Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Mr. Phil...

Dear Mr. Punxsutawney Phil,

I understand that you seeing or not seeing your shadow is just a legend, but why oh why did you have to see your shadow this morning? Do you not understand what is going on down here in the south? Did you not receive the memo about global warming? Obviously you have not. Obviously you did not see the reports of the frozen iguanas. 6 weeks. 6 more weeks of winter. You are mad. Mad I tell you! We are freezing here in the south. Yes the south. The place people come to when it starts to get too cold up north. The south, where a couple weeks ago we were below freezing. 6 more weeks?! We just had another cold front come through this past weekend. Every year during mardi gras it is either cold or rainy. This year it will be both. Oh Mr. Phil, I wish you did not see your shadow this morning. I don't know how much more this island girl can take. And my kids. Warm, cold, warm, cold...poor things just cannot get rid of the coughing or the runny noses.
Maybe you can prove that you are a phony, and warmer weather will come soon. PLEASE?! I've been a good girl so far this year. Well can you at least think about it?

Yours truly,
The locker room mom

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