Thursday, May 16, 2013

WHOA! (and crawfish)

Ya...well...I have a life ya know ;-) Here...I'll prove it ;-)

This past weekend was the annual crawfish boil for the rugby club. LOTS of fun...BOAT loads of fun (you'll get it in a sec)

300 lbs!

All the kids "helped" keep the crawfish wet before going into the boiler...the crawfish into the boiler that is :-)

SUCH a beautiful day! 

It's always a great time. There's lots to do besides eat...there's slosh ball...which I don't really feel like explaining so think baseball, but with a cup of beer in hand and a keg at 2nd base. And there are the BOAT races (racing drinking game)...

It was the foreign players versus USA LOL. I was laughing so hard I could hardly contain myself. There is video but it's not mine so sorry I can't share it here. So each player stood across another player and the race began: chug your beer as fast as you can and when the cup is empty, place said cup upside on your head and your teammate next to you could chug a lug...and so on and so on. The foreigners won the first race, USA won the second and in the end, USA pulled out a dub-ya in the 3rd race LOL.

(ya I'm not sure what was going on in this picture LOL)

Of course with all the kids running around that day, we had to do something for them mice races. The kids LOVE when we have the mice races. Some even try to take them home...

Boys will be boys! (yes those are 2 mice) 

And because the "grown ups" had a "race" the kids wanted to have their own race too, but just running :-)

That's Big Daddy giving Juju a quick pep talk. Juju ended up winning too :-) My little runner!

May has been an incredibly BUSY month for us. The week before the crawfish boil, our rugby team (D1 & D2) OFFICIALLY became the #1 teams in Texas and secured our spot in representing our great state at the sweet 16s taking place this weekend in Dallas. If we win big this weekend, we travel to Colorado next for the finals! LET'S GO BLACKS!!!

I miss you guys! And when you miss me, I'm just an instagram pic or keek away :-)