Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I hate it when... (11/18/09)

So every morning, I leave my house at the same time, drive the same route, and make it to work at the same time. This morning however, a cow decided that it not only wanted to venture out onto the main road but decided to stand right smack in the middle of the 2 laned road. That hefer had cars blocked going in each direction!
I hate when you're patiently waiting to go around said hefer by slowly driving on the tiny shoulder almost in a ditch, and some big dumb a$$ in a truck decides to speed on the ditch..damn near hitting you..only to scare the cow into MY lane exactly right in front of my truck.
To add to the already hectic morning, I get to work, get out of my truck and realized by the god awful smell that I drove all through cow poop!

I hate it when I'm troubleshooting a computer problem with a person who says he's the company's I.T. person and when I ask him to verify what version of Windows he's running, he tells me, "oh I think a company called Pelligrino." Dude SERIOUSLY?!
ME: Excuse me sir?
DUDE: The company that did our windows is called Pelligrino, you know like the wine.
ME: Sir? No, like windows xp, vista?
DUDE: Oh you mean what version of Windows am I running?
(DUUUUHHHHHH!--> That IS EXACTLY what I said)

I hate it when you get all the way to the break room, heat up your food, and just get comfortable at a table, then realize you don't have a fork, or spoon to eat with. And your desk, where you left your fork, is at the front of the building upstairs on the second floor. So you ask someone to watch your food while you make the 3 min trip to your desk and back only to find out that the person watching your food had an extra fork with them, and didn't even realize it until you just walked out of the room.

Happy hump day everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Monday night planning

Are you ready for some....PLANNING?! LOL (thought I was gonna say football huh?)

As a wife, mother, and full-time, work outside the home employee, the CHAOS of life is really starting to just be, well, just too chaotic. The past few weeks have really been a blur of spur of the moment, moments. So in my ongoing quest to become the most fab house wife, I have officially decided to make Mondays, my week planning day. Why today? Well big daddy's work schedule has changed giving him Sundays and Mondays off and working the rest of the week from 1:30pm to 10:30pm. I of course have Sundays and Saturdays off. I originally had Sundays in mind for planning, but that is the only day we have off together to do stuff as a family. So Mondays it is.
So what do I have in store this week...
Today was my first day mentoring the new training class we have at work. This will actually go on for the next 3 weeks for me. Finally some time OFF the phone! LOL.
I've decided to pre-make some meals for a couple days and will tackle, well attempt to tackle at least one dinner every night this week when the boys are asleep and before big daddy comes home. So any ideas on different casseroles will be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow I know I'll prepare stuffed shells. Beyond tomorrow...well I guess I'll be going through some of my recipes and looking online for inspiration.
I will also start planning "classroom" gifts for juju and stanky's preschool and daycare classes. I'm thinking about stockings with the child's name on it. We'll really have to see about the names because some of the girls' names are like sentences. I''ll definitely keep y'all updated on what I actually decide and even post some before, during and after pictures.
I will also make it my goal this week to take more pictures and FINALLY participate in weekly winners with Sarcastic Mom.
So I am off to finish my weekly planning. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"I hate it when..." Wednesday

Its hump day...the day that I have designated to let out all my frustrations (issues). So here we go...


-I'm in traffic, not rushing or anything, and the lane next to me is MOVING. So I switch into that lane only to be stuck in the same spot for 5 minutes while the lane I just switched from is now the lane thats moving.
-I'm in my truck listening to the radio and Lil Wayne comes on. I switch to another station and that same exact song is playing all most at the same exact spot.
-A co-worker keeps talking about another co-worker who "is just so dumb that I can't believe the questions she asks" but then turns around and asks the same dumb questions.
-You're on a one lane road, the speed limit sign says 35 MPH, and the person in front of you is too busy digging into her purse thats sitting on her passenger seat to realize she's let her foot of the gas and is going only about 20 MPH.
-That same woman finally looks up and realizes how slow she's moving and then slams her foot on the gas making it look like you're the one holdin' everyone up.

Well I don't know about you but I do feel a lot better. LOL.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Have you heard...


We can all breathe just a little easier tonight. HE is awesome.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cross your fingers, toes, eyes, arms, and legs

There's no better way to spend a Saturday night than watching Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl with the faint sound of snoring coming from the baby monitor.
I did receive some pretty good news today that has got me super anxious this evening. Earlier this week I applied for a position in San Antonio with the same company that I currently work for. And this morning, the recruiter emailed me back saying he would like for me to go out there and test for the position. Now with this company...more than likely if you are testing, you will almost always get hired. Since I already work for the company, I do have an edge over anyone else applying..mainly seniority and definitely the experience. I will find out Monday exactly when I will be making the trip. He also emailed all the information that I need to take the drug test and everything. Again, a step in the hiring process that almost always means you got the job. Cross your fingers, toes, eyes, arms and legs. I already am.
I have come with a lot of different things that I would like to do with my blog and will surely be unveiling some of these things this coming week.
My movie is calling, so I'm afraid I must be going lol.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Updates and other randomness

-Yesterday was milkshake's 11th birthday. I called him this morning about 6am their time and was the first person to wish him a happy birthday.

-I am still trying to "teach" myself how to do create my own blog layout. I am currently "practicing" doing headers. Hopefully I will be able to show y'all what I've been doing.

-My mother in law came to visit on friday. That in itself was very exhausting.

-Halloween was ok. The monsters stayed home with my MIL, while big daddy and I went out for a long awaited "adult's only" night. We ended up at our outdoor outlet mall. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and drinks as we watched the longhorns stampede all over oklahoma 48-14 (sorry cowboys' fans).

-Stanky (aka tank) has been talking and talking and TALKING! LOL. Too bad we can only understand about 40% of what he's trying to say. And unfortunately he is also getting louder and louder.

-We got juju a twin size bed this weekend and he LOVES it! Now he's asking for the Thomas the Train comforter set that we've told him that we would get as soon as he got his new bed. Its amazing that he remembers that.

-Big daddy and I bit the bullet and finally changed cel phone providers. Got our new phones in the mail-->the blackberry storm 2...YES!! Super excited!
-I haven't been to the gym in forever and decided to start a new workout. Wish me luck! Hopefully my energy levels will start to increase again.
-Work has been work...I'm still working on getting my business plan together and hopefully I can become a work at home mom.
-I have also been trying to up my mommy/wifey homemaker skills by putting together my very own home binder.
-Pictures to come!!!! LOL