Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I hate it when... (11/18/09)

So every morning, I leave my house at the same time, drive the same route, and make it to work at the same time. This morning however, a cow decided that it not only wanted to venture out onto the main road but decided to stand right smack in the middle of the 2 laned road. That hefer had cars blocked going in each direction!
I hate when you're patiently waiting to go around said hefer by slowly driving on the tiny shoulder almost in a ditch, and some big dumb a$$ in a truck decides to speed on the ditch..damn near hitting you..only to scare the cow into MY lane exactly right in front of my truck.
To add to the already hectic morning, I get to work, get out of my truck and realized by the god awful smell that I drove all through cow poop!

I hate it when I'm troubleshooting a computer problem with a person who says he's the company's I.T. person and when I ask him to verify what version of Windows he's running, he tells me, "oh I think a company called Pelligrino." Dude SERIOUSLY?!
ME: Excuse me sir?
DUDE: The company that did our windows is called Pelligrino, you know like the wine.
ME: Sir? No, like windows xp, vista?
DUDE: Oh you mean what version of Windows am I running?
(DUUUUHHHHHH!--> That IS EXACTLY what I said)

I hate it when you get all the way to the break room, heat up your food, and just get comfortable at a table, then realize you don't have a fork, or spoon to eat with. And your desk, where you left your fork, is at the front of the building upstairs on the second floor. So you ask someone to watch your food while you make the 3 min trip to your desk and back only to find out that the person watching your food had an extra fork with them, and didn't even realize it until you just walked out of the room.

Happy hump day everyone!

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