Wednesday, July 4, 2012


*just a quick note: this is exactly what I originally posted on my other blog, so if you follow there too...well you just get to read it twice today*

Oh and not the good Fifty Shades of Grey, grey. No, not good at all...
On this day, July 4th 2012, at around 6:20am I, Nicole, found my FIRST GREY HAIR!
I got ready as usual. Washed face, brushed teeth, brushed hair, went and got dressed and everything. Came back into the bathroom to make sure I looked ok, and to take a selfie...because well I look damn cute today..

(sucky ass picture I know)

As you can see in the crappy picture I had a little pouf going on with my hair on the (your) left, my right, side. So I grabbed my comb and looked in the mirror and there it was. Well at first I thought it was like a piece of string or lint from my towel or something (because my hair towel is in fact white and it sheds). I got up on my counter to get closer to the mirror and there it was...nor was it string or lint...a grey hair. Just sticking out of my part. Call me dramatic but my heart dropped into my know that feeling when something terrible just happened and you can't believe it? Ya that feeling. I didn't cry. I quickly took my tweezers out of my drawer and pulled that sucker out. And dude! That one short piece was THICK! Into the trash that mutha trucka went! 
WOW. I feel damaged. My long dark beautiful hair is damaged. Yes I am vain, and no I don't care how dumb I might sound but it's MY hair. Someone play me a violin. It's a sad sad day...