Monday, February 6, 2012

Nicole: 1, Super Bowl: 1/2

So...for those of you wondering...
Nicole: 1
Super Bowl: 1/2
I did NOT over indulge yesterday. As much as I wanted, I controlled myself...sort of. There were some things like the queso (the yummy gooey cheesy spicy queso) that I did have just a bit extra of, but when I realized it was more than what I needed...sadly...I stopped. And those shrimp diablos wrapped in bacon? I heard them calling my name. Yup taunting me with its cream cheese and plump shrimp. I heard them. I looked them dead on and said, "Just one." They kept taunting. I know those shrimp were smirking. But I put my foot down and said "No. Not this time." I could hear them weep, but I didn't fall for it.
Nicole: 1
Super Bowl: 1/2
Beer. Oh beer. You...YOU with all your yummy amber goodness. If it wasn't for you...
Yes I did NOT over indulge in FOOD, but I did have some beer. Quite a few beers. Hence the score of super bowl 1/2. I didn't get all twisted, but I did drink a bit more than I wanted to. Trust when I say I paid for it today.

I had a great time yesterday. Seriously. I think I watched the national anthem and of course halftime. I only saw bits and pieces of the game but did see that last touchdown by Ahmad Bradshaw where he sat in the end zone. I seriously L M A O all loud and ish. I saw commercials but don't remember any of them except for the Matthew Broderick one and the naked M&M. When rugby guys get together its always a blast! I even got to meet another "Belle" as we spouses and girlfriends are called. (Our team is the Austin Blacks. Our city rivals the Austin Huns' wives and girlfriends are called the Hunnies...we couldn't be called the blackies so the Belles were born.) The dudes had a blast too...hamburgers, face painting, Just Dance, and even some pool. They were exhausted when we got home.
Oh and speaking of halftime...holy shit did Madonna do her thang! All of us girls were singing our asses off with her! BEST EVER! And please can I have her legs! WOW!

Ok well...I have a mint julep mask on and I hear legos being dumped out in the other room...its 9pm and that little dude is acting like the sun is still out. Time for this mommy to go scare him with my green face.

Hope y'all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!
Love and head butts  :-)


  1. Thanks for stopping by pBd yesterday! I too watched the important parts of the game: the national anthem, halftime, and the commercials. We are Niners fans anyway so we were still pretty bitter. And, even the hubs turned it off before the end; he couldn't bare to see the Giants win.

  2. seem you had fun watching the game... great game actually... love your blog!!! following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kisses!!!

  3. Omg I love this post! You totally just made my mouth water describing that delicious food! You have much more willpower than I do! I would have been all over that queso and shrimp!

    And yes, I think "Blackies" would not have been such a great name, Belles is perfect! And I am totally with you on the lego spilling. I seriously hate that usually means me cleaning all of that up! -_-

    I'm going to follow this blog too! (I already follow "Workin It...")

    ♥ Duckie.