Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend recap: marathon running, rivalry weekend and great sportsmanship

What a weekend! 

Our day started off with the final mile of Marathon Kids. Quick info: in the fall, students grades K-5 throughout Austin and surrounding areas met at UT to run the first mile in what would be a 26.2 mile "challenge." They had until this past Saturday to run (at their own pace) 26.2 miles...a complete marathon. This was my guys 2nd year running this race. (BamBam unofficially) The morning started off a bit cold like in previous years, but ended up being the most perfect running day ever!

My little runner representing his school with pride! Go Titans!

Just the 3 of us waiting for our section of the stadium to be called up next to run. We ended up being in the last group that ran for the day which turned out amazing since it warmed up so much!

Here they are lining up before actually lining up at the start line. BamBam even represented his school too...Go Stallions!

Couldn't take any pictures while running, because well, I was running LOL. Juju took off as soon as they yelled go and was out of sight in no time. I'm so proud that my little BamBam ran the entire time! Boy his little legs sure do move fast!

(after the mile, with their medals and goodies from HEB and Whole Foods)

*For more information on this FREE, AWESOME program for kids, check out their website:

Our rugby team, the Austin Blacks, played against our cross-town rivals the Austin Huns in the Justin Whitehead Cup. We actually dropped off Big Daddy at the pitch before heading out to do the final mile. The events started out with an old boys match: old Blacks vs. old Huns...and we dominated that :) Not sure what the score was. Next up was our 3rd side playing a visiting team from San Marcos...we dominated that game too.
Now on to the rivalry...important game for us to keep our #1 spot in all of Texas. And of course...SCREW THOSE DOG ASS HUNS! LOL. We are and always have been the BEST TEAM in Austin...and we wanna keep being the BEST TEAM in Texas!
No pictures of our second side, D3 team playing because, like I've mentioned before, I like to pace the sideline like a crazed fan, wanting to be in all the action LOL. But we dominated!!! Big Daddy played amazing well, though he didn't get a chance to score...next game. Final score of that game was 39-14.
Next up was our D1 squad. Another awesome match, with us, once again...for the 40th year in a row...being victorious!!!!!! Yup you read that right. Since the Austin Huns club was started, they have NEVER beat us...NEVER! Final score was 38-12.

D1 Austin Blacks = #1 in Austin 

4 wins that day for our club. Good job boys!!! And boy did we celebrate :-)

Winter football is winding down...only 1 more week to go. It's been so amazing watching Juju learn and grow in the sport in these past 2 months. We couldn't have asked for a better coach too. Before each practice begins, he talks to the boys about sportsmanship. Each week he talks about a specific topic. This week was giving it your all, no matter what and encouraging your teammates to do the same. 
Juju had an amazing practice. I know its hard for kids to focus on what their supposed to be doing at that specific time, but Juju was on his game this Sunday. He ran perfect routes and scored every time he touched the ball...full field TDs! :-) He told his team good job after every play. There was one time he wasn't even playing (he was on the sideline) but his teammate broke away from the defense and had a clear shot to the end zone...he ran onto the field with that boy and ran with him LOL. He was so in the zone that he forgot he wasn't even playing hahaha.

This is his 2nd sportsmanship award this season...and its very well deserved. What made the day/practice even better was him giving me a hug and telling me and Big Daddy thank you for letting him play football. *swoon*
He's such an amazing kid already! He is going to be a great man with great character...on and off the field :-)

Bring it on March!


  1. what a great way to keep fit with your kids! I need to look into austin! LOL
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  2. How awesome that they got to participate! I'm sure you'd all run laps around me! Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.