About Me

Aloha y'all! My name is Nicole but, depending on who you ask, I'm lil mama or polly pocket. Anyways...I'm just an island girl calling Austin, Texas home. I'm a full time working wife to the sexiest man alive, Big Daddy, and mom to 4 of the most beautiful boys you'll ever lay your eyes on: Skinny, Milkshake, Juju, and Stanky aka Tank. We have a 60lb pit bull named Diesel who is just super sweet, but dumb as a doorknob (LOL) and a gorgeous white mini lop named Marley. I'm completely outnumbered in my house, but its totally awesome! Between work, the constant smell of sweat, the fighting, the trucks, the cars, the footballs/basketballs/baseballs/soccer balls, the ever growing testosterone, and the pee covered toilet seats, the locker room is a bit hectic and loud, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world!