Friday, February 19, 2010

My little valentine

So I'm like 6 days late, sue me. lol. Just wanted to share my afternoon...(that afternoon)

Stanky: Ello, my name is mommy belly
(as he has both his hands on my belly...making my belly button "talk")
Juju: No das not nice.
Stanky: You NO!!!
Juju: No bubba. Mommy fat don't talk. Her mouth talks.
Stanky: (giggling) Mommy fat mouth talk to mommy belly. Ello, my name is mommy fat belly mouth.

The devil I tell you! LOL!


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  2. Hi! Following you from friday follow. I am/was the only girl (and all girl) to a house full of boys too. It was different, but at least I got my own bathroom. lol I also told my sons that I was preparing them for girlfriends and wives someday. They seemed to think NO ONE was as emotional and girly as me. Silly boys! They are all 3 in college now and are seeing that I'm not the only one like me. HA! I love it! :-)
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  3. Oh my head that is so funny. Out of the mouths of babes.

  4. hey, thanks for following me from friday follow. I am following you too now. The "mommy fat not talk" like just made me laugh out loud...not good because I have 3 of mine in bed with me right now and don not want them woke up!!

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  6. So cute!

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