Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm a bodyrockin, mamavation 2 week challenger

I've gotten some emails asking me "WHERE ARE YOU" and "Please come back to my life" over the past week. Yes in those exact words too! I LOVE you guys!
So where have I been? Working my tiny tush out, that's where! :)
I am on this forever quest of "skinny." Yes skinny. Let's face it, I don't want to just be healthy, I want to LOOK good too. I don't like bulky muscles and I don't want to be stick thin. Lean? I guess maybe that's a better word for it, but I like the word skinny (shoot me if you don't like it) so I am going to use it.
Anyhoo...I really do like working out BUT....yes but. But not like "oh I'm lazy or I don't have time,. BUT I get bored VERY quickly. *have you guys noticed I like to all caps stuff* I get so excited about new workouts, but the thought of being repetitive just bores me to death. So I am always on the hunt for new and fun and NON repetitive workouts.
Alas my loves I think I have found my answer. In 2 places in fact. First place, because I did it first, was the Mamavation 2 week challenge. When the year started I knew I needed a new workout. Bookie Boo *I know you know Bookie Boo!* mentioned doing another 2 week challenge on twitter to kick off the new year. ANOTHER one? There were more? Well 2 weeks...heck ya! Perfect! Perfect amount of time so I wouldn't get bored!  Well Mr. Bookie Boo creates all the workouts for the challenge (I think) and boy oh boy oh boy! Those 2 weeks flew by and I was hooked! I even lost an inch all over! What , what! Ya totally feelin myself.
I did a burpee challenge on twitter towards the end of last year with a few fit freaks here in Austin and was introduced to my second place, bodyrock.tv. Body-freaking-rock tv! WOW! I am in love. They were in the middle of a monthly challenge when the mamavation challenge ended so I did a couple workouts and got hooked. When February started they decided to do another monthly challenge. So I jumped right in. Whoa baby! Tough stuff but I love it! Before actually doing any of the workouts I thought I was in pretty good shape...and I am...just not really. Talk about shock and awe. I am challenging my body in ways that I have been looking for but never found.
AND...ANOTHER mamavation 2 week challenge was announced and that started last Monday. Can you keep up? LOL

So I am in week 3 of bodyrockin and week 2 of the 2 week challenge. CUH-RAY-ZEE! Never thought I would say this, but thank goodness the 2 week challenge ends Saturday.

I've been sweating, and eating better and just feel good all around.
That's where I've been. :-)
Thanks for missing me! I totally miss you guys too.
P.S. If you want to know more about my bodyrockin, *self promo in 3, 2,...* check out my other blog Workin It where I tell you what the daily workout is, what I thought about it, and some plain randomness.

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