Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekend recap: powerlifting, ladies day, and giving all you got

Let me just begin with this: throwing up is NOT the business!
Ok so...how was everyone's weekend? LOL. On Friday, Juju's school held their first ever Titan Trot. So the whole school participates. Each class had 10 minutes to run as many laps as they could around the track. So proud of my guy! He ran 5 1/2 laps :-) and paced himself the whole way. Perfect "training" for the Junior 'Dillo Run coming up on April 6.

The run was sponsored by a ton of neighborhood businesses! So awesome! They even got a cool water bottle that changes color when you put in cold water in it and of course a spirit stick...they are these little tags that they can hang on their back pack or a keychain. (All students get one for all the fun activities that they participate in)
So like I stated...throwing up is not the business. Before going to Juju's school, BamBam and I went to a local bakery with a boy from his class and his mom for lunch. I had a mozzarella, tomato and pesto sandwich. Well that sandwich was not very nice to me at all. It was just sitting in my stomach not going anywhere! After we got home from the trot, I started feeling super dehydrated so I drank a bunch of water. Bad idea. Everything came back up. I spent my entire Friday afternoon and night throwing up. I couldn't keep anything down...water, crackers, even pepto. UGH is was BAD. I tried eating ice which seemed to help a bit but was so dehydrated that I started getting the chills. It took me forever to just go to sleep: I was freezing cold and my body hurt. But I finally did manage to fall asleep...
Woke up super early Saturday morning feeling iffy but ok. It was like I was hungover. So I drank a bit of water and took a shower. My brother in law had a power lifting meet in Dripping Springs and I really wanted to go. He's currently #2 in the state of Texas for his weight class. It was also Ladies Day at the rugby field and I totally didn't want to miss that. I did honestly feel better, and figured I probably just needed to et some food in me. So we got dressed for our long day and headed out to the power lifting meet. 
16 yrs old, about 140lbs...on the books he squats 380lbs = awesome! 

Won't get into any details of the meet but this: first is squats and they get 3 attempts, then bench which they also get 3 attempts, last is deadlift which again they get 3 attempts. We only got to see him squat and bench. Sadly he bombed out  (did not finish). Deadlift is his best event (he lifts at least 50lbs more than anyone else in his weight class) but couldn't get the bar up at all. You'll get em next time J.
I was feeling good. Ready for the day. But on the drive to the rugby pitch the sun was beaming on me the whole time I started to feel nauseous. I ate a biscuit hoping it would settle my stomach. Got to the pitch EARLY and just laid down in the back of our Jeep and took a nap until Ladies Day (and the games) was supposed to start. Ladies Day is a rugby tradition that treats all the female fans and spectators to free champagne all day. I had one glass and that was it. I totally did not want to feel sick again. I was in a daze the whole time...it seriously felt like I was hungover LOL.
Here are some pics from the game from one of the players...

Yup that's Big Daddy in the middle of both of those pictures (#14). In the above pic, he dumped the ball to his teammate who was able to score a try. He had a great game I think. He even scored a try. He ended up coming out of the game...he had the ball and stiff armed some guy who fell on the ground. He then stepped on the guy and rolled his ankle SMH. So he pulled himself out and got his ankle wrapped. We of course won...both sides :-) Still #1 in Texas.
After the games was our annual "Homecoming." So all of our new, foreign players dress up to look pretty and they all put on a show for us...a dance competition. LOL SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! Sorry, but no pictures from that but I got a couple from right before.
Hey...I'm little and I couldn't see :-)

This is a new guy to the team who's from the Big Island! Hawaiian pride!

Sunday was the last day of winter football for Juju. That didn't stop him from scoring 2 touchdowns.
I thought I was taking a video but wasn't and when waiting for the video camera on my phone, I missed Juju stiff arming a kid LOL. I saw it, but no pic or video. (It was to that kid in the black to the right of him in the picture)

Juju is VERY thoughtful...We got the kids on his team a box of goldfish for a great season :-) After the scrimmage, they sat with their coach and the other team to receive a medal for the season. His coach got up and before presenting the medal, said something about the player.
About Juju he said something along the lines of: he always comes out and gives it his all...everytime. Works hard and truly supports hi whole team and encourages them. Smashing!
Thank you Coach Jimmy! Hope to see you next season!



  1. Glad ur feeling better sounds like you were having a tough time there buddy!!

    I love the picture of you on big daddys shoulders thats too cute!!!

  2. Um preggo?! Kidding! ;)

    Sounds like food poisoning. That sucks! Hope you're feeling better.

    We completely need a Ladies Day on Sean's team, lol. Free champagne all day? Sign me up.

    I love the picture of you on hubby's shoulders. So cute!

  3. Aww...it sucks that you weren't feeling so well! I'm glad you're feeling better now and I agree with everyone, that picture of you two is adorable!

    ♥ Duckie.

  4. Hopefully youre better than ever soon, maybe tomorrow? xoxox.

    you guys are so cute together...what a hunk!