Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March Carabox goodies

(I totally thought I had posted this but aahhhh I didn't)

Cara Box

So the theme for March was the first letter of your name. I like that I had to get super creative and really truly get to know the person I was sending to. I had the pleasure of sending to Libby over at Libby's Life (who I believe is the sweetest person I have ever "met") and received an AWESOME box from Sharlee from Believing in Something. Y'all it was like she was in my head LOL.

She was uber creative and I loved every single thing I got!


So the next two things I got...WOW...this is where I was like OMG she is totally in my head! 

PAMPER ME PLEASE! LOL. Y'all know how much I love face stuffs and getting my nails done! So with her girls' 'N'ight out suggestion, I picked up a bottle of champagne from Target and had myself a "ME" night. I will be posting about the mask I made (the one she suggested) along with a couple other recipe masks that I found online.

In her letter to me, she mentioned she added something fun for me to do with my guys. Perfect! I will be turning each of these 'N'ineteen things into individual blog posts :-) She also mentioned she included something for my boys too..

WHAT?! OMG Y'all true story: the day and night before I received this box, my boys watched the old school TMNT cartoon on Netflix. They were so hyped when I pulled this out of the box! 

As soon as I got everything out of the box I emailed Sharlee right away to tell her thank you. She responded saying she was happy and gets a bit intimidated of boy moms. GIRL! You figured me out! Thank you so much! 

Want in on the fun? Sign ups are taking place now for April! Click here to read all about it and sign up!


  1. what a great gift! i love how little notes were attached to each one.

  2. OMG how fun! That's pretty amazing!!

    Speaking of gifts dear, I still have yours and I'm waiting for the post office to get some of those game board sized mailing boxes in so I can send your extremely belated Christmas gift to you. Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.