Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just a random post

I had every (terrible) intention of skipping my workout tonight. My abs are tight, my arms are still a little sore and my're still doing that trembling thing like I just got done riding the stationary bike for too long. I really had, with every fiber in me, changed into my jammies and even got into the bed determined to NOT workout. Got comfortable and was about to open a book and for some reason I just felt out of place. Something was missing. I kept thinking that I had forgotten to do something like turn out the lights or let the dog in from outside, or lock the door. I was feeling so antsy. Thats when I realized, I put my mind into a not working out state but my body, lets just say my body was just not having that. lol. Amazing.
I ended up just doing a mini workout (in my jammies) instead of the 30 minutes I normally do at night. Big daddy would be so proud of me! Too bad I'm too tired to wait for him to come home from work so I can tell him. At least I told y'all lol.
Good night y'all and I'll be here all weekend for your entertainment.


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  5. Wow, Nicole!! Good for you!!! LOL, I would have just put on a movie..heehee.