Saturday, January 30, 2010

My day so far...

Today has really been a lazy Saturday...and its only 3:16pm. I blame the weather! I have had not one ounce of motivation today. I don't even think I brushed my hair this morning. LOL. Oh well. 
I posted my elevator pitch earlier this week and then just forgot about day 2 of the blog challenge. So thats what I'm trying to do now, but just can't seem to get it together lol. I should have something up tonight. Thanks to all who commented on my pitch. And as an update I am practicing saying it. So what if I only say it to big daddy like 3 times a day. Or call him on my lunch break just to say least I'm practicing and getting more comfortable with it. I was going to revamp it a little, but I think I'll just leave it the way it is.
I do want to say ALOHA and WELCOME to all my new followers from yesterday's Friday Follow. I'm trying to catch up on ALL, yes I said ALL, the blogs listed. I would hate to miss great content just cuz theres 300+ links. I will conquer. Y'all seriously crack me up! 
I think thats the little one....ok I'm back. It wasn't. He's taking a nap and I thought he was waking up after being down for only 30 min. HA! I spoke too soon....How does something so small and cute be so damn loud!
Later gators! 


  1. I'm also catching up on the 390 blogs. Thanks for linking up at Friday Follow. See you next week and have a great weekend!

    ~ Lynn

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am a follower from Friday follow too! Thanks for the potty training support and comments about my boys!

    And isn't Xavier the best name? I can't imagine having 4 boys! 2 is plenty for me!!!

  3. Stopping by from Friday Follow!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

  4. returning the follow from friday follow! :)

  5. That is what some Saturdays are for, being lazy. I guess Sundays are for laziness too! Enjoy your weekend!