Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The first time I became a mom, I was fairly young..really young..16 yrs old to be exact. Without the love & support of my family, I would never have learned how to balance life as a highschool varsity cheerleader and my growing role from teenage mom statistic to just "mom."
College wasn't any easier especially when boy #2 came along. WOW. I had to live life as a single parent to now 2 boys...2. Full class load, preschool, daycare, night job. Where did all the time go?
But I would never have changed any of that for anything in the world. My days of single parenthood to 2 has morphed into happily married life to 4 of the most beautiful boys ever! I never thought that I would ever be able to balance my roles as mom, wife, and co-bread winner. But day after day it just gets easier and easier.
Balance is what its all about. But what happens when there's never enough "me time?" Is it selfish to want time to yourself? HELL NO! My balancing act still tilts to one side more than the other. But I'm lucky to have a loving husband that helps me pick up the side thats weighing me down (when he takes notice that is).
So here's the low down....
You are never too busy. I know it sounds ridiculous, but its the truth. Life is a gift. Motherhood is a gift. Remember, your spouse chose YOU. We all get lost in day to day stuff. I always do. Remember the key to "balancing" it all, is this: take 2 minutes...close your eyes and breathe deep...because here comes your one year old trying to run around the corner to see why you're so quiet! LOL!