Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Diesel & the Locker Room

**I actually wrote this post on 1/09/2010 but for some reason it never got posted**

So last night I watched Marley & Me for the first time. I totally forgot we had that movie. And when I say I boo-hoo'ed....I really did! I, Like many others, I can totally relate somewhat to this movie.
Diesel has been the bane of our existence. 60 lbs. of american pitbull and he still thinks he is a puppy. He would rather starve than eat his organic dog food, just for the chance to get some leftovers that have been in the fridge longer than a day. When we let him out to use the bathroom, he would rather get stuck under the work shed than do his business. He knows his name, but when you call him, he would rather just keep doing whatever he is doing. He is like a stubborn 3 yr old. As a matter of fact, he actually is 3 yrs old. We got Diesel 4 months after juju was born. And boy does he love to chew. I mean all dogs like to chew...but seriously...he chewed up his dog bed and ate it all up. So we gave him a rectangle piece of an old rug and he ate that too. We buy him HUGE dog bones and chew toys, and he devours thim within a day...sometimes a couple of hours. He got this terrible ear infection and all he did was aggravate it by scratching his ear. We spent $200 on ear medication for him, but he just kept on with the scratching. And sadly now his hearing is pretty much gone. Oh and the licking of himself. I mean dogs lick themselves, I understand. But he'll lick the same spot until its raw, like he scratched himself, and just not stop.
But you know what? We wouldn't give him up for anything in the world. We would never trade him for any other dog.
We have thrown the idea around about taking him to a shelter when we move to Texas. Mostly because we would be moving into an apartment. But I don't think we could actually do that. Cross your fingers that big daddy's mom (who will only be living 50 minutes away from us when we move) will agree to keep him at her house until we find a house of our own.

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