Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ready, set, RUN!

It's that time of year again...Marathon Kids! This will be Juju's 3rd go and this is BamBam's first 'official' year.
The first 1/4 mile kick off was once again held at the Mike Myers track and soccer stadium on UT's campus. We got to run with our P.E. teacher this year too!

My Titans and Coach Fyffe

Hook em!

Waiting for our turn to go down to the track

We were the first ones in line!! That never happens. Our school (the 3 pictured here) also got to run through the banner. Too fun!

1st 1/4 mile done son!

The boy, Juju, and BamBam with their goodies from Whole Foods, Rouge Running and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Last year, it was wet and rainy and cold...But this year the sun was SHINING! And it was hot too LOL. But y'all know I'll take hot over cold any day! So proud of my guys. Especially BamBam. He ran the whole way without stopping or even slowing down. Juju is a natural runner like Big Daddy. He's got this long stride that makes his running look effortless. Then there's me...the non-runner LOL. I ran ALMOST the whole way...jogged to the end when I got tired HA! We celebrated their great run with italian wood oven fired nutella sandwiches :-)

To find out more about Marathon Kids, check out their website: Http://