Monday, April 26, 2010

My shaving vent

Ok. My favorite time of the year is right now. The sun is shining, the weather is sweet...oh I love me some Bob Marley. Anyways...the sun IS shining and its just perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, and a breeze makes for a warm, perfect day in my eyes. Its the beginning of tank tops, shorts, and for everyone else not from the islands, flip flops. I say that last statement because even though it is snowing outside, I am in flip flops...all the time. This is the time of year when all you here about is shaving and laser hair removal and for others plucking. Me? I don't mind having to shave my legs, under my arms or even down there. I love shaving my legs. Weird I know. I love the way my sheets feel on my legs after I shave. And, knock on wood, I've never knicked myself really bad to where I am left with a scar, nor have I had razor burn on my legs. I have sensitive skin, and just happy with the fact that I don't "break out" whenever I put on lotion right after. Now just very quickly, and I won't dwell...I'm also lucky to not have any problems shaving down there.
Ok moving on...But thats where it stops. I've been shaving under my arms as long as I've shaved my legs and bikini area. I was in gymnastics when I was a kid, and was a cheerleader for a VERY LONG time. Yes I understand that the under arm area is very sensitive, but damn! When I was a cheerleader in high school, I even plucked under my arms a couple of times. But of course it hurt way too bad. Uggghhh but the razor burn. Its plague-ing me. Is that even a word? My favorite time of the year. I have to shave under my arms like maybe every four days. So its not like I shave THAT often right? Well of course its warm out and no one wants to smell like b.o. but I can't even put on deodorant after I shave. If I do, I get all red and itchy and sometimes sore. So, since I've been married I think, maybe longer, I have to PLAN to wear a tank top. By plan I mean, shave the night before so when I wake up in the morning, my pits have "relaxed" and I can put on deodorant. Not a big deal right? For me it is since I rinse off at night before going to bed and actually shower in the morning when I wake up. I've tried different types of shaving creams and things like that but aaahhhhh. LOL.
So.....I am trying something new now. Hopefully, maybe, I've found the light at the end of the tunnel. We shall see.
So with all the problems that plague us, here I am "stressing" over my pits lol. Go figure huh? But ok...there...I'm done.


  1. I am so with you about how good fresh shaved legs and sheets feel! I change sheets every Tuesday and shave that night.... ahhhh, the best sleep ever!

    Thanks for stopping by today!