Saturday, January 30, 2010

My day so far...

Today has really been a lazy Saturday...and its only 3:16pm. I blame the weather! I have had not one ounce of motivation today. I don't even think I brushed my hair this morning. LOL. Oh well. 
I posted my elevator pitch earlier this week and then just forgot about day 2 of the blog challenge. So thats what I'm trying to do now, but just can't seem to get it together lol. I should have something up tonight. Thanks to all who commented on my pitch. And as an update I am practicing saying it. So what if I only say it to big daddy like 3 times a day. Or call him on my lunch break just to say least I'm practicing and getting more comfortable with it. I was going to revamp it a little, but I think I'll just leave it the way it is.
I do want to say ALOHA and WELCOME to all my new followers from yesterday's Friday Follow. I'm trying to catch up on ALL, yes I said ALL, the blogs listed. I would hate to miss great content just cuz theres 300+ links. I will conquer. Y'all seriously crack me up! 
I think thats the little one....ok I'm back. It wasn't. He's taking a nap and I thought he was waking up after being down for only 30 min. HA! I spoke too soon....How does something so small and cute be so damn loud!
Later gators! 

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bathroom Booty

(S00000 not what you think...)

Background: So every morning during the week, I wake up a little early and workout. After I workout I take a shower and then get ready for work. I've been doing this for I don't know how many months now. Honestly, I think since June of last year.

So this morning was no different...except, after my workout big daddy decides he wants some. (You know what I mean). Anyways, I tell him that I'm sweaty and really just wanna take a shower. So he rolls over and I assume he's just gonna go back to sleep. Um NO. After I wrap my hair up in a towel and dry of just a little, I open the door to let out some of the steam and begin my "morning routine."
1. dry off completely
2. brush teeth
3. moisturizer on face..then sun tan lotion on my face
4. bio oil on my belly (juju and stanky left a road map on my belly and if you have no idea what bio oil is, I suggest you find out. AWESOME stuff.)
5. lotion on my body
6. underwear and clothes

Well I was on step 3 when big daddy comes in to use the bathroom. After he's done he just sits on the toilet seat watching me.
BIG DADDY: do you seriously do this every morning?
ME: ya, why?
BIG DADDY: I'm tired just watching you
ME: so get out and don't watch me.
BIG DADDY: so what is that, your treasure chest of youthful-ness? (pointing to the basket on the sink that contains everything I use on a daily basis and then some)
ME: so I'm old?
BIG DADDY: I  didn't say that. I just asked what all that stuff is?
ME: whatever
BIG DADDY: so can I get some?
ME: um NO.
BIG DADDY: you're not old.
ME: ok.
BIG DADDY: so gimme some
ME: um NO. Its getting late and I need to still make my lunch and leave.
BIG DADDY: well if you didn't have all that stuff to do after getting outta the shower you could get some booty before work every morning.
ME: Oh but I do get some booty every morning. Remember my treasure chest of youthful-ness?

And then I walked out. How dare he imply that I'm old! Nothing in my "treasure chest of youthful-ness" is to prevent wrinkles, or make them less noticeable. Uggghhhhh. MEN!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What my blog is all about (Elevator Pitch)

I have decided to take on the 31 days to a better blog challenge by @problogger. Its just like it says: everyday I learn a little bit and have a task to complete to--> better my blog. Sounds simple enough. So here we 1. The task: create an "elevator pitch." PERFECT. No seriously, it really is. No sarcasm. With all the new followers I have (**smiling from ear to ear, waving**), an elevator pitch really is perfect...30 seconds or 100-150 words, the span of an elevator ride, to say who I am and what my blog is about.
**So I decided to take this challenge in the same direction, sort of, that Kat from Mama's Losin it, took**
So lets set the scene shall we.

*DING* Elevator door opens. There I am, looking oh so fabulous: jeans, t-shirt, heels, with my big juicy purse, bb storm 2 in hand, leaning against the railing and in you walk. Kinda embarassed that you seen me looking so bum leaning against the railing, I stand up straight. Our eyes meet for like point 3 seconds and we smile. You hit the button for the floor you want and the elevator door closes.
"Nice day out today...where did you get your face...oh ya, its bbq sauce, my son eats it out the jar with a spoon and decided he wanted to kiss me...I have 4 boys actually...only girl yup...very entertaining...I actually have a blog about me and my guys. It's called Life in the Boys' Locker Room. If you think the bbq sauce is entertainment, then you're really in for a treat. Its all very amusing: the bathroom smells, which are normal for boys, and the constant wet puppy dog smell. Yes I said it my boys smell like wet dogs! My house is a regular locker room full of sweaty, smelly boys, and lots of dirty laundry. Footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, oh my. All types of balls! LOL oops, was that out loud? There's never a quiet moment...and most of the time its me making all the noise, not them. But hey what can I say? Being the only girl in my house does require me to have to stand out amongst the masses. So you should check me out. Well my blog at least. Here's my card. (well when I get business cards finally made, I'll add that last part)

**and of course the actual pitch is in italics...but you knew that**

Thats my first take on an elevator pitch. (I was actually like one word over, but you're not gonna tell on me right?) Big daddy says I should do another. He likes it but he thinks its still missing a little something. So for now thats what I have. Whenever I do, do another one, I will post it for y'all.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Mommy...take my picture"

OK...Isn't he super cute?!
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lazy Saturday

I don't get many Saturdays off from work, so when one does come along I like to enjoy it. And do absolutely NOTHING. After breakfast, I set the dishes in the sink with every intention of washing them after I turned on a Thomas dvd for the monsters. That was at 9:30am. Its now 11:52am. LOL. Oh well.
I'm in the process, as we speak, uploading pics to flickr. My photoshop program went missing and I have tons of photos that I want to edit. I'm trying to teach myself about photography and editing and all that good stuff. No fancy camera for me...yet. Just my Canon point and shoot digital that I got for christmas. Hopefully I can get everything uploaded and onto my blog before its time for lunch. Cross your fingers.
Hope y'alls saturday is as lazy as mine is. I guess i'll get those dishes done while the pictures are still uploading. See y'all later.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sexiest men EVER!!! (*UPDATED)

My lovely friend Devri reminded me of one person that I can't even explain how I forgot. I did have to bump someone off the list though...well I actually just made him a runner up. So scroll through and see who I added.

So a couple weeks ago I heard on the radio that had a list out of the top 10 sexiest men of 2010. And today while waiting in the check-out line at Wal-Mart, I saw that Essence magazine also did a spread of sexy men. So this got me thinking, got me inspired to tell y'all who I think the sexiest men of all time are. So, in no particular order and for no real reason except for the fact that they are sexy eye candy, I give you...
My To 10 Sexiest Men EVER!!!
(Let the drooling begin!)

(Ok, well...he is DEFINITELY my #1 pick...always)













Ok, I added an extra one. LOL. But I know you don't mind. Hope y'all enjoyed this post as much as I did! I love me so abs, don't I?!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just a random post

I had every (terrible) intention of skipping my workout tonight. My abs are tight, my arms are still a little sore and my're still doing that trembling thing like I just got done riding the stationary bike for too long. I really had, with every fiber in me, changed into my jammies and even got into the bed determined to NOT workout. Got comfortable and was about to open a book and for some reason I just felt out of place. Something was missing. I kept thinking that I had forgotten to do something like turn out the lights or let the dog in from outside, or lock the door. I was feeling so antsy. Thats when I realized, I put my mind into a not working out state but my body, lets just say my body was just not having that. lol. Amazing.
I ended up just doing a mini workout (in my jammies) instead of the 30 minutes I normally do at night. Big daddy would be so proud of me! Too bad I'm too tired to wait for him to come home from work so I can tell him. At least I told y'all lol.
Good night y'all and I'll be here all weekend for your entertainment.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My workout buddy (wordless wednesday)

How am I supposed to complete my ab exercises when this is sitting on my belly watching Tony Horton?

Diesel & the Locker Room

**I actually wrote this post on 1/09/2010 but for some reason it never got posted**

So last night I watched Marley & Me for the first time. I totally forgot we had that movie. And when I say I boo-hoo'ed....I really did! I, Like many others, I can totally relate somewhat to this movie.
Diesel has been the bane of our existence. 60 lbs. of american pitbull and he still thinks he is a puppy. He would rather starve than eat his organic dog food, just for the chance to get some leftovers that have been in the fridge longer than a day. When we let him out to use the bathroom, he would rather get stuck under the work shed than do his business. He knows his name, but when you call him, he would rather just keep doing whatever he is doing. He is like a stubborn 3 yr old. As a matter of fact, he actually is 3 yrs old. We got Diesel 4 months after juju was born. And boy does he love to chew. I mean all dogs like to chew...but seriously...he chewed up his dog bed and ate it all up. So we gave him a rectangle piece of an old rug and he ate that too. We buy him HUGE dog bones and chew toys, and he devours thim within a day...sometimes a couple of hours. He got this terrible ear infection and all he did was aggravate it by scratching his ear. We spent $200 on ear medication for him, but he just kept on with the scratching. And sadly now his hearing is pretty much gone. Oh and the licking of himself. I mean dogs lick themselves, I understand. But he'll lick the same spot until its raw, like he scratched himself, and just not stop.
But you know what? We wouldn't give him up for anything in the world. We would never trade him for any other dog.
We have thrown the idea around about taking him to a shelter when we move to Texas. Mostly because we would be moving into an apartment. But I don't think we could actually do that. Cross your fingers that big daddy's mom (who will only be living 50 minutes away from us when we move) will agree to keep him at her house until we find a house of our own.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


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Friday, January 1, 2010


My first post for the new year...well my first post in a long time huh? 2010. It came so fast. I couldn't waIt for it to start, but wow did it sneak up on me.
Like I told big daddy, THIS is going to be MY YEAR! The best part: WE ARE MOVING TO TEXAS!!! Woohoo!!!
I've missed my online "life." No resolutions this year. I'm just gonna me, be happy, be mindful, be appreciative. The one thing 2009 has taught me is to live my life. In an instant it can stop and of course it can start. And I'm not about to let it start without me.
It's my year. And I promise you're not gonna be left out.