Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Updates and other randomness

-Yesterday was milkshake's 11th birthday. I called him this morning about 6am their time and was the first person to wish him a happy birthday.

-I am still trying to "teach" myself how to do create my own blog layout. I am currently "practicing" doing headers. Hopefully I will be able to show y'all what I've been doing.

-My mother in law came to visit on friday. That in itself was very exhausting.

-Halloween was ok. The monsters stayed home with my MIL, while big daddy and I went out for a long awaited "adult's only" night. We ended up at our outdoor outlet mall. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and drinks as we watched the longhorns stampede all over oklahoma 48-14 (sorry cowboys' fans).

-Stanky (aka tank) has been talking and talking and TALKING! LOL. Too bad we can only understand about 40% of what he's trying to say. And unfortunately he is also getting louder and louder.

-We got juju a twin size bed this weekend and he LOVES it! Now he's asking for the Thomas the Train comforter set that we've told him that we would get as soon as he got his new bed. Its amazing that he remembers that.

-Big daddy and I bit the bullet and finally changed cel phone providers. Got our new phones in the mail-->the blackberry storm 2...YES!! Super excited!
-I haven't been to the gym in forever and decided to start a new workout. Wish me luck! Hopefully my energy levels will start to increase again.
-Work has been work...I'm still working on getting my business plan together and hopefully I can become a work at home mom.
-I have also been trying to up my mommy/wifey homemaker skills by putting together my very own home binder.
-Pictures to come!!!! LOL

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  1. Well, it sounds like you've been busy!

    Date nights are fun!

    Is mother in law still there?