Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"I hate it when..." Wednesday

Its hump day...the day that I have designated to let out all my frustrations (issues). So here we go...


-I'm in traffic, not rushing or anything, and the lane next to me is MOVING. So I switch into that lane only to be stuck in the same spot for 5 minutes while the lane I just switched from is now the lane thats moving.
-I'm in my truck listening to the radio and Lil Wayne comes on. I switch to another station and that same exact song is playing all most at the same exact spot.
-A co-worker keeps talking about another co-worker who "is just so dumb that I can't believe the questions she asks" but then turns around and asks the same dumb questions.
-You're on a one lane road, the speed limit sign says 35 MPH, and the person in front of you is too busy digging into her purse thats sitting on her passenger seat to realize she's let her foot of the gas and is going only about 20 MPH.
-That same woman finally looks up and realizes how slow she's moving and then slams her foot on the gas making it look like you're the one holdin' everyone up.

Well I don't know about you but I do feel a lot better. LOL.

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