Friday, May 13, 2011

a pinning, some rugby, a fight, and some sun

*note: so we all know the evil doings of blogger and my original post was deleted so I am having to re-post*

Oh what a weekend! Well technically its Thursday and the weekend is about to start all over again but that is neither here nor there and damnit I'm still recovering. So here I, am making myself sad, sitting here at work (yes I am blogging from work) rehashing all the details of my FABULOUS weekend, breaking it by day...nitty to the gritty...

We drove to San Angelo to attend my brother in law's commissioning to 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force. It was such a special occasion! Big Daddy, their younger brother and VonTrapp got to pin him. I had to hold back tears. As an extra incentive to making the drive to San Angelo, VonTrapp said she would KEEP THE KIDS ALL WEEKEND! Did you miss that? ALL WEEKEND. Hell ya baby! So after the ceremony was over, we moved everything into her car and drove back to Austin. Big Daddy's brother's actual college graduation was on Saturday, but we had plans secured for Saturday morning so that's why we left so quickly.
We got back into town right at dinner time. Big Daddy was craving a steak and potatoes, so we went to Salt Grass, ate some steak and enjoyed a drink...sans the dudes. So nice to have to only worry about what I want to drink.

Big Daddy attended an all day rugby coaching class thingy. (LOL) It was to learn how to coach rugby sevens. Whatev. Anyhoo...I was up at 7am with him and LITERALLY stayed in bed until about 10 or so. Then I worked out, nothing crucial. Then ate a little and then got back into the bed and stayed there until about 1. Got up and worked out again and finally decided that it was time to get shit done aka clean something before Big Daddy comes home and asks what the heck I did all day. So I did both bathrooms and the kitchen. Big Daddy came home, showered, and we were out the door to go to our friend's house to watch the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight. I can't go into too many details of the night because then we would be here FOR-EH-VER! so I'll just say heck ya Tyrese! Heck ya Jaime Fox! HELL YA PAC-MAN! That's right...Pac-Man came out on top again. (even though he was pushed down by Mosley and the ref called it a knock down). Lots of yelling and lots of beer....good times!

Doooooooooode...we slept in until about 10am!! Totally taking advantage of the free time. Well that and the fact that we didn't get in until like 3am. We went and had brunch at Whole Foods and walked around the little shopping area. And OH EM GEE look what I found
Yeah baby! How effin hot are these?! They were only $199 too. But Big Daddy wanted to rain on my parade and tell me to wait to get them. Boooooo. Hmph. Yup I pouted and everything and still walked out of Nordstrom Rack empty handed. I promise you WILL see these shoes again, next time on MY feet.
After about an hour of roaming around, we went home and got dressed to go to another friend's house for a birthday BBQ. We spent the rest of the afternoon poolside and thanks to the 90+ degree weather and clear skies, I have a golden bikini tan instead of an all day rugby tank top tan.
We went to pick up the little dudes from VonTrapp's around 7pm and when we came through the door, they pretty much knocked me onto the ground with hugs and kisses and stories of their weekend. I mean after 3 days I swear Juju sounded so much more grown up and we could totally understand everything BamBam was saying. LOL. And if you didn't pick up on that yet...Tank aka Stanky is now BamBam. The 45 min car ride home started off very loud and exciting and ended with 2 snoring monsters. Obviously they had a fab weekend too.

A pinning, some rugby, a fight and some sun. Absolutely fabulous!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011