Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Not to do...

...when touring the prospective place where you want to live:

1. Do NOT bring your 2 small children.
2. Do NOT bring your 2 small children after being on the road for one hour.
3. Do NOT bring your 2 small children after being on the road for one hour and they were asleep the entire time.
4. Do NOT bring your 2 small children who slept the entire time on the hour long drive AND THEN attempt to put the realtor on speaker phone so he can tell you about the property while you are actually walking around chasing kids around.
5. Do NOT tell your 2 small children to go play in the other room, "while mommy talks to the man." Because when you have "the man" on speaker phone, he may get offended and say, "ma'am my name is Mr. *** not the man."
6. Do NOT let your 2 small children play outside in the yard before asking "the man" if the previous owner had any outside pets.--->y'all already know what happened...GAW!!!
7. Do NOT call your LOVING, CARING husband when your 2 small OVERLY ENGERGIZED children are "exploring." Well don't tell your husband they're "exploring" because obviously he can hear them over the phone running around and screaming. Because if you call your husband while they are doing just that, he just ends up hanging up the phone because he can't hear you over the running and screaming.

And the last thing...

8. Do NOT let these 2 small children run free in a house that has absolutely NO FURNITURE and ALL WOOD FLOORS! It is extra super loud.



  1. lesson learned the hard way, but thanks for making me laugh this morning. maybe next time it will go better.

  2. I'm visiting from Friday Follow! Super cute blog! Love it and so funny!

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  3. Been there done that Lesson Learned 101!!~ It is a disaster...our last home search we traveled ourselves had the grandparents watch the boys, it was wonderful and very successful! Following you from the friday hop! Hope to see you soon.

  4. LOL! VERY good advice! I'm your newest Friday Follower!

  5. I agree with all the Don'ts. But as mom, what are we suppose to do when we see a house we LURVE and have no one to watch the (in my case) monkies?!

    Thanks for stopping by my little ole blog. I am following you back!

  6. Hi Found you on Friday Follow. I hope you'll come stop by our chaos soon.

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  9. Hello Nicole thanks for following me.

  10. Great list of rules - they're funny because they're true.

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  11. That was a great post! Can I link it up sometime on my great posts linky? AGalNeedsAtLeast2Blogs! Thanks!

  12. Great list, love it because it is so true :)

  13. bwahahahha gotta love the little beasts!

  14. Lol.

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  15. Hi Nicole, great job on the House Hunting 101 for Parents with Small Kids, lol. You made me laugh. :)

    I never bring my two small boys on situations like house hunting, etcetera. I've learned a few lessons on that as well.

    Thanks for stoping by Hip Mama Blog. I rarely post there now. My time goes into Hip Mama's Place and my handmade jewelry store a lot so I didn't even see your comment until today. Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

  16. Hahahah.. thanks for the laughs! :P

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