Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sumer time!

Those 2 words...can wreck havoc in the lives of some and awesome fun in the lives of others LOL. Not bad havoc, just chaotic, yet fun, havoc :-)
Yesterday was officially our 1st day of summer vacation but in reality, our summer vacation started at 11am Friday afternoon. If this summer is anything like the past weekend, then it is going to be one hell of great freaking summer!!
We kicked off summer with a swim at a popular "watering hole" near to where we live, Bull Creek. The boys played in a split of boulders where the water was just rushing down like a waterfall. No pics but did get some video. After a couple hours of sliding between rocks, we went and got pizza...some great gourmet pizza. And of course some beers (for us, not the boys DUH). Juju said it was the best last day of school ever and I couldn't agree more.
Instead of talking about our lake life, just take a look :-)

Lake Travis is literally 7 minutes from our house...we timed it. I foresee MANY summer days here. You can follow our summer adventures via instagram or keek....you know...cuz y'all LOVE me. 

The sun is shining! Get out there and live! What do y'all have planned this summer or upcoming weekends?