Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yes folks that's right...its officially SUMMERTIME!!!!
While most people are dreading the sun's power, spending little time outside, anxious for the moment that they can get back into some AC, I am outside...frolicking. Well not so much frolicking, more like lounging. (I just really like that word frolicking.)
I am most definitely a sun baby. Even the little dudes. Put them in some swim shorts, me in a bikini top and shorts, give us some water and we are good to go!
Come on people its time to have some fun! So grab a cold one (water, juice, beer, cocktail) and let's welcome summer together.

(This song always makes me think of summer)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's gettin HOT in herrr


So this weekend, when temps here in the ATX reached over a 100 degrees, our AC in our duplex went out. I think it actually started going out Friday night, kicked back on in the middle of the night and then just died on Saturday. To save my sanity, I won't go into all the CRAZY ASS details about our management company's response to the issue but will tell you that the entire AC unit had to be replaced and did not get replaced until last night! That's right. Saturday, Sunday, and almost all of Monday with no freaking AC.

That's what my AC read at 9am on Saturday. 9 in the freakin morning! Thank goodness for great friends who over the years we have dubbed as our family. On the plus side...we are being reimbursed a part of our rent and hopefully we will be let out of our lease. Which we just renewed but have only been in it for 13 days. If we can't get out of our lease, we are going to ask that the rent be dropped back down and our lease shortened from 12 months to 6 months. Cross your fingers. And to think, I endured so much for this place...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

So excited...

Big Daddy is blogging. And I, even though I don't know anything, am helping with the design and promoting it! :) I'll post the link soon!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elevator etiquette...or lack there of

*just a warning...this is totally a vent post*

Ok so...this morning...just got to my office building and hit the 'up' for the elevator. This lady walks in and stands a couple feet away from me, because obviously she has to go up too. Bell dings, arrow illuminates and doors to the elevator open up. Quick look inside shows no one inside so I get in and move to the left to hit my floor button. Lady walks in behind me, leans across me to hit her floor number and then just stays there...at my shoulder...like there's 10 people in the elevator with us. I mean really?! So I cough hoping she gets nervous and moves away from me but she just stands there. Really?! So I move my bag to my left shoulder, which bumps her, I say excuse me, but she just stands there. Didn't even flinch or give me a dirty look or anything.Your average size, office building elevator. With just me and her in it. Why she stood right next to me is beyond me.
You think maybe she doesn't have a good home life or something and just needed to be close to someone? Maybe her dog died? Whatever the reason...

BACK THE EFF UP! If I can hear you breathe, you're too close. If I can see the precision of your eye makeup, you're too close. If I can smell what you had for breakfast, YOU'RE TOO DAMN CLOSE!

Thank you. Carry on.