Friday, January 29, 2010

Bathroom Booty

(S00000 not what you think...)

Background: So every morning during the week, I wake up a little early and workout. After I workout I take a shower and then get ready for work. I've been doing this for I don't know how many months now. Honestly, I think since June of last year.

So this morning was no different...except, after my workout big daddy decides he wants some. (You know what I mean). Anyways, I tell him that I'm sweaty and really just wanna take a shower. So he rolls over and I assume he's just gonna go back to sleep. Um NO. After I wrap my hair up in a towel and dry of just a little, I open the door to let out some of the steam and begin my "morning routine."
1. dry off completely
2. brush teeth
3. moisturizer on face..then sun tan lotion on my face
4. bio oil on my belly (juju and stanky left a road map on my belly and if you have no idea what bio oil is, I suggest you find out. AWESOME stuff.)
5. lotion on my body
6. underwear and clothes

Well I was on step 3 when big daddy comes in to use the bathroom. After he's done he just sits on the toilet seat watching me.
BIG DADDY: do you seriously do this every morning?
ME: ya, why?
BIG DADDY: I'm tired just watching you
ME: so get out and don't watch me.
BIG DADDY: so what is that, your treasure chest of youthful-ness? (pointing to the basket on the sink that contains everything I use on a daily basis and then some)
ME: so I'm old?
BIG DADDY: I  didn't say that. I just asked what all that stuff is?
ME: whatever
BIG DADDY: so can I get some?
ME: um NO.
BIG DADDY: you're not old.
ME: ok.
BIG DADDY: so gimme some
ME: um NO. Its getting late and I need to still make my lunch and leave.
BIG DADDY: well if you didn't have all that stuff to do after getting outta the shower you could get some booty before work every morning.
ME: Oh but I do get some booty every morning. Remember my treasure chest of youthful-ness?

And then I walked out. How dare he imply that I'm old! Nothing in my "treasure chest of youthful-ness" is to prevent wrinkles, or make them less noticeable. Uggghhhhh. MEN!!!


  1. That is too funny!

    It sounds like you got a great routine going!

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  5. Following you back from Friday Follow. It's just like a man to start the conversation in a negative way and then turn it on you when you won't "give it up".

    Wish I had your ambition. I used to work out everyday. Then I had another baby....

  6. That's hilarious...I could see the same thing happening at my house!