Monday, July 27, 2009


Tonight I laid with tank in my arms as he slept, staring at him, watching his chest move up & down with every breath he takes. Running my fingers across his cheeks, tears rolling down my very own cheeks. All the while thinking I am blessed. Here I am healthy, my son healthy. I am blessed. Everyone, I know has been following MckMama (Jennifer) & her son Stellan. The courage her family has is amazing & inspiring. I grew up in a religious household & since I've moved & grown I have not been so religious. One thing that has followed me is my belief in the power of prayer & all that it can do for your soul. Please keep Stellan, MckMama, & the rest of the Mck family in your thoughts this evening & say an extra prayer for little Stellan.
Dear Stellan,
You have touched so many. Me included. My family prays for you swift change towards the better. Your little fighting spirit has lifted me as you've grown each day. I thank you for re-teaching me the meaning of courage & hope & patience...things that seem to get lost admidst everyday life. We love you little man!
Always praying & smiling for you blue eyes,
the Johnson Ohana

Friday, July 24, 2009

So for the past couple months, on Thursdays, I've been taking this class called turbo kick at my gym. Its the best cardio ever! It combines punch combos with kick combos and the last 15 min of the class is totally dedicated to abs. (more on the abs part below) Anyways...its a super fun class! My arms, legs, and butt get a kick ass workout and i'm dripping sweat after every class. And every friday my muscles ache, the good way.

Now back to the 15 minutes dedicated to abs. Lauren, who I've fondly nicknamed the ab nazi, is CRAZY! 15 minutes people and my abs are screaming! Now if she were to read this she would love the fact that I call her the ab nazi. She knows she is. After a workout with her, muscles I never knew I had, hurt. LOL! She's like a machine. But here it is Saturday...2 days after my turbo kick class...and I can barely move. I can barely laugh. Everything is tight and throbbing. The elevator wasn't working when I came into work this afternoon. So that means I had 2 walk up 2 flights of stairs. Granted its not a long 2 flights or anything...the point is I still hurt. Lifting each foot, bending each knee, brought back visions of turbo kick and the ab nazi. We're always cracking jokes and I can barely laugh.

But here's to you ab the end of the day, your kicking, punching, over-zealous ways, will put me in prime shape! (well you and P90x) Goodbye baby belly hello hot mama belly...wait no belly...just a ripped up waistline!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Quiet, alone time...finally

Alone time in my house is very hard to come by. Especially since tank is EVERYWHERE! The only semi alone time I ever get is when I'm in the shower or doing dishes. And even then, its never quiet....NEVER. Someone is always yelling, or crying, or running in and out of the kitchen or bathroom. Normally big daddy keeps an eye on the little ones for me, but 1 will always find a way to escape and come find me.
That was not the case saturday night. Whenever I'm doing dishes, I can normally hear the tv in the living room, or the kids in the playroom playing with big daddy. This time it was completely silent. The only noise was the sloshing of the water. For the first time ever I had peace and quiet. I could actually hear myself think! LOL! I could actually think about what things I needed to take care of and make plans for the week. But NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Instead, all I could think about was, I wonder if Dawn was telling the truth in their commercials...could I really wash this sink full of lasagna dirtied dishes and then wash my glasses after and not get that oily film on them? I proceeded to wash all the plates, silverware, pans, etc. all the while thinking, man if this does not work, i'm going to be so pissed that I have to re-wash these damn glasses.
The time finally came...everything else was washed and there was a wine glass, 2 glass cups, and 3 sippy cups that needed to be washed. Here we go. I looked into the sink and almost just drained the was gross. The water and bubbles were tinged red with marinara sauce. Small food particles were floating around. EEWWWWW!!!!! In goes the wine glass...I couldn't believe I was washing this glass with red water and red bubbles. Now here was the test. I moved the glass to the other side of the sink, turned on the water, and rinsed the glass. OMG!!!! I could not believe my eyes or what I was feeling! The glass looked amazing! Like it was the first thing I washed! WOW! I just held the glass up staring at it. I held it up to the light in every direction possible. It felt like I was inspecting a diamond for flaws (not that I know how to inspect one or anything).
Dawn, you are amazing! You are very true to your word.
I totally recommend Dawn dish soap! And besides its amazing cleaning power, you don't have to use a lot of it. Just when all the bubbles are going away, and you think you have to add more soap...just add a little bit of water, and all the bubbles come right back!

I've even read somewhere that someone used it to clean the chain on an old bicycle. Made at least the chain part look brand new. I have friends who even use it to clean the rims of their tires. Crazy. Its like coke, but obviously better.

(LOL-->so not where you thought I was going with this post huh? Shocked me too.)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Having fun with Juju...I can't believe he's 3!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Locker room talk (LOL)

So this incident actually happened yesterday...
JUJU: WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH (not exactly sure how to put his cry into words...just thing irritating buzzer sound at that irking pitch that doesn't seem to stop) My knee!
ME: What happened?
JUJU: Daddy trip me.
ME: Why did you trip him?
BIG DADDY: Well I didn't think he was gonna fall like that.
ME: Ugghhh. Juju are you ok?
JUJU: I don't know. (still sobbing) It hurt.
ME: You'll be alright its not broken.
JUJU: Uh-huh. Its broke.
ME: How do you know that? Let me see.
JUJU: No don't touch it. It hurt. It broken.
ME: Well if I can't look at it, I can't see whats wrong with it.
JUJU: Mama just stop talking and kiss to not broken it.