Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend recap: marathon running, rivalry weekend and great sportsmanship

What a weekend! 

Our day started off with the final mile of Marathon Kids. Quick info: in the fall, students grades K-5 throughout Austin and surrounding areas met at UT to run the first mile in what would be a 26.2 mile "challenge." They had until this past Saturday to run (at their own pace) 26.2 miles...a complete marathon. This was my guys 2nd year running this race. (BamBam unofficially) The morning started off a bit cold like in previous years, but ended up being the most perfect running day ever!

My little runner representing his school with pride! Go Titans!

Just the 3 of us waiting for our section of the stadium to be called up next to run. We ended up being in the last group that ran for the day which turned out amazing since it warmed up so much!

Here they are lining up before actually lining up at the start line. BamBam even represented his school too...Go Stallions!

Couldn't take any pictures while running, because well, I was running LOL. Juju took off as soon as they yelled go and was out of sight in no time. I'm so proud that my little BamBam ran the entire time! Boy his little legs sure do move fast!

(after the mile, with their medals and goodies from HEB and Whole Foods)

*For more information on this FREE, AWESOME program for kids, check out their website:

Our rugby team, the Austin Blacks, played against our cross-town rivals the Austin Huns in the Justin Whitehead Cup. We actually dropped off Big Daddy at the pitch before heading out to do the final mile. The events started out with an old boys match: old Blacks vs. old Huns...and we dominated that :) Not sure what the score was. Next up was our 3rd side playing a visiting team from San Marcos...we dominated that game too.
Now on to the rivalry...important game for us to keep our #1 spot in all of Texas. And of course...SCREW THOSE DOG ASS HUNS! LOL. We are and always have been the BEST TEAM in Austin...and we wanna keep being the BEST TEAM in Texas!
No pictures of our second side, D3 team playing because, like I've mentioned before, I like to pace the sideline like a crazed fan, wanting to be in all the action LOL. But we dominated!!! Big Daddy played amazing well, though he didn't get a chance to score...next game. Final score of that game was 39-14.
Next up was our D1 squad. Another awesome match, with us, once again...for the 40th year in a row...being victorious!!!!!! Yup you read that right. Since the Austin Huns club was started, they have NEVER beat us...NEVER! Final score was 38-12.

D1 Austin Blacks = #1 in Austin 

4 wins that day for our club. Good job boys!!! And boy did we celebrate :-)

Winter football is winding down...only 1 more week to go. It's been so amazing watching Juju learn and grow in the sport in these past 2 months. We couldn't have asked for a better coach too. Before each practice begins, he talks to the boys about sportsmanship. Each week he talks about a specific topic. This week was giving it your all, no matter what and encouraging your teammates to do the same. 
Juju had an amazing practice. I know its hard for kids to focus on what their supposed to be doing at that specific time, but Juju was on his game this Sunday. He ran perfect routes and scored every time he touched the ball...full field TDs! :-) He told his team good job after every play. There was one time he wasn't even playing (he was on the sideline) but his teammate broke away from the defense and had a clear shot to the end zone...he ran onto the field with that boy and ran with him LOL. He was so in the zone that he forgot he wasn't even playing hahaha.

This is his 2nd sportsmanship award this season...and its very well deserved. What made the day/practice even better was him giving me a hug and telling me and Big Daddy thank you for letting him play football. *swoon*
He's such an amazing kid already! He is going to be a great man with great character...on and off the field :-)

Bring it on March!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Must Have: Hair Products

You've seen pictures, and those that subscribe to my YouTube channel know first hand how long my hair is. I am one of the lucky few who has never had a problem growing my hair out. For as long as I can remember, my hair has always been long. Like at my waist or longer. Well except for that one time right before my freshman year of college...and we don't like to talk about that ;-)
Throughout the years, I have been horrible to my hair. It's been a million colors including Ronald McDonald red and even blond and it's been fried by curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers. I had split ends like crazy too. All that craziness starting in college and not ending until maybe 2008. Every now and then, I do straighten or curl my hair, but definitely not as frequently as before (which was like everyday).
Currently, my hair is down to my butt. And for those wondering (because people do actually ask), Yes...I sit on my hair sometimes, yes I have to move my hair to the side wen I go to the bathroom, and yes, when putting on my jeans or shorts, I have gotten my hair "stuck" in the back.
With my little guys hair being long as well, I make sure to take care of their hair...which in turn, makes me take care of my hair.
Here are some of the products that I (and my guys) are currently using to keep our hair clean, healthy, curly (my guys), and split end free...

I want to start by saying that I don't wash my hair or my boys' hair every day. I do condition our hair everyday though.

I got a travel size Clear shampoo and conditioner last summer in my influenster summer vox box and have been hooked ever since. I can honestly say that this shampoo really cleans our hair. When I rinse my hair after sudsing up I can see how dirty the water is that is going down the drain. It leaves my hair feeling great too. This is the conditioner that we use everyday.

About every 3rd shampoo, I do a mixture of the clear shampoo with this...

I use the Clear shampoo at my roots and this shampoo (coconut oil infused with the Tiare flower) at my ends, to give it moisture...since we all know that shampooing can dry out your hair especially at the ends. 

On the days I use the above shampoo on my boys, while their hair is still wet, I comb this oil through their hair...

...and let it air dry. This has been ah-may-zing in keeping my boys curls locked and moisturized as they sleep and through out the week. For me, I use this as sort of a leave in conditioner, but wash it out. So after I wash my hair, I apply this to my damp hair and put it up under a cap and leave in for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, I get back in the shower and "wash" it out. I then let my hair air dry. In fact, I never blow dry my hair...always air dry.

Sometimes humidity likes to rear its ugly head and reek havoc on our hair. Good 'ol coconut oil to save the day...

Just a bit on the ends (keeping it away from the roots--or else your hair will look greasy all day) keeps our hair from frizzing and poufing.

What are your must have hair stuffs? Any "holy grail" items that you can't live without?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rival Game Weekend

This weekend we travel to play the other rugby team here in Austin...The Huns. We are the Austin Blacks and we plan to represent and bring our A-game on and off the field ;-)

Saturday is Rugby Day

AllSaints biker shirt / Forever Unique skull top, $45 / Topshop hot short shorts / TOMS black strappy shoes / Converse shoes / Black handbag / Nine West bright handbag / Full Tilt colorful jewelry / Wallis round black sunglasses

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Laine Blogger Award

I REALLY like this award! Thank you Keena for awarding me. I'm not a major beauty type of blogger but I am obsessed with everything beauty related. Love you Keena!!!

So here are the deets...because you know, all of these awards come with deets. Which I don't mind at all because I sooooo like talking about myself ;-) heehee And I love introducing you to my fave blogs...

1. Tag the blogger who awarded you...CHECK (hey Keena...Hey girl, HEY!)
2. Answer the 5 beauty questions...SEE BELOW - (questions are bold and in caps)
3. Award 5 other bloggers. Pay it forward...SEE BELOW ANSWERED BEAUTY QUESTIONS

Alright, now shall we begin...

Lately I have been on a quest for any and all amazing lip products. Lip balms, lip scrubs, lip glosses, lip stains and pinky nude lip shades. I don't wear a lot of make up day to day but there is ALWAYS something on my lips.

It would be a Clarisonic. If you've been following me for awhile, you know I LOVE face stuffs. I would love to get this for my birthday...which is in April if anyone is interested ;-) the 27th to be exact.

Write: Anything fitness related, weekend recaps, and locker room talks :-)
Read: Favorite beauty products, anything fitness related, and organization

Honestly, I just wanted to do it. I started reading blogs and thought, how fun. So I created my blog. No glitz, no glam.

Nothing currently, but did plan to paint my nails a very bold color after I take a shower today. (Come back later for a NOTW post)

Now for the loveys...

1. Andrea @ Glam Hungry Mom
2. Stephanie @ Love Always xoxo, Steph
3. Jess @ Frikken Duckie
5. Khristine @ Beauty and the Brute

Well that be it folks :-) But one last thing...Don't forget to enter the iPad mini giveaway that I am a part of. (Giveaway ends March 15th...there are a ton of ways to enter)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fitness Friday: Meditation

No matter what "shape" you are...LOVE your body. Accept all your lines, curves, dimples, wrinkles, color, freckles...EVERYTHING. All those things make you the beautiful creature that you are.

One thing that I have started doing this year is taking 5 minutes every morning to meditate. Clearing my mind before my day starts has helped me to keep focus. Not just on life and the day, but on eating right and working out. Even stress. I learned to meditate from Bex on her youtube channel BexLife. (If you've been around my blog for awhile, you know I love doing her workouts too.)

Take time to really enjoy YOU and LOVE the skin that you're in!

"Health and fitness isn't only about moving around and working up a sweat. A lot of it is just taking the time to be kind to yourself." ~ Bex

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I heart Bruno Mars

(and Bob Marley of course!)

So I don't watch any awards shows...that is except for the Grammy's. And the only reason I watch is for the performances. This year I made sure to watch for 2 things: JTs return to music and this...

BRUNO MARS! The tribute to Bob Marley, I thought, was amaze balls! Bruno and Sting = perfect together! Rhianna, Ziggy, and Damian added that extra umph to an already awesome performance making it even more smashing! I was skanking and singing along too LOL. Even Juju joined me.

I am completely infatuated with Bruno Mars and his music. His voice, the songs, the beat, the life he gives to his songs and performances. Oh and his voice :-) He's also easy on the eyes as you can see.
Oh and get this...he's from Hawai'i! AND he's half pinoy (Filipino) like me.

*le sigh*

hook, line, sinker...

What did you think of the Bob Marley tribute? My favorite Bob Marley song of all time would definitely have to be Stir it up. What's yours?

What's your favorite Bruno Mars song?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fitness Friday - Fall back in love with YOU

*yes I know it's Saturday, but for some reason this did not get posted yesterday*

Well It's February :-) The month of LOVE :-) And for this month, I thought I would do something a little different for Fitness Fridays...Love Your Body Fitness Fridays.
So to start off, a little exercise...

Stand in front of your mirror. Before you look at yourself, close your eyes. Take 5 deep, slow breaths in and out. Clear your mind. There is no one else in the room with you. With each exhale push out any "hang ups" that you may have about your body or how you eat. Now open your eyes, and look yourself in the eye. Starting from the top of your head look at each part of your body (that you can see) in the mirror. Take in everything: the way your hair falls, the curve of your shoulder, the color of the inside of your elbows, the lines on your palms...EVERYTHING. No thoughts, just look. Then look back into your own eyes. Take a deep breath and smile.

We are all different. What I see in my mirror is not what you see in your mirror. Be in love with the person in the mirror. You know her better than anyone else does (yes even your spouse or significant other). Being a woman is an awesome thing. Remember that and remember to love that.

This month, I want us all to fall back in love with our bodies and NOT our hang ups. So in the coming weeks get ready for more little exercises like the one above, quick little workouts to make our bodies smile and stories from different women at different stages in their fitness/healthy lifestyles.

Who's ready? ;-)