Friday, January 1, 2010


My first post for the new year...well my first post in a long time huh? 2010. It came so fast. I couldn't waIt for it to start, but wow did it sneak up on me.
Like I told big daddy, THIS is going to be MY YEAR! The best part: WE ARE MOVING TO TEXAS!!! Woohoo!!!
I've missed my online "life." No resolutions this year. I'm just gonna me, be happy, be mindful, be appreciative. The one thing 2009 has taught me is to live my life. In an instant it can stop and of course it can start. And I'm not about to let it start without me.
It's my year. And I promise you're not gonna be left out.


  1. Hey girl!! I've missed ya too!!! How have you been???

    Texas? Wow! Are you excited? You are that much closer to home!!!

    I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!!

  2. Can I have your kid? Not like you and me have one together....but Can I literally have that kid? He is way to cute!