Friday, July 24, 2009

So for the past couple months, on Thursdays, I've been taking this class called turbo kick at my gym. Its the best cardio ever! It combines punch combos with kick combos and the last 15 min of the class is totally dedicated to abs. (more on the abs part below) Anyways...its a super fun class! My arms, legs, and butt get a kick ass workout and i'm dripping sweat after every class. And every friday my muscles ache, the good way.

Now back to the 15 minutes dedicated to abs. Lauren, who I've fondly nicknamed the ab nazi, is CRAZY! 15 minutes people and my abs are screaming! Now if she were to read this she would love the fact that I call her the ab nazi. She knows she is. After a workout with her, muscles I never knew I had, hurt. LOL! She's like a machine. But here it is Saturday...2 days after my turbo kick class...and I can barely move. I can barely laugh. Everything is tight and throbbing. The elevator wasn't working when I came into work this afternoon. So that means I had 2 walk up 2 flights of stairs. Granted its not a long 2 flights or anything...the point is I still hurt. Lifting each foot, bending each knee, brought back visions of turbo kick and the ab nazi. We're always cracking jokes and I can barely laugh.

But here's to you ab the end of the day, your kicking, punching, over-zealous ways, will put me in prime shape! (well you and P90x) Goodbye baby belly hello hot mama belly...wait no belly...just a ripped up waistline!

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  1. You are blessed! hugs to you...

    And whoa nelly I am so proud of you showing your spiritual side of life.. You are such a big girl! lol