Friday, February 3, 2012

A valentine's story...

Juju brought home a letter from his teacher saying that his whole class would be exchanging valentine's during their class' valentine's day party.

ME: (*I read the letter out loud to the dudes*)
JUJU: what is valentine's day?
ME: just a day that we make known to someone how much we care about them. Yes we should do this everyday, but hey...whatever.
JUJU: what's whatever?
ME: some people like to go all out and get cards and candy and flowers for the person they love.
JUJU: boys too?
ME: sure boys too. Most boys give something special to a girl that they like.
JUJU: but I don't looooooove the girls in my class.
ME: you don't have to looooooove them to just give them something nice. We can just get everyone in your class a card and some candy or pencils or something.
BAMBAM: Juju you have to give a special gift.
ME: like what?
BAMBAM: like a special move.
ME: ok dude. like what?

This is when my sweet child puts a hand on each side of my face, looks me in my eyes, smiles, and head butts me. Yes. you read that right. Not a sweet kiss. Or a nosie (rub noses). But a head butt.

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  1. Nate used to headbutt for kisses because he was uncoordinated. Of course he was also just a few months old haha