Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oh super bowl Sunday... I WISH you were last month. Or even next month. Excuse me while I whine with violins playing in the background:

You see, I started a new workout this month. A 30 day challenge of epic proportion! And super bowl is on day 5! DAY 5!! Not day 10 or 15 or 20. I JUST started and have nothing to look back on yet. Temptation is all around...tasty food...tasty beer and least wine is better than beer. As long as I don't over indulge. But oh the chicken wings. And the pizza. And the chips and dip. And the hot dogs. And the chili. I could just pick off the kids plate. You know...because they'll only take a bite or two and then run off to play with the other kids. Maybe, just maybe, someone can magically take out all the bad stuff in the food today. And make beer and wine as good as water. Like the super bowl fairy! She'll fly in and wave her wand and BAM everything is good for you! I could eat all the jalapeno poppers I want! And bring on the chicken wings! Deep fried and dripping with sauce....
MEH...a girl can dream.

Have a great day y'all. Besides the above, we, me included, will be having a blast with some rugby friends. If you are out, please don't drink and drive.



  1. have some fun! going to try not to eat my brains out, haha.

    and i saw your question about Sean and rugby.

    Sean is a hooker and a tight head prop .. most mostly a tight head prop. He's been playing for 12 years. 4 years in college and 6 years with the men's team, division 2 :)

  2. i think that is 10 years. ... ooops horrible with math, haha.

  3. I know you can pull through it. You are strong. If you do indulge then you're gonna have to double up on that work out ;-0