Monday, July 27, 2009


Tonight I laid with tank in my arms as he slept, staring at him, watching his chest move up & down with every breath he takes. Running my fingers across his cheeks, tears rolling down my very own cheeks. All the while thinking I am blessed. Here I am healthy, my son healthy. I am blessed. Everyone, I know has been following MckMama (Jennifer) & her son Stellan. The courage her family has is amazing & inspiring. I grew up in a religious household & since I've moved & grown I have not been so religious. One thing that has followed me is my belief in the power of prayer & all that it can do for your soul. Please keep Stellan, MckMama, & the rest of the Mck family in your thoughts this evening & say an extra prayer for little Stellan.
Dear Stellan,
You have touched so many. Me included. My family prays for you swift change towards the better. Your little fighting spirit has lifted me as you've grown each day. I thank you for re-teaching me the meaning of courage & hope & patience...things that seem to get lost admidst everyday life. We love you little man!
Always praying & smiling for you blue eyes,
the Johnson Ohana

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