Thursday, September 10, 2015

Oh how time flies

*First day of 4th grade and first day of 2nd grade*

(Sorry for the grainy ass picture...I can't even tell you why it looks like that)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I'm like hey, wassup, HELLO!

Well, well, well...Look what we have here. An abandoned blog...what kind of trouble can I start here?

So how does one get back into blogging? I don't know. I'm just gonna wing it until it all comes back to me. Hopefully sooner rather than later because I think I miss it. Well, I take that back. I definitely do miss it.
I originally started blogging at a time before it became the "thing" to do. Everyone in the blogiverse wrote about anything and everything. There was real life, sad, funny, down right ridiculous and informative stuff going around. Toss in a couple reviews and there it was. My online community. Then...I don't kow what happened. Everyone seemed to be blogging. Everyone was reviewing. Everyone was trying to make money. Everyone seemed to be copying someone else's style. It even got catty...really not meow fun catty but the meow-rawr-cat scratch kind of catty. But I kept on blogging. And then I just stopped. Real life didn't get hectic or stressful, it was just life. And that of course took precedence over my computer screen/keyboard. I still trolled blogs "keeping in touch" with the friends I made when I first started blogging. Everyone was getting pregnant and having babies. Everyone was starting some new business or starting to sell something.
Get to the point you say? Ok fine. I feel left out. I wanna be one of the cool kids again. I want to comment on a blog post that I can legit-ly relate to and not just comment to comment. I wanna bring back the old days of blogging...where it was fun, real, raw, and not (just) for work.
So here I am. Back. So get your socks on so I can knock them off!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let's hear it for the boys :-)

The loves of my life...together once again :-)

L to R: Juju (7), Milkshake (15), Skinny (17), BamBam (6)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's TUNESday

Sunday night, while listening to the sunday night slow jam on the car radio, on the way to pick up Big Daddy from the airport, Masterpiece came on.  (wasn't that the longest sentence ever? LOL) Man did that take me back! All day yesterday I kept singing it in my head...all day.
I just finished an awesome, crunk as all get out workout and before getting in the shower, I shuffled my Pandora station and BAM. More old school! They sure don't make music like this anymore. I am totally a child of R&B. Enjoy!!! And you're welcome.

P.S. I totally want to make a mix tape now.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Fit Club - Spring Fitness Challenge (with MTL)

April already?!! It's like I closed my eyes on March 1st and when I opened them up the next morning, its March 31st! I blame spring break :-)
To kick off my birthday month (27th is the know...if you wanna send me some love lol) I'm participating in a fitness challenge with none other than my FAVE, Savannah aka Muffin Topless (MTL). I wanna have a pool or lake party for my birthday so I need a little kick in the okole (that's hawaiian for your booty) to get me into "prime" shape :-) And by prime, I don't mean lose weight. More like tighten up a bit...mostly my arms and obliques. 
I love Savannah's monthly challenges, and while I do some of the workouts week to week, I don't actually follow the whole month long challenge (checking in, nutrition, etc)...that is until now. I am committing fully to April. 

Here's the calendar that I will be following:

All the deets on the challenge can be found HERE. From there you can get the workout plan and nutrition guide as well. 
So how bout some of you join me? We can motivate each other! It can be your birthday present to me :-) You getting fit along with me, pushing me along, motivating me, and in return I'll definitely do the same for you, would be the BEST birthday gift ever! You know you want to.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Fit Club - A pre-spring/summer pep talk

Ah spring! It's right around the corner for most of you. Here in Texas, she keeps poking her head out and then running and hiding. But we always find her. :-) For me, spring means SUMMER IS CLOSE! Y'all know how much I love the sun so it's not shocking that summer is my favorite season (yes I even love the 100 degree summer days we get). I get to play outside and become the gorgeous golden goddess I am meant to be ;-)
Spring/summer inevitably means tank tops, short shorts, bathing suits and bikinis. Ah the favorite summer wardrobe.
This time of year, people are crash dieting or not eating and even spending HOURS in the gym to ensure that they are bikini ready, nearly killing themselves to have the perfect summer body.  NOOOOOO!!!! I wish I could scream it to everyone! MODERATION is key! Stop depriving yourself and instead moderate yourself. Make healthier decisions. Summer is the time for fruits...have a sweet peach (or fruit of your choice) instead of that double chocolate chip cookie. Make a cooling fruit smoothie instead of buying a calorie induced frappe when the temps start to rise. Oh and let's not forget WATER, WATER, WATER. Because of cooler temps, we've been stuck indoors. Now that it's warming up, get outside. Go for a walk or run outside, or just go to the park.
Instead of stressing upon the impending seasons, let's fill this spring and summer season with fun, confidence and moderation.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Fit Club - YouTube it!

Still kinda stumped on what workouts to do? Want to try something new or different from your "regular" routine? Look no further than good ol' YouTube! There are TONS of FREE workouts on YouTube...a shit ton!
When I start to slip into a slump or get to a point where everything is just too repetitive, I seek out my fave fitness YouTubers.
Here's a workout from blogilates that I absolutely LOVE!!! A great, to the point type of workout that will make you feel shaky, in a good way :-) Try it out and let me know how you like it