Thursday, April 8, 2010

I know what you're thinking...

Where the heck did that awesome locker room mom go?! Well don't you fear...I am back. It has been one heck of a ride, this moving to Texas thing. After the AWESOME house viewing I went to, I never thought I would ever get into that place, let alone any place to live. But as luck would have it (not big daddy's though cuz his luck sucks!) THE LOCKER ROOM HAS OFFICIALLY MOVED TO AUSTIN! Sorry was I screaming just then? Oh well. We are officially Austinites. Aaaannnnnddddd...we actually moved into the exact place the heathen, monster children and I viewed together.
And after 6 weeks, big daddy came home. It was crazy. I remember it just like it was yesterday  LOL. It was a warm April 1st, almost 2nd night. Ok, ok no more. But big daddy called me thursday night saying he got the moving truck all loaded up but wasn't sure when he was gonna leave yet. He was calling to like map out the drive with me so he would know about how long it would take. I was in the middle of telling him about Dallas when he was like oh I gotta go and just hung up. Dude WHAT?! You can't just hang up on me like that. I was pissed! So of course, the teenage sex symbol in me (u like that huh lol), called him back. But NO ANSWER! What the?! Did he get a call from some other chick? Did this dude really step out on me with some chick? Then my phone was him. I almost didn't answer. The first thing he says is, "damnit Nicole, I'm tryna surprise you and come early, but I tell you I gotta go cuz I lost control of the truck and the trailer came undone. And then you wanna call me back to back a million times, sheesh!" So in my most sweetest voice ever, I just start gushing...
"Really?! You were trying to come early? Aww I love you! Yada, yada, yada..."
Of course I asked him if he was ok and all that jazz. But fast forward to 4am Friday, and there he was. My love. I was asleep of course when he came in. He just climbed into bed with me. I didn't realize how much I missed him until that moment. Sigh. I do love that man.
I woke up before my guys and went in the living room to have breakfast with Vontrapp (I promise a post about her is coming soon). Next thing I know, here comes big daddy carrying juju into the kitchen. They both had the biggest smiles I've ever seen on their faces. Juju was NOT gonna let go of his daddy anytime soon. About 30 min after that, I heard stanky in the bedroom going "daddy? daddy? mommy where r u?" So I went to get him and when I brought him into the kitchen, oh the look on his face! Shock, pure shock. LOL. It was weird. He wasn't smiling, he was just shocked.
What sucked was having to leave them so we could go and sign our lease and all that stuff. Big daddy was actually the one who didn't want to leave. Did I ever mention I hate packing? I did? Well I'll say it again...I HATE packing.
But that was that. And its now Thursday and tomorrow will be one week that we've actually lived in Austin. Its so good having my family together. All we need now is skinny and milkshake and the locker room will be complete once again.


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