Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I heart Bruno Mars

(and Bob Marley of course!)

So I don't watch any awards shows...that is except for the Grammy's. And the only reason I watch is for the performances. This year I made sure to watch for 2 things: JTs return to music and this...

BRUNO MARS! The tribute to Bob Marley, I thought, was amaze balls! Bruno and Sting = perfect together! Rhianna, Ziggy, and Damian added that extra umph to an already awesome performance making it even more smashing! I was skanking and singing along too LOL. Even Juju joined me.

I am completely infatuated with Bruno Mars and his music. His voice, the songs, the beat, the life he gives to his songs and performances. Oh and his voice :-) He's also easy on the eyes as you can see.
Oh and get this...he's from Hawai'i! AND he's half pinoy (Filipino) like me.

*le sigh*

hook, line, sinker...

What did you think of the Bob Marley tribute? My favorite Bob Marley song of all time would definitely have to be Stir it up. What's yours?

What's your favorite Bruno Mars song?


  1. i still am obsessed with Grenade ... love him too! what a voice on that Bruno Mars!

  2. Welcome to the club. Love 'It will Rain'... story of me and hubs in the beginning of our relationship but me singing it:).


  3. i was never really a bruno mars fan until he released locked out of heaven. such a catch song!