Thursday, March 7, 2013

Keeping it simple and pretty

Next week is spring break for us...well for the dudes LOL. Time for having fun. I like to keep everything as simple and pretty as possible. Throw on a dress and either wedges or flip flops and I'm good to go!

Dressing up for Spring Break

Monsoon embroidered dress / Quiksilver silk short dress / even&odd summer dress, $51 / Just Female summer dress, $98 / Short dress / Glamorous chiffon dress, $18 / River Island orange wrap dress, $53

A few cuties I found online :-) I LOVE Texas in the spring!


  1. looooovving the spring weather and daylight savings is on the 10th....looking forward to longer days and wearing pretty dresses like your cute picks:).


  2. Love your picks! I'm a huge fan of dresses - easy use the bathroom, duh. Get yo' mind outta the gutter!!

    No really though. Flowy dresses are my favorite thing to wear - no worrying about pants sticking to you in the hot sun, no need to unbutton if you over ate, no panty lines, and it's a whole outfit so you don't have to worry about what top goes with what bottom. Genius.

    ♥ Duckie.

  3. LOVE flowy dresses for spring/summer!