Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Man I suck at this blogging gig LOL

I've been a busy bee...first it was spring break and then life took over again. I've been "spring cleaning" which everyone around me has only described it as nesting...don't get excited I am NOT pregnant. But I do feel like I am nesting. It's like I can't get anything clean enough or in the right spot. It's so weird. I vacuum at LEAST 3 times a day...both bedrooms, living/dining room, and even the kitchen. Thank goodness we only live in an apartment! I've cleaned out the boys' closet and rearranged it at least 3 times in the past week. I have plans to purge my closet again (for the 2nd time in a week). What has gotten into me?! LOL Big Daddy likes it though. I had gotten into this routine of making the same stuff for dinner every week, but am back to good old Pinterest to prepare my meals again (you know, like the good old days when I first stopped working--something new everyday).

So I have been doing other stuff besides cleaning: like shopping for an Easter egg hunt this Saturday that I am putting together for all the kids of the rugby team and fans, continuing planning BamBam's 5th birthday party in April, getting things together for our final rugby match of the season against our city rivals and trying to decide what on earth I want to do for my birthday next month.

I filmed a video this morning that is still in the process of uploading to YouTube as we speak. It's only about 50% done. It's soooooo slllloooooowwwwww. I started the upload around 8:30am!
And speaking of videos, I broke down and got Keek...oh and Viddy too. I got Viddy because I can share those unedited vids to YouTube right away and Keek...well Keek is just fun and cool and FUN. At least for right now. I was going back and forth for awhile between Keek and the Vine. Keek won with its 36 second videos over Vine's 7 seconds. So if any of you are on Keek, find and follow me: @johnson_nicole

The washer just stopped, so let me get to drying these clothes. I still have a bathroom I need to clean too.
I miss you guys! Do y'all miss me...even just a little bit? LOL. I'll be back to post some pictures from this past weekend :-)

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  1. I've been in spring cleaning mode too! Even Joey's been freaking out about it. I cleaned the girls' room and mine - which were HUGE accomplishments, trust me. I'll be getting some new used furniture coming this week so I'll be cleaning, rearranging, and moving things around for another week or so more. Plus my cousin is moving out so I'll have to clean her side of the house so Joey and I can move our stuff back to that big room and Trace can finally have a room to himself. It's actually kinda fun overhauling everything and getting all the junk out. It's motivating me to get back to repairing this old house.

    ♥ Duckie.