some pictures of what i've done so far.
I hope more of you will get inspired too. Please comment and share your ideas too!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My day in a nutshell

So I had a pretty interesting day today. First off, I got to experience probably one of the stupidest court preceedings ever! Like big daddy tweeted..It was better than t.v. Anyways..big daddy and I don't get many days off together anymore, so we decided after lunch to go and work out together. Now y'all know how passionate my darling husband is about working out, well, he NEVER works out with a partner..NEVER! So when he agreed to workout with me I was completely shocked. It was his "free" day (whatever that means) so he said he would show me his core workout that he does. Now when I say my husband does not do a single crunch, you'd probably think I was lying. Especially since he's got amazing abs! He just always works on his core. Its amazing I tell you! LOL! But anyways long story short, we had an amazing workout and I learned a lot from him. I didn't do a single crunch or ab focused exercise, but my abdominal section and lower back are screaming right now. They don't hurt, but I know I'll feel it in the morning. Absolute craziness I tell you!
So I know this going completely to the left anyone out there as excited as I am about the palm pre making its debut in a couple days? I am a self proclaimed palm treo junkie! I don't know how I ever owned a phone that wasn't a palm. Funny thing is, I only just got my first palm phone like at the end of last year...well I actually think it was the beginning of this year. But needless to say, I am hooked..I'm a believer lol! I have asked big daddy for the pre, and am hoping to get it for christmas. You know you can't get the first generation of ANY new cel phone. Gotta give it some time for all the kinks to be worked out. But I do plan to make a trip out to my sprint store that I always go to, to get a "hands on", love at first sight, real live, obsessed based "feel" of the phone.
But it is almost midnight here and I think I've rambled on enough for the day/night. I'll be back with y'all tomorrow.
Later gators!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I have not been good...

So today makes exactly one week to the day that I have not worked the gym or even here at home. I've been a bad girl. LOL. Crazy thing is, I really miss it. I can tell in my day to day life (work & home) that I'm just not the same. I don't feel as full of energy as I usually do. And to add to the drama of my week last week, my favorite "friend" in the whole wide world decided to come and visit me yesterday! The things we women do to stay motivated and on track is crazy. All these damn distractions make that cookie dough ice cream in the freezer look better and better. (And yes, it really was as good as it looked sitting there) But no more putting it off. Yesterday marked the first day of summer and I'm not near as ready for tank top season as I wanted to be. Look out world...I'm back in action..starting tomorrow, because its already 9:40pm here.

P.S. Doesn't princess Fiona's dress compliment her ogre-ish figure? (I'm currently watching Shrek 2 with juju)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lazy sunday....

So...some have emailed me directly and know exactly how my week has been going. For the rest of you out there, let's just say that I will take it day by day...and day by day I know it will get easier. Skinny and milkshake left for Colorado on friday. For how long...I'm not sure just yet. 
Big daddy came home thursday and boy was I excited! That has been the best moment of my week! When he called, I was already there waiting for him. I could hear him smile through the phone...a real smile. When he came out, I literally ran to him and gave him the biggest hug my 4 foot 7 self could possibly give! He just wanted to get home and take a real shower. But of course on the way home, he quickly changed his mind and we went and picked up juju and tank first. Juju has been asking for him since monday so when he saw his daddy he jumped outta his seat and ran to him just like I did! You couldn't wipe the smile off big daddy's face. After we got home, he showered, I changed the little ones clothes and we were back out the door headed for dinner at McDonald's! We spent the rest of the night just sitting around watching tv.
Yesterday we both had the day off and spent the first half of the day cleaning out our attic. A task that has been long over due. We took everything we didn't want or need anymore to the goodwill truck around the corner and down the street from where we live. We spent the rest of the day shopping. Shopping is definitely therapy for the soul...LOL. I finally got some new workout clothes so I don't have to wear milkshake's old t-shirts anymore. Big daddy got more clothes for work and we got juju some shorts. Didn't see anything I liked for tank, but I will look today.
Today...I'm just going to be lazy! I just got done cleaning up the "new" playroom. Now only thing left to do is clean out the little ones' room after tank gets up from his nap. Oh and head over to wally world to get some shorts for tank. But thats it. I'm taking today easy and just relax for a chance from this past week.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Friday fitness tip

I haven't been around much lately because of my crazy, ever-changing, work schedule. But in my busy schedule I always make time to work-out. And I owe it all to big daddy! He is super into working out and being fit. "I may not be the tallest or the biggest guy around, but I am pound for pound strong." 
After I had tank I was blessed to have dropped my pregnancy weight and then some almost instantly. Now when I say instantly I mean like 2-3 months. I don't want to lose weight...I just want to be fit and lean...pound for pound strong. I am not, nor was I ever, the dreaded F-word (fat). But I am what some would call skinny-fat. I have a little extra on my arms, thighs, and midsection. With 4 children the thought of working out for me was as foreign as speaking mandarin chinese! LOL. I was tired all the time and whenever I looked into the mirror, images of my former cheerleading self would flash next to the image that was looking back at me. So I asked big daddy what I could do to at least start trying to get back into working out. And he gave me the best advice ever! From that I am the person I am today: on my way to a leaner, fitter, healthier person. So what was this great advice you ask? Well here it is.....

3 sets of 10 pushups
3 sets of 10 squats
3 sets of 10 crunches

Is that it? Unbelieveably yes. 3 times a week for about a month. It takes no more than 20 minutes. Between each set, you rest 30-60 seconds. Do it as soon as you wake up, in your pajamas if you want. Thats what I did. If tank was awake, I would lay him under me when I did pushups, and lay him in between my legs when I did squats. I would kiss him or tickle him when I came to the ground. 
Now it does take some discipline. Some days I thought, OMG I'm just too tired. Or I'll just do it tomorrow. But as the weeks went on it did get easier and I was really starting to notice the changes in my body.
Once you get used to the workout, change it up. I would do a set of pushups, then squats, then set of squats, then crunches, then set of crunches, then pushups, then squats. You can change it up however you want. You can even add weights.
This is the perfect beginner workout if you ask me. I started to even add jumping jacks in between sets to get some cardio in and get my heart pumping. 
My workouts have grown since then, but I wouldn't be where I'm at if I didn't start out slow. You don't need a fancy gym membership or fancy equipment. You just need determination and drive. The drive to a fitter you. So try it out. What have you got to lose? And please...let people know...Let them know your goals of becoming a fitter you. You need a support team. Blog about it, tweet about it. Email me and I'll be your personal cheerleader here in Louisiana. (mommybeautiful [at] att [dot] net)
So long for now moms (& dads). And here's to a fitter (and healthier) YOU!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

People actually READ my blog!

So I had to take tank to the hospital this morning for an x-ray of his chest. He's got this an old man who's been smoking his entire life mixed with that wet congestion cough...cough. 
Anyways, the radiologist (we'll call her england because she sounded like that was were she was from) calls us into the x-ray room and tells me to have a seat while she goes to get another radiology tech. So I put the diaper bag on a chair and set tank on the table just as the england and the other tech come back into the room. England tells me I have to put on the cover thing since i'll be holding tank while she does the xray, and to give tank to Dana (the tech). So I go to hand tank over to Dana and when she looks at me, she gives me this sorta hmmmm I know you look. I don't really care so I just take tank back and lay him on the table to do the first xray which was just him lying on his back. For the next xray though he had to be on his side. Wel I would get him on his side and then he would roll over onto his belly and start laughing. So this went on about 2 more times and I was like "juju you silly boy stop." Which of course broke tank into laughter. "Oh silly boy, you're not juju, you're my xa-pi! Are you laughing at mommy?" Dana looks up at me again with the same look she gave just a couple minutes ago. Well I brush it off again and we finally get the second xray done. England says that she's gonna take a look at the xrays and come back and let me know if she sees anything or not. So I get our stuff together as Dana changes the sheet tank was on, when she turns to me and says...

DANA: I know this may sound a bit crazy, but do you by any chance have a website?
ME: No. (duh Nicole you have a BLOG...a website...but of course I was thinking at the time)
DANA: You just look really familiar is all.
(Now this is when I finally realize, hey my blog IS a website)
ME: I do have a blog. So ya I guess I do have a website.
DANA: I know this is gonna sound a little off but is it called the locker room or the boys locker room or something like that? 
ME: Umm ya its called life in the boys' locker room......
(where she cuts me off and goes...)
DANA: I knew you looked familiar, but just couldn't place it. Then you called him juju and then I realized why you looked so familiar. Girl I read your blog all the time! You are too crazy sometimes! Because of you, my husband has to pour his bee-ah in a glass before he drinks it!
ME: OMG are you for real?! (and yes I said O-M-G just like that)
DANA: Girl, yes! Where have you been? How come you haven't posted in so long?
ME: WORK! But you really read my blog? That is way cool!

England comes back in and gives us the thumbs up that she didn't find anything.  Thank goodness. But the cough is still a mystery.

DANA: Well girl let me get back, but post soon. Your crazy life is my sanity.

WOW! Can y'all believe that?! This has definitely given me the extra boost to put more time into my blog and really start branding myself! 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

New photo blog post!

I know i've been m.i.a...I miss y'all too! If you don't tweet with me (which by the way you should lol), this is just a short post to say I've finally posted pics of tank's first birthday. I wish my birthday was like that. Click HERE to see my birthday monster!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aahhhh sundays

This is my first sunday off from work in a LONG time. Last sunday didn't count because I was driving ALL DAY. Anyways...I don't mind working on sundays for the simple fact that we get paid premium pay. What's that you ask? Plain and simple we get time and a half any sunday we work. But sometimes I NEED a sunday off. I get to stay home and be lazy because all the cleaning was done yesterday. The only thing I need to worry about is dinner and thats not for another 7 hours. Sundays are also the best times for me to connect with my boys. Big daddy is at work until 6pm, so its just me and my boys. So the plans for today? NOTHING. I just want to sit and enjoy them today. Like right now as I type this, skinny is reading a book to juju, who is actually sitting on his lap listening, and milkshake is sitting on the couch reading a book. And in the background is the sopranos. Aahhh sundays.
Tomorrow is (drum roll please) my 29th birthday! YAY! I've actually been looking forward to this all month. Now big daddy is usually pretty good about my birthday. I don't want anything except a birthday cake...a home made cake like we do for everybody in the house. Well I had to work yesterday. As I was leaving for work, he was leaving for walmart to get groceries. So I got excited. I could already taste the butter yellow cake with chocolate frosting! Well I got home at 11 last night, and like a kid at christmas time I went into our pantry to look for the cake box. NOTHING.  Ok, ok my birthday isn't until tomorrow. But I was feeling a little bummed. So this morning I gently remind him that I still wanted a butter yellow cake. He said ok. So lets hope he doesn't forget.
So what's up for the rest of the day? Well, I'll be nursing my aching muscles for one. Big daddy and I joined a local gym on thursday. Yesterday morning before work I went and took a spin hour long spin class. For starters  bike seats are so not cool! I mean hello!  But besides how uncomfortable the seat was, it was overall, an awesome workout. My heart was pumping and I never felt better. I knew that when I hurt later, it was going to be a good hurt. So this morning I roll over to get off the bed and OMG! Everything below my waist to my knees hurts. My area down there feels like one big bruise. Stupid bike seat! And to top it all off, my "friend" paid me a visit last night when I was at work. I guess my "friend" is a blessing in disguise, because I don't even wanna think about sex right now! LMAO! And this is only the next day after the workout. The third day is the worst! Pray for me. LOL

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Conversations with a 2 yr. old (my 2 yr. old)

So I'm driving juju and tank to daycare. We stop at a red light and this is what we see:

JUJU: Momma big truck!
ME: I see. Its a semi-truck.
JUJU: No momma. Issa bee-ah (beer) truck. 
ME: How do you know its a beer truck.
JUJU: Momma iss daddy bee-ah truck. Dats daddy bee-ah. He got daddy bee-ah.
ME: Yes baby, that is the beer that daddy drinks.
JUJU: Yes. Iss daddy bee-ah truck. Ina bottle, member?
ME: You're right what was I thinking?
JUJU: Not a semi truck, a bee-ah truck. Daddy bee-ah truck.

*You think my husband drinks too much beer?!

So we keep driving and we get stopped at a light near a grocery store. And we see this:

(not the actual truck we saw, obviously)

JUJU: Ooh momma daddy bee-ah truck.
ME: I thought the other truck, was daddy's beer truck.
JUJU: Das daddy bee-ah truck too. Daddy like bee-ah. Daddy drink bee-ah.
Me: Oh I know now.
JUJU: Not juju. Juju drink milk. 
ME: Good.
JUJU: Why good? 
ME: Milk makes juju grow into a big boy. And then a man like daddy.
JUJU: Oh. Then juju drink bee-ah like daddy?
ME: How about you just drink milk for the rest of your life?
JUJU: Oh no. Issa resess.
ME: A what?
JUJU: Momma das too espensive.
ME: Were you trying to say its a recession?
JUJU: Ya dat.
ME: Ok. No more tv for you. 
JUJU: Daddy say it. Daddy say milk spensive.
ME: Well, next time tell daddy if he doesn't buy any more beer, then we'll have more money for milk.
JUJU: Ok. But daddy like bee-ah.
ME: I know.
JUJU: Too bad daddy. I a big boy!

The things that come out of juju's mouth amazes me. I can't wait to see what age 3 brings.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

life is just so stressful when you're 2 1/2.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Deadliest Warrior

If you tweet with me, then you know I have a new fave show..."Deadliest Warrior" on spike. I have 2 words for this show...THE SHIT!! Seriously. Ok, so every week, they put two warriors up against each other and see which of them would win a fight. They do 2 days worth of testing on things like their weapons and their armour. They have these "tests" that can figure out how strong a hit is and what kind of damage it does. Like the first episode was apache vs. gladiator. I was gun-ho for the gladiator. But in the end the apache came out victorious. Well last night they had viking vs. samurai. I was going for the samurai and big daddy was going for the viking (mostly because as a kid he was fascinated with vikings...he was born in germany what can you say?) Well they were showing what kind of damage a samurai's katana (his fighting blade) can do. The stunt samurai guy took a slice, a slice people, out of rubber man's head!! Ok, so I know I'm leaving out a bunch of details. Sue me I'm excited about this show. And besides, if you want to know what I'm talking about, you'll watch next week tuesday. Anyways...a slice! But then the viking stunt guy came on with his viking axe and pummeled (I have no idea how to spell that) rubber man's whole head! I mean if rubber man did not have a steel rod for his spine, his head would've been on the floor! But my man came out on top in the end. Go samurai! need to watch this show...its sooooo awesome. And look...I know it comes on the same time as RHONY, but you can switch back and forth when one goes to commercial. So check it out! I didn't convince you? Well check THIS out!

Monday, April 13, 2009

M.I.A. (as usual, but not for long)

So I've been a TERRIBLE blogger these days. 

So let's see...WORK! My schedule has been so crazy! One week I work 4pm to 1am and the next I go back to day shift, 7:30am to 4:30pm. I mean come on. Boy oh boy I cannot wait until the day that I can say goodbye. I love my job, but I love my days off even more! LOL! I absolutely HATE having to bring juju and tank to daycare 5 days a week. I HATE not being home when skinny and milkshake get home from school to help them with their homework. But all that will change. Big daddy is getting on at the fire department so Iwon't have to work full time anymore. I mean I certainly can if I want to, but I think i'm gonna take a break and be home with my babies. Maybe work part time again.
So...i'm having this ongoing thing with my ex (skinny and milkshakes biological "idiot"). He was trying to get full custody on the grounds that I had married. Um for starters, they will be 13 and 11, where the hell were you before now? And I've been married for almost 5 years. Oh come on dude! Anyways, the judge is gonna give us joint custody and then we have to work out the details. So the biggest issue is the fact that he DOES NOT pay child support and that I'm supposed to drive half the distance between our locations to drop them off to him...thats fricken Childress, TX!  Thats 7 hours away from where we live. He lives in Colorado Spings. I did not tell him to move to Colorado...he chose to do that on his own. I mean why the hell should I have to drive all that way?! And driving is EXPENSIVE...gas, food...I mean seriously. And then I have to make the drive with a 2 1/2 year old and a one year old...ALONE. I'll keep y'all posted. I dropped them off on good friday and am supposed to pick them up on the 19th, and am scheduling a meeting with my lawyer hopefully this wednesday.
So onto more exciting news...not sure if you caught it above in my ranting...TANK IS 1YEARS OLD!!!!!!! The milestone date was friday, April 10. It was indeed a GOOD friday. Didn't get to do anything because we were driving the entire day! (AAARRRGGGHHHH) But I'm still getting him a cake either today or tomorrow. Or maybe I should just wait until skinny and milkshake come back. We'll see.
I know I'm not here half as much as I want to be but you can ALWAYS tweet with me (yes that was my blatant form of self marketing!)
Oh BTW...we got a new game table! It has a pool table, air hockey table, table tennis, finger football, bowling...its GREAT! What I don't like is the fact we really didn't have the room for it in our house, so it has now replaced our dining room table until big daddy finishes his back room. I will be posting pictures on my other blog High Heels & Athletic Shoes so check back in about 2 hours!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April fools, non-reality, cracking your knuckles, and other off the wall questions

Welcome to another edition of MY version of Thursday Thunks...

1. Did you play any April Fools jokes on anyone or have a joke played on you?

Not this year...BORING! Last year though, my bestie told us she was moving to Georgia for some guy. The joke: She's the only level-headed one in my circle. She would NEVER just up and move for some guy. The kicker was, she was and still is, totally in love with this guy. Yes Kris, I just aired your business. My bad. So it was VERY believeable.

2. If you could be on any non-reality TV show as a guest star or star, which one would it be and why?

House of Payne...totally funny show. Ooh or House. Definitely C.S.I. (Vegas or Miami) House, cuz its a cool show and I would want to be the patient with the crazy symptoms. C.S.I. because its C.S.I.

3. Do you crack your knuckles?

I used to all the time until somebody told me it causes arthritis. Is that true? Anyways...haha I just cracked my knuckles..LOL. I normally just ball up my hand into a fist, and all my knuckles crack..You know like in all those karate and kung fu movies.

4. If you remember your first day of kindergarten, were you scared or excited? If you have kids or grandkids, were they scared or excited?

I really don't remember my first day of kindergarten. I do remember what the classroom looked like though...isn't that crazy.

5. If you are in the shower, hear the fire alarm going off and smell smoke/see flames, will you just run out of the house with a towel on or grab some clothes & dress as you run out?

Shoot...ima carry my ass out the house! Forget tryna get dressed..and on the way out...please..i'll fall on my ass and get burnt up! And besides..i think I look good ass F*&%K in a towel, dripping wet! LMAO!

6. Last week the Thursday Thunkers asked about your Daddy (twice), so this week tell us a little about your Mom.

She still lives in Hawaii with the rest of my family...hey wait...I didn't participate last week. Why were people wanting to know about people's daddy?

7. Which search engine do you use most often?

Google. I mean my browser is even google chrome.

8. Did you participate in Earth Hour?

NO..didn't even know when earth hour was. I 'read' a lot of people 'talking' bout it, but didn't pay attention. Is that bad? Oh well.

9. What was the last new-to-you movie you watched? Was it in the theater or on DVD? Was it good?

Like seriously, it was know with Angelina Jolie. Like big daddy has the tightest suicide scene ever.

10. If you do something embarrassing, do you laugh it off, or sit & worry about it?

Hell, I laugh it off. why get so bent out of shape for something that has already past.

11. Where is your favorite spot in your home to sit & relax?

The one bothers me when I'm using the bathroom. I've even SAID I had to use the bathroom to get a couple minutes of peace.

So come play along if not today, then next week.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dear Walmart Sugar Cookies

Dear Walmart sugar cookies,

I would like to start off with this...HOW DARE YOU?! Yes I said it and I'll say it again, HOW DARE YOU?! What you ask. Oh the ever so blatant sarcasm you seep. How dare you sit on that shelf staring at me, taunting me. You know exactly what you're doing! How can you just sit there so spring colored, and moist, pointing your little star shape at me while I walk by. You KNOW how hard I've been working out. You KNOW the food sacrafices I have made over the past couple months. But there you are...teasing me, laughing to yourself. Calling out my name was just plain cruel! How could you? After all this time, I thought we had an understanding. You were going to let me do my thing and patiently wait for me. But had to go and doll yourself up with those spinkles. For Easter you say? HA! I know your scheming ways. Are you going to explain to my husband what you are doing in my house? No I have to. Just know that you and all your taunting deserve to get whats coming to you!

You're number 1 fan!


So..OMG..I'm actually gonna make it this week! The theme for this week is "POUT." PERFECT!

Juju was so NOT liking the beach!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Grilling Goodness #24

So I know its been an awfully long time since I played...but I'M BACK! So here we go....

1. Do you prefer to write with pen or pencil?

I like writing with a fine tip black pen. so much so, that I buy a pack 5 at a time.

2. What was off limits to you growing up that you do all the time now?

Long showers....its my only free time to myself these days....and boy do I take advantage every chance I get. Talking on the phone past 9pm...LOL

3. What is the age difference between you and your spouse?

4 years....and I'M the older one.

4. Did you hurt yourself in anyway this week?

Hell ya...I totally was TOOOOOOOO into texting and was trying to open  the door to get into my job yesterday and totally let the heavy ass door close on my little ass body. DAMN! I have this huge bruise down my left arm and on my left knee.

5. Do you like wallpaper enough to hang it in your home?

Ugghh NO! 

6. What do you need to do that you've been putting off?

Sending out our first family picture that we took the day after christmas. Whatever....I'll just send one a day until everyone has gotten one...I'm lazy.

7. What did you do this week that you wish you hadn't?


8. Did anything keep you up late this week?

Just big daddy! (LOL) And a semi feverish 11 month old who's getting over an ear infection. And "For the Love of Ray J."

So here's to more grilling goodness...every friday! Join me and Tina at the Golden Goodness and play along too.