Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Where oh where can she be?

(this was actually posted last week 4/16, but I see it has been reverted back to draft...grrrrr....so I am reposting this again...)

I know...trust me I know. Spring is here and the sun is out. So far, this has been a crazy month for us...not much is really going on except 'life' itself.

At the beginning of the month, we dealt with our very 1st case of head lice. :-( My poor BamBam. We caught it super early, treated it right away and it was COMPLETELY gone in just 2 days. I did treat his hair a week later (just in case). Thank goodness that is behind us. 

Really good friends of ours welcomed their little miracle into the world on April 4. This my friends is my newest honey love bug Colton Troy Taylor. The dudes are absolutely smitten by him!

Our bird houses that we will be hanging at VonTrapp's house this spring/summer.

Lots of friend time this month so far too :-)

On April 10th, my sweet baby boy BamBam turned 5. This was a hard birthday for me...my last little guy...he's not so little anymore. (I have a separate blog post I haven't posted yet about his birthday) And thank you to everyone that wished him a happy birthday on Instagram and FaceBook.

And of course, there was lots of rugby and football :-)

Our rugby team (both D1 and D3) have secured the #1 spot in Texas and both are moving on to the round of 32! D3 (which Big Daddy plays on) went undefeated this season. We're off to Galveston the first weekend of May, while our D1 side will be playing here in Austin.
Our last game of the regular season is this coming weekend against our in-town rivals the Huns. A Black and Blue rivalry :-) We of course will SMASH them.

The dudes are doing just smashingly well this football season. This is BamBam's 1st season and he is enjoying every bit of it. It helps that he has an older brother that also plays so he knows a lot about positioning and what each position does. Juju is just amazing! I see so much of his daddy's drive in him. He is a natural leader, he pays attention the whole time and his teammates can definitely look up to him....I guess that's why his coach made him starting QB and starting corner. Yup he's playing offense AND defense now. I see this amazing determination in him...I know Big Daddy is just so proud!

The sun has been shining bright here in Austin, so we've been soaking it up: dinner at the food trucks and of course pool time!

How has everyone been? I've missed guys! You can always find me on Instagram and Keek too :-)

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  1. I saw this post in my feed and when I clicked on it, it said that there was no post found! I was confused and thinking, "Okay, maybe she deleted the post?" Lol.

    And omg, I literally JUST picked up Chloe from school because now she too has head lice! I'm freaking out because I'm sure she got it from school since no one else in our household has it yet. I'm going to treat her hair tonight and hopefully get rid of them!

    ♥ Duckie.