Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fitness Friday - Fall back in love with YOU

*yes I know it's Saturday, but for some reason this did not get posted yesterday*

Well It's February :-) The month of LOVE :-) And for this month, I thought I would do something a little different for Fitness Fridays...Love Your Body Fitness Fridays.
So to start off, a little exercise...

Stand in front of your mirror. Before you look at yourself, close your eyes. Take 5 deep, slow breaths in and out. Clear your mind. There is no one else in the room with you. With each exhale push out any "hang ups" that you may have about your body or how you eat. Now open your eyes, and look yourself in the eye. Starting from the top of your head look at each part of your body (that you can see) in the mirror. Take in everything: the way your hair falls, the curve of your shoulder, the color of the inside of your elbows, the lines on your palms...EVERYTHING. No thoughts, just look. Then look back into your own eyes. Take a deep breath and smile.

We are all different. What I see in my mirror is not what you see in your mirror. Be in love with the person in the mirror. You know her better than anyone else does (yes even your spouse or significant other). Being a woman is an awesome thing. Remember that and remember to love that.

This month, I want us all to fall back in love with our bodies and NOT our hang ups. So in the coming weeks get ready for more little exercises like the one above, quick little workouts to make our bodies smile and stories from different women at different stages in their fitness/healthy lifestyles.

Who's ready? ;-)


  1. i love my body the way it is; i always have even when i was lumpy :)

    i don't see these things as "permanent"; i think that's what others sometimes fail to remember -- that little muscle definition/strength or fat are not permanent things on our body -- they can all be changed... therefore, view these things not as faults but as challenges :)

  2. I really like this idea. Now, I think we can all benefit by working out, just a little, as part of a healthy life.
    I am not happy with where I am right now, but I am sure that it will change if I actually change it myself.

  3. Love this! I've actually been preparing a body image post too...

    ♥ Duckie.