Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Act 5

Juju: why is that on your face
Me: its a mask, it makes my face pretty
Juju: well I don't know about that cuz you look ugly right now
Me: I don't keep it on. I'll wash it off duh
Juju: just sayin you look weird
BamBam: (laughing) you look like a ugly and have no friends like ugly people
Me: BamBam that's not nice
BamBam: well you ugly
Me: you're ugly
BamBam: your face ugly
Me: your face ugly
Juju: just stop already you giving me a headache
Me: you give me a headache
Juju: act 5
Me: HA! you're 5

Ok so I was totally acting like I was 5...but oh so worth it! LOL

Monday, February 27, 2012

My 1st bling project

Getting my feet wet :-)
More blingy goodness to come!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beer me!

The restaurant across the street from my job ALWAYS has great signs!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm a bodyrockin, mamavation 2 week challenger

I've gotten some emails asking me "WHERE ARE YOU" and "Please come back to my life" over the past week. Yes in those exact words too! I LOVE you guys!
So where have I been? Working my tiny tush out, that's where! :)
I am on this forever quest of "skinny." Yes skinny. Let's face it, I don't want to just be healthy, I want to LOOK good too. I don't like bulky muscles and I don't want to be stick thin. Lean? I guess maybe that's a better word for it, but I like the word skinny (shoot me if you don't like it) so I am going to use it.
Anyhoo...I really do like working out BUT....yes but. But not like "oh I'm lazy or I don't have time,. BUT I get bored VERY quickly. *have you guys noticed I like to all caps stuff* I get so excited about new workouts, but the thought of being repetitive just bores me to death. So I am always on the hunt for new and fun and NON repetitive workouts.
Alas my loves I think I have found my answer. In 2 places in fact. First place, because I did it first, was the Mamavation 2 week challenge. When the year started I knew I needed a new workout. Bookie Boo *I know you know Bookie Boo!* mentioned doing another 2 week challenge on twitter to kick off the new year. ANOTHER one? There were more? Well 2 weeks...heck ya! Perfect! Perfect amount of time so I wouldn't get bored!  Well Mr. Bookie Boo creates all the workouts for the challenge (I think) and boy oh boy oh boy! Those 2 weeks flew by and I was hooked! I even lost an inch all over! What , what! Ya totally feelin myself.
I did a burpee challenge on twitter towards the end of last year with a few fit freaks here in Austin and was introduced to my second place, bodyrock.tv. Body-freaking-rock tv! WOW! I am in love. They were in the middle of a monthly challenge when the mamavation challenge ended so I did a couple workouts and got hooked. When February started they decided to do another monthly challenge. So I jumped right in. Whoa baby! Tough stuff but I love it! Before actually doing any of the workouts I thought I was in pretty good shape...and I am...just not really. Talk about shock and awe. I am challenging my body in ways that I have been looking for but never found.
AND...ANOTHER mamavation 2 week challenge was announced and that started last Monday. Can you keep up? LOL

So I am in week 3 of bodyrockin and week 2 of the 2 week challenge. CUH-RAY-ZEE! Never thought I would say this, but thank goodness the 2 week challenge ends Saturday.

I've been sweating, and eating better and just feel good all around.
That's where I've been. :-)
Thanks for missing me! I totally miss you guys too.
P.S. If you want to know more about my bodyrockin, *self promo in 3, 2,...* check out my other blog Workin It where I tell you what the daily workout is, what I thought about it, and some plain randomness.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nicole: 1, Super Bowl: 1/2

So...for those of you wondering...
Nicole: 1
Super Bowl: 1/2
I did NOT over indulge yesterday. As much as I wanted, I controlled myself...sort of. There were some things like the queso (the yummy gooey cheesy spicy queso) that I did have just a bit extra of, but when I realized it was more than what I needed...sadly...I stopped. And those shrimp diablos wrapped in bacon? I heard them calling my name. Yup taunting me with its cream cheese and plump shrimp. I heard them. I looked them dead on and said, "Just one." They kept taunting. I know those shrimp were smirking. But I put my foot down and said "No. Not this time." I could hear them weep, but I didn't fall for it.
Nicole: 1
Super Bowl: 1/2
Beer. Oh beer. You...YOU with all your yummy amber goodness. If it wasn't for you...
Yes I did NOT over indulge in FOOD, but I did have some beer. Quite a few beers. Hence the score of super bowl 1/2. I didn't get all twisted, but I did drink a bit more than I wanted to. Trust when I say I paid for it today.

I had a great time yesterday. Seriously. I think I watched the national anthem and of course halftime. I only saw bits and pieces of the game but did see that last touchdown by Ahmad Bradshaw where he sat in the end zone. I seriously L M A O all loud and ish. I saw commercials but don't remember any of them except for the Matthew Broderick one and the naked M&M. When rugby guys get together its always a blast! I even got to meet another "Belle" as we spouses and girlfriends are called. (Our team is the Austin Blacks. Our city rivals the Austin Huns' wives and girlfriends are called the Hunnies...we couldn't be called the blackies so the Belles were born.) The dudes had a blast too...hamburgers, face painting, Just Dance, and even some pool. They were exhausted when we got home.
Oh and speaking of halftime...holy shit did Madonna do her thang! All of us girls were singing our asses off with her! BEST EVER! And please can I have her legs! WOW!

Ok well...I have a mint julep mask on and I hear legos being dumped out in the other room...its 9pm and that little dude is acting like the sun is still out. Time for this mommy to go scare him with my green face.

Hope y'all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!
Love and head butts  :-)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh super bowl Sunday...

...how I WISH you were last month. Or even next month. Excuse me while I whine with violins playing in the background:

You see, I started a new workout this month. A 30 day challenge of epic proportion! And super bowl is on day 5! DAY 5!! Not day 10 or 15 or 20. I JUST started and have nothing to look back on yet. Temptation is all around...tasty food...tasty beer and wine...at least wine is better than beer. As long as I don't over indulge. But oh the chicken wings. And the pizza. And the chips and dip. And the hot dogs. And the chili. I could just pick off the kids plate. You know...because they'll only take a bite or two and then run off to play with the other kids. Maybe, just maybe, someone can magically take out all the bad stuff in the food today. And make beer and wine as good as water. Like the super bowl fairy! She'll fly in and wave her wand and BAM everything is good for you! I could eat all the jalapeno poppers I want! And bring on the chicken wings! Deep fried and dripping with sauce....
MEH...a girl can dream.

Have a great day y'all. Besides the above, we, me included, will be having a blast with some rugby friends. If you are out, please don't drink and drive.


Friday, February 3, 2012

A valentine's story...

Juju brought home a letter from his teacher saying that his whole class would be exchanging valentine's during their class' valentine's day party.

ME: (*I read the letter out loud to the dudes*)
JUJU: what is valentine's day?
ME: just a day that we make known to someone how much we care about them. Yes we should do this everyday, but hey...whatever.
JUJU: what's whatever?
ME: some people like to go all out and get cards and candy and flowers for the person they love.
JUJU: boys too?
ME: sure boys too. Most boys give something special to a girl that they like.
JUJU: but I don't looooooove the girls in my class.
ME: you don't have to looooooove them to just give them something nice. We can just get everyone in your class a card and some candy or pencils or something.
BAMBAM: Juju you have to give a special gift.
ME: like what?
BAMBAM: like a special move.
ME: ok dude. like what?

This is when my sweet child puts a hand on each side of my face, looks me in my eyes, smiles, and head butts me. Yes. you read that right. Not a sweet kiss. Or a nosie (rub noses). But a head butt.