Sunday, November 15, 2009

Monday night planning

Are you ready for some....PLANNING?! LOL (thought I was gonna say football huh?)

As a wife, mother, and full-time, work outside the home employee, the CHAOS of life is really starting to just be, well, just too chaotic. The past few weeks have really been a blur of spur of the moment, moments. So in my ongoing quest to become the most fab house wife, I have officially decided to make Mondays, my week planning day. Why today? Well big daddy's work schedule has changed giving him Sundays and Mondays off and working the rest of the week from 1:30pm to 10:30pm. I of course have Sundays and Saturdays off. I originally had Sundays in mind for planning, but that is the only day we have off together to do stuff as a family. So Mondays it is.
So what do I have in store this week...
Today was my first day mentoring the new training class we have at work. This will actually go on for the next 3 weeks for me. Finally some time OFF the phone! LOL.
I've decided to pre-make some meals for a couple days and will tackle, well attempt to tackle at least one dinner every night this week when the boys are asleep and before big daddy comes home. So any ideas on different casseroles will be greatly appreciated. Tomorrow I know I'll prepare stuffed shells. Beyond tomorrow...well I guess I'll be going through some of my recipes and looking online for inspiration.
I will also start planning "classroom" gifts for juju and stanky's preschool and daycare classes. I'm thinking about stockings with the child's name on it. We'll really have to see about the names because some of the girls' names are like sentences. I''ll definitely keep y'all updated on what I actually decide and even post some before, during and after pictures.
I will also make it my goal this week to take more pictures and FINALLY participate in weekly winners with Sarcastic Mom.
So I am off to finish my weekly planning. Wish me luck.

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